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In this century, where man has propelled his wheels of knowledge in every direction that he can see, there is less hope for anyone to lead his life without keeping an open mind for all that the Universe has to give. With that being said, I think that man, with his ability to generate a thought about the creation and destruction of an object at the same time has to have the advantage of being the superior being, all this because of his tendency to perceive and interpret things from his surroundings, keeping an open eye for the changes occurring at different places in the world and his generosity to share it with the world. A man is an Open being. This dictates the fact that man regards his ability of being open in every way. He won’t let go it. He is bound to reach to grater milestones with this gift. He just has to keep an Open mind. That’s all it takes.

Thus, openness in all its true meaning is a form of state of mind where man has let go of his ego and is ready to accept the stimuli presented to him, by the outside world. It is the new generation soundtrack. You want to experience the niceties this world has to offer, you got to have this unique trait of being OPEN, being open to everything that is being presented to you. And not being in Denial. Because denial is a disease which haunts you till you accept something. It is the open-minded person’s enemy. An open minded person doesn’t care if he is being ridiculed for something which in his perspective is right, but on the contrary, he accepts it and keeps a note of the critic remark. Whenever he comes across the same situation, he quickly avoids committing the same mistake again. And this is why he has the countenance of a man who, however bad may be the situation, has the ability to come out of it unharmed and unblemished. Being OPEN to everything gives you a broader perspective of life and teaches you the importance of the people in your life. It gives you the necessary command over yourself and your subordinates. Moreover, it keeps the status quo balanced. You don’t have to worry if you about your respect in the circles. If you joke around the people you work with or who work under you, it doesn’t mean that you have lost their respect for being their friend and not their boss, but it makes you look cool and open. Thus, being open gives you the necessary edge you require.

Moreover, Open-mindedness is a trait which can either take you up the ladder or drag you down further if you are working in an Organisation. The work ethics imbibed in us during the training session entails everything but leaves out the most essential part i.e. the immediate behaviour during projects. When we are confronted by a situation in our office, we tend to ask our colleagues for advice and come up with a reasonable solution. That’s when we are being Open-minded. A person wouldn’t shirk away from asking his subordinates’ advice on matter. He will treat him like a friend and ask for his help. That is how an Open-minded person is. It is good to be that way. Everything reflects in `your behavior in an organization. Being able to grasp everything that is available or is being provided can make you reach the zenith is time undecided. It can either be a short time or a long-long time. So be open, accept advices and feel the difference.

When people from different parts if the world come together towards a common goal, they are being open towards a situation that is threatening them as a whole. But, like it is said- ‘Everything in this world has an opposite side’

To some people, this trait is the definition of destruction. And that is where religion comes in the battlefield against its perpetual enemy-‘logic’. Many religions in this world tend to consider change or what one might say-‘development’ as an apocalyptic measure. It is a thought which has been considered in depth by many philanthropists and psychologists. With man’s capability to accept the stimuli, he often stumbles upon the chance discovery. Yes! This ‘chance discovery’, which by its mere existence leads to a conclusion whose cons, are suppressed under the merriment of the feat accomplished, leads to Wars. No one decided to create an Atomic Bomb. It was the discovery which finally leads to disastrous consequences. What I mean by this fact is that openness is just a quality which separates the traditional, conservative from the neo-dynamic population that we have today. It is a concept which will be argued upon every time when a change has to be made. The side against it, as history proves, has proved to be on the losing side every time. So it is imperative that when another situation like that arises, it shouldn’t be left upon the man’s perusal. But it should concern the whole world as a whole. Openness is just a quality of mind. People who have it can register their actions and life proceedings in a fun-filled way. Those who, by default, lack this ability have all the invitations for those little ridges along the way, those ridges which make their social life a bit incompatible. When the burden starts to reach the edge of the cliff, they fall. So be it or not, you got to be open to everything. A solution isn’t far if you keep an open mind.

When we look at what steps are being taken to make people realize the fact that a person, loaded with all worldly wisdom, still needs an open mind to continue be a person people respect, we are dumfounded. There are more than a thousand institutions, both private and public, which support people on issues relating to their personalities. Social welfare associations have been formed to make people believe that money isn’t the sole perpetrator. Instead it is the life they live, the people they are surrounded with. It is when we accept what is being provided rather than being a snob and holding contempt for everything that is not. It is a never ending process. So trained professionals have been appointed at every local hospital and mental health centers ensure that people don’t lose it. International conferences are held to evaluate the research being conducted on personality development based on large scale surveys. It is all meant for the welfare of the people.

At a scientific level, openness is considered healthier and more mature by scientists who themselves are open to experience. So it is highly recommended. Being open doesn’t only change the way you behave in your social circle but it also gives you a different and definitely better point of view of others. It is a treat if you ask the person who actually understands the benefits of being a person who has those characteristics. With that being said, open and closed forms of thinking have their own terms. At times it is purely necessary to keep your mind closed. Situations like this tend to present itself without prior notice. So one needs to recognize it at the right moment and shut his mind down for all the good reasons. Let us take an example. When we attend a friend’s housewarming party, we encounter with other people who, deliberately or not, tend to poke into other’s business. It starts off as a conversation and ends on an irregular note. So, someone needs to realize the gravity of the situation and tend to himself when he has to and live his life. Being open will definitely affect his life, always in a positive way. To counter that, some global surveys have shown that people who tend to keep a closed perspective in their job profile are more profitable. Well, if they are, then they certainly are missing out all the fun. For being open not only puts a period to your bad advertisement but gives you the chance to score as well. It is definitely a trait worth to have when you have all other traits that already compliment your personality.

In a nutshell, openness gives you what you want- Recognition. It gives you the chance to be socially available to all and throws you out there in the pool of others who want to know. Our life is nothing but a big theater where everyone has to know everyone. Being known gives you the credit and that pride feeling which comes along with it. It is what all the people in the world have been yearning for, love and respect that comes along if you are being open with them. It is the essence of being the person everyone wants you to be. It is the soundtrack that all the people want to listen to. So remember it. Play it and enjoy it.


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