OS Hardware Store Accepts Devcoins

The 'OS' in the name stands for 'open source', and the store specialises in selling components, tools and other supplies for open source hardware projects and hobby electronics.

UK Launch

OS Hardware store has launched in the United Kingdom on March 1st, and offers a 2.5% discount for customers choosing to pay with Devcoins.

Current product categories include 3D printing, microcontroller shields, sensors and actuators, cables and accessories, and electrical tools. Additional categories for DIY home automation and custom home entertainment are planned for the future.

The launch of U.S. sister site to serve the American market is also planned for summer 2014. At the moment products can only be shipped to the UK mainland.

You can pay for your orders through the OS Hardware Store website using paypal, but this means that you have to pay full price. Alternatively you can choose to pay using Bitcoins to take advantage of a one percent discount, or pay using Devcoins to enjoy the maximum 2.5% discount.

Visit the UK store here: oshardwarestore.co.uk

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