Online Bitcoin Wallet Service Enables Anyone To Send Bitcoin Instantly, Securely And Anonymously ‘Off The Blockchain’ Worldwide

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In Early 2013 was launched; a free online Bitcoin wallet and anonymous Bitcoin transfer network: featuring instant off chain Bitcoin transfers and embedded automatic untraceable ‘mixing’ of all Bitcoin transactions. Featuring truly instant, anonymous and highly secure Bitcoin transactions, the platform brings a plethora of key innovations to the table, setting a new benchmark for online Bitcoin wallet services. Anyone worldwide can open an online wallet in 30 seconds or less. possesses the most advanced anonymity features of any online Bitcoin wallet service. All internal Bitcoin transfers to other accounts are handled in the network: off the blockchain, private, instantaneous and anonymous. Even if the recipient does not have an account, all transactions processed through the public Bitcoin blockchain are mixed and untraceable to any one identity or IP address.

Sending Bitcon directly to another account via the recipients email address has a number of advantages unique to the service. There are no fees; as the transaction does not go through the Bitcoin blockchain it is not subject to a 0.0005 BTC fee. As these transactions are off the blockchain there is absolutely zero risk of double spending attacks. Bitcoin transfers sent to an email address are also 100% anonymous: processed internally without utilizing the public Bitcoin blockchain. Transactions sent to email addresses are also truly instantaneous and confirm instantly. Currently the Bitcoin network can only handle 7 transactions a second, while’s system can scale up to theoretically handle an infinite number of transactions per second: enabling the platform to transcend one of the core limitations of Bitcoin itself in its present form.’s interface has been designed with ease of use and security in mind. Frictionless buttons allow users to send Bitcoin securely without leaving the page. To further secure users’ accounts, has 2-factor authentication, SSL encryption, password hashing, randomized PIN pads, location-based authorization, GPG auth, and many more cutting edge security features which can be seen at . Advanced security features include a cold storage system protecting wallets against a compromised server, automated and manual security auditing, protection against SQL injections, automatic account locking to prevent brute force attacks and much, much more.

Although possessing the most advanced security features of any online Bitcoin wallet service, was designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. An account can be created in 30 seconds and Bitcoin can be sent directly to email addresses. is a Bitcoin Foundation Silver Member and has experience in handling large sums of cryptocurrency. The platform processes and stores thousands of coins monthly for a service which has not been hacked for months. The level of professionalism and security of is a rarity in the Bitcoin world. Due to its innovative security features and its enabling of truly instantaneous and anonymous Bitcoin transactions, the platform is well positioned to become the market leader in the online Bitcoin wallet space of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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