OSgrid, “the open source metaverse”, is an OpenSimulator grid operated OSgrid, Inc., a California Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation and open to the Hypergrid. It is the virtual site of a number of relatively well known virtual locations such as Lbsa Plaza (OSgrid), Wright Plaza (OSgrid) and The Village (OSgrid).

It is one of the most popular grids on the Hypergrid; however such a statement means little without some numbers so here are some numbers taken from its official website (http://www.osgrid.org/) on Monday the 9th of July, 2012: Users in world: 113; Total Regions: 8521; Active users (last 30 days): 3617; Total Users: 78684.

Unlike some commercial OpenSimulator-based grids, OSgrid is a haven for free open source content; for example Linda Kellie's creations are found in many regions there, free for the taking, free to copy, free to transfer, free to modify.

OSgrid provides OpenSimulator server software downloads customised for easy use on OSgrid, that is, for setting up regions of your own, on your own servers, that will appear as part of the OSgrid grid.

For anyone looking for free open source content for OpenSimulator, OSgrid is an excellent place to look, to find such content up and running in-world free to copy, transfer, and modify.

Roleplaying Games

Both Gorean roleplaying and roleplaying based on Frank Herbert's Dune series are relatively well known in various parts of the OSgrid grid, with various specialised objects and scripted objects targetting such milieus being freely (free and open source, free to copy, free to transfer, free to modify) available.

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