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This is a guide for a character in League of Legends.

The Lady of Clockwork .

Orianna is an AP Middle and can be a support. This guide will cover the middle gameplay.



  • Original mechanism.
  • Very versatile.


  • Squishy.

Summoner spells

  • Flash: If you failed with your crow controls skill shots Flash will be your only alternative.
  • Ignite: Ignite is usually sets on the AP middle by default (I mean from the team composition). One or two ignite per team are viable.


  • Clockwork Windup (Passive): Orianna deals bonus magic damages on her auto attacks as follows: (10/18/26/34/42/50 +15% AP). Any additional attack on the same target deals an additional 20% magic damage. It can stack twice. You have to hit within 4 seconds.

This is an interesting passive and the overall guide is build around it a bit.

  • Command: Attack (Q): Orianna displace her ball to the targeted location, dealing AOE magic damages as follows: (60/90/120/150/180 +50% AP). any target beside the first one takes 10% reduced damage stacking to a minimal threshold of 40% as follows: (24/36/48/60/72 +20% AP). Range: 825. Cooldown: (6/5.25/4.5/375/3). Cost: 50 mana.

Orianna has a special game mechanism. She has a metallic ball floating around her by default. Every skills she cast will emanate from the ball and not directly from her. When you cast Q you move the ball to the target location and that's the ball who will deal the damages. If you don't recast anything the ball will stay at the targeted location. That's important as this mechanism provides Orianna some unique tactical/zooming abilities. If you go too far from the ball it will come back at you at some point. You have an icon above your head in game telling you how far from the ball you are. If you walk near the ball you will also pick it up. Q is your main skill; low cost, low cooldown, decent damages.

  • Command: Dissonance (W): The ball deals AOE magic damages as follows: (70/115/160/205/250 +70% AP). On its Aoe it will speed up your allies and slow down your enemies as follows: (20/25/30/35/40% movement speed). If someones is initial on its AOE but leave the are the effect is reduced to 0 after 2 seconds. Cooldown: 9. Cost: (70/80/90/100/110) mana.

The ball applies an AOE damage/slow/boost around itself. You usally cast it after Q to deal even more damage. You can cast in on you to speed up yourself. Few players thought about it in lower ELO. You can also boost an ally putting the ball on him with E then you cast W. It will help him either to chase or escape. If someone reach you at melee range cast it on you too you will be able to put some distance between him and you again. You have to consider both its damage component and its utility component to play your W well.

  • Command: Protect (E): Passive: The ball provides bonus magic resistance and armor to the target ally as it is attached to him as follows: (10/15/20/250/30 bonus mr/armor) Active: The ball goes to targeted allied hero to protect him granting a shield for 4 seconds as follows: (80/120/160/200/240 +40% AP Shield) The ball damage everything through is path the the hero as follows: (60/90/120/150/180 +30% AP). Cooldown: 1100. Cooldown: 9 Cost: 60 mana.

As you can see Orianna has 2 utility/damage skills. That is why she can be a decent support too. The first thing you have to do with E is to bind a button to selfcast it. you will be use the selfcast on many skil sequence sucs as : Q+W+Self E to recall the ball damage the units+Q again. It will obviously be very useful in critical situations. In general you have to play with selfcast on some skills and smart cast for all your skill you will be way faster at casting skills.

  • Command: Shockwave (R) (Ultimate): The ball deals AOE magic damages as follows: (150/225/300 +70% AP).It will also attack anyone caught in its AOE to the ball with a 350 range from a 400 radius. Cooldown: (120/105/90). Cost: (100/125/150 mana).

This ultimate is also unique. Anyone ally with an AOE loves this ultimate. Basicaly you can just regroup the enemy team around your ball at the same place. There is endless combination of skills then. It can turn teamfights easily with a good timing/coordination.

Skill Sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x x x x
R x x x

You max Q first then W for the burst. E is last. You can also level W and E alonside if you need.


  • The offensive tree is pretty standard but it will also explain a bit the utility tree.
  • So why this utility tree here. I don't like build around sustain for the sake of sustain most of the time. I even tend to avoid lifesteal on my AD carry. But here I have a purpose. I suspect that the devs want players middle to take more risks as it is good for the show the esport etc. that's why you add a skill like Arcane blade created some times ago. That's also why they made offensive masteries like double edged sword, devastating strikes and even Havoc. They want players to trade more at auto attack range rather than longest skill rank. As an example they if think they didnt liked a Gragas only spamming long range barrel all the time. They want a Gragas that go in with all his kit and take some risk to be rewarded even more. When you talk about trading middle Orianna is really good at it. She as multiple skill + her great passive to win them. And that's the purpose of the utility tree here. You will trade often and you will push you advantage regenerating faster than the enemy. Alchemist and Culinary master will be great here with the appropriate itemization. You can steal tweak it with a Runic affinity/full AP oriented Ori but you may not take the best of the S4 then.

PS: if Culinary master seems too much for you, you can tweak it with runic affinity.


The runes will serve the same purpose here.

  • 9X hybrid penetration (marks). You can tweak with the old magic penetration.
  • 9X flat armor (seals). from mana regen per level. More early trad.
  • 9X Flat Mr (glyphs). For the same purpose. You can tweak it with flat ap too won't be bad.
  • 3X Flat AP (Quintessences). You can trade it with bonus movement speed to.


The build here will also serve the purpose of This Orianna so you will starts with a Crystalline flask + 2 biscuits (Hp pots) + 1 mana pot + trinket pot. Then you will be able to punish almost anyone middle missing a skill shot. On your first trip back you buy boots + chalice or some AP +(wards) play with wards mid I say it every time, it's wining the lane. With ori you can escape from a gank soaking fewer damages with thanks to E+W. Then You buy Athene's Unholy Grail. I have to tru some other build as I suspect Athene's Unholy Grail not being this efficient even with ori. Then you can buy a Liandry's torment it will work with W. Your core build will be : Sorcerer's Shoed + Rabadon's Deathcap + Liandry' Torment. Then you may build according to the enemy team. Build that Void staff too it's really good. Some luxury items are: Zhonya's hourglass and Seraph's Embrace.

Gameplay mid

Your auto attack is great to last hit while you zoom out with Q. You can take control of most mids easily. Punish them with auto attacks anytime they miss a skill shot on you then they will have to back after 2-3 trades. This whole guild is meant to take advantage from lvl so will have to be very active. Don't push to much you don't want to nullify you work over a sucessful gank on you. Deny the farm as much as you can. To do so you have to monitor your creeps's health to attack the enemy at rights time alongside how you farm usually. By doing this you will win most middles. Orianna is not the best hero to roam with so you have to focus on lane domination. Go on side if you are pretty sure to pick a kill/assist moving off your farm has to be worth. To play a decent ori later on you will have to support your allies alongside your basic AP carry role. Never forget to E+W someone chasing an enemy or escaping from him. Orianna has great utility powers even as an AP carry. Get used to never lose the sight on your ball during battles it will require some times.

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