I live in a normal two story house. When you first enter, the master bedroom is directly to your left. To your right is the living room and the dining room north from that and the kitchen left to the dining room. The first thing you see when you come in is the stairs, not even six feet infront of you. Up the carpet steps is a small patch of carpet, about a 5' by 5' square, the door to your left is my room, the middle is the bathroom and to the right, my brothers room, with its old creeky, chipped paint and rusted door knob. “Holy shit get a new door.” I told him that almost every day when I heard that loud creeky door move whenever he went somewhere.

Now that you have the scenery in your head I can begin my story.I was reading r/nosleep for about a month after discovering it. I personally love scary stories, so I decided to share mine.

One night around 2:30 a.m. I woke up for no reason at all, remembering my friend Mikey telling me 80% of the time you wake up for no reason someone is watching you, I was already scared shitless. Not knowing what to do now that I'm wide awake, I do what I normally do, take a hot shower. When I walked out of my room, towel over my shoulders, wearing nothing but gym shorts, it takes two to three seconds to get to the bathroom. I always tend to look down stairs to see if anyone is a wake, knowing full well I knew they wouldn't, I noticed how dark it was.

“I've never seen my stairs so dark.” I thought, I have only 24 steps straight down and a window right at the bottom, it always shines the moon glow so I can see, but I just figured my parents must have just closed the blinds. As I was about to enter the bathroom I got cold and instant goose bumps, I have never felt like this before. When I'm scared I do get cold but not goose bumps, and I only get goose bumps when a sound I don't like appears, like a crayon on its side scraping paper, but never both, my whole body tells me someone/somthing is watching me.

I looked down my steps to still see utter darkness my only light is illuminating from my room. My gut, heart, and brain is all telling me the same thing, “something is down there” and It's just watching me. I yelled the biggest “nope” I could and ran into the bathroom. Scared shitless I thought it was all in my head and started the shower. There was no sound but the water hitting the brown tile floor, still scared I left the shower curtains half open to see.

I washed my face under the shower head, my eyes closed as to not to get hot water in my eyes. As I opened my eyes I saw a face, a quick flash, not like it ran away but like a small glimpse. Like when you stare directly at a light and it leaves an image and the best way to see it is when ur in mid blink, before you open your eyes and after you open them. I was motionless, “it was my imagination.” I kept telling myself, I blinked it was still there, I can see it more clearly…no…not clearly, it was closer. I got out dried myself off as fast as I can, I opened the bathroom door and looked down my stairs, still darker than the color black itself. Down the steps I see a small distortion of some kind in the darkness. In complete fear, I froze, not wanting to have my eyes adjust to the darkness. They eventually did. What I saw still makes me shake with fear.

There, in the darkness was a face, it's was a grayish color with wrinkles. Wrinkles that only a person over 100 could have. Eyes as black as its soul, its mouth had no emotion just laid there flat, no anger, no sadness, not even a wide grin like most stories have. The worst was its “body”, I say it like that because I'm still not sure what saw clarifies as a body. It was more of a cloak of shadows. Its flowed as if a fierce wind was blowing down stairs, no noise though, just silently flowed. I was petrified for about 3 min. Me staring at it and it at me. Suddenly I noticed, “it's closer”. How did I not notice it move, but it didn't, it was motionless as I was, but it's definitely closer. It must've realized I noticed because in an instant it flew towards me. I mustered up the courage to make it into my room and slam my door shut. I locked it, as if I thought that's what would keep it out. I can hear it…outside my door, breathing. I have my back against the door to afraid to move. It knows I'm there, it's playing with me, it wants to feel my fear. The door handle is moving, not rustling around like it's forcing its way in. It's silently, but noticeably moving back and forth, as if it's trying to silently sneak in. Its breathing is getting louder as if it's getting impatient. I look at my open window. I thought, “I'm on the second floor and my neighbors fence is less than 5 ft. away from my house. If I get a running start I can make that.” Suddenly I noticed, the door handle isn't moving and the breathing has stopped.

“Is it gone?” I wondered. No…no, I can still feel it there somehow. At the time my room had no carpet, so I can see a lot more under my door than most can. As silently as I could , I laid down and looked under my door. It was looking….right back at me. I was terrified. I can see it better now. Its pale dead skin, it's soulless eyes, its mouth wasn't emotionless. It looked like it was sewn shut with black yarn, but now it looked angry. It wants me and it's tired of this game. It the drifted back into the darkness.

I felt relieved, “it's gone….it's finally gone.” My joy suddenly melted away as I heard a door creak. The same old creek that I hated over the years. “It's in my brothers room. What do I do.” I thought as I held my door knob. “If I don't go, it'll kill him, or me, or both of us. Was it using my brother as bait to get me to open my door? What does it want?” I whispered “Wait, wait…what do you want?” I whispered as to not to wake my brother and have him see this thing. That might provoke it even more. Silence was all I heard for about 10 min, but it felt like an eternity.

Then I heard a soft, barely audible reply. It's voice….god, its fucking voice was cold, soft, yet it had anger to it. Like if your mom yells at you when your being bad in public and doesn't want people to hear her yell at her kid. It said “open the door.” I couldn't, I wanted to save my brother so bad, but my body wouldn't move. “P…please…please just leave us alone.” I replied with tears rushing down my face. It said it again, this time closer and with more malice. “Open the door!” I tied. I knew if I let it in it would leave my brother alone, but I just couldn't.

“Open the door!” It's getting angrier. I held my doorknob tighter. “OPEN THE DOOR.” It's not whispering anymore. Now it's like a grown of an animal. “Please, just leave us alone.” My door suddenly started to being pressed from the opposite side. “OPEN THE DOOR.” I sat there in the fetal position crying as this continued. I must've passed out from pure fear, because the next thing I know I herd birds outside my window. I looked and it's 11:53 a.m. and I don't hear anything.

I went down stairs to see my mom and brother eating breakfast. My brother looks at me and says with anger in his tone, “if you're gonna come in my room while I sleep…don't leave my fucking door open.” My mom looks at him then at me and asked, “Why did you go in his room?” I paused, I can't tell them what happened. They would just say it was a bad dream or assume I'm lying to hide the truth of why I was in his room.

“I uh, m…my batteries in my remote ran out and I needed some from his room.” My mom looked at me, “if you needed batteries you should've just grabbed some from the junk drawer in the kitchen.” She said with annoyance in her tone. “Yeah, you're right…I'm sorry.” My brother looked at me with a look that just said, “yeah whatever.” Did he really sleep through all that last night? God he's such a heavy sleeper. My mom then looked at the clock, “oh shit, I'm gonna be late for work. Bye boys.” “Bye mom.” We both said at the same time.

“Alright I'm goin back to sleep, see ya later.” I walked back into my room and closed the door behind me. “Ok, that was the scariest dream I've ever had.” I said as I laughed it off. My brother starts walking up the stairs and stops at the top, “Delgalu!” (Obviously not my real name) “What?” I shouted back. There was a small pause before I hear my brother say in a cold, soft, and barely audible voice, “open the door.”


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