Part VII: Online Bonuses and Player Points

Author's Note: This article is part of a larger course for new players. Course links are provided at the bottom of this page.

Sign-Up Bonuses are perks that the gaming bosses offer you to sign up and play on their site for real money. Usually they will match your initial deposit or a little better. However they don't give you the whole bonus at once after you've made your deposit. They release it to you in small segments which you have to earn by accumulating player points. You earn points simply by actively participating in real money play.

Every time you call a pre-flop real money hand they might give you two points, and you'd need 100 points to release the first 5$ of your bonus. If you're playing correctly and are correctly staked for the blind level you are playing at, then taking advantage of bonuses can definitely make an impact in your bankroll over time. Both Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet have excellent point systems. Please read the reviews for those sites to get further information.

The only warning I would give you about bonus points is not to get tied into the mentality that earning points should be a factor in your hand decisions, such as playing more hands in order to reach a certain player point threshold which would release some bonus money to you. It is never worth changing your in game style or strategy to earn player points-you will lose money this way. Instead you should just see them for what they are, a little extra which sits on the top, and which can be collected regularly as the result of good play.

The following links for this poker course are listed sequentially. Beginners may want to go through in the order in which they are listed to get the whole rundown. More advanced players may want to skip around to the parts which hold interest for them.


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