Have you ever had a dream of being able to fly on a futuristic cover board? Like the one that you saw in Back to the Future? Well now the same concept and feel is brought into the amazing new Onewheel! Onewheel is a new innovating product of the future that is exciting! It is a board with one wheel on it that is ridden like a skateboard but no pushing needed! You just learn forward to go faster and and can turn side to side with it! The amazing thing is that since it only has one wheel, it has the same feeling as hovering! This futuristic look and feel is truly something of the future and will be a popular hit!


This idea started on the site, “kickstarter” to help raise awareness of the product and get people to donate for the project of building them and they have received a total of 630,000 dollars! That is 630% more than what their goal was. This is because many people had faith in this innovating idea.


The actual Onewheel product is quite small and lightweight due to having a Lithium Battery. Being able to use a lithium battery is a big up because lithium is very lightweight and small. This helps the actual product run faster and charge a whole lot faster. In total the Onewheel product only takes 20 minutes to charge to ride 6 miles! That is a crazy fast number because 6 miles is really far and is going to take a long to hit! The actual product weighs a total of 25 pounds, which is not bad at all if you see how much power is stored inside this amazing ride. This is definitely going to be a flashy product that the average consumer is going to want to go for a nice joyride.

Riding Onewheel will be a great joy knowing that this amazing ride can go a total of 12mph. This is a pretty fast speed to hit with just an average 25 pound ride. This will be especially because unlike a skateboard there are no pushes needed so you will be able to cruise around places with a swift and no problem.


The feel of riding the one wheel is a very exciting thing because it is easy and fun and something anyone would enjoy. To move forward you just lean forward to accelerate. To move back all you have to do is lean back to decelerate. Having this feature is really nice because it makes it very easy to control and a lot more stable. The feeling of riding a Onewheel is great because it feels and works like riding a Segway. It has the same control and feel to it but is just sideways. This is a great idea and will really spark attention.


Another great feature that the one real presents is having an app that will trace the battery life and other features. Some other features that this includes is the speed, battery life, and how to do tricks on the Onewheel. Having this feature will be really important so then you'll be able to know how far you are able to go into your battery runs out. Also, you'll be able to see your speed, which is important because if you aren't going too fast in an unsafe area you could see yourself down by seeing what speed you're at. Having this app will be really innovating and help product out to show that it is the best product it could be.


The amazing Onewheel motor runs off a 500 W motor. This is a powerful motor is important that the Onewheel has so it can live up to it's name and have a powerful engine to be a little run smoothly and fast. This product is also really safe too and can be used for a wide variety of ages. It only has a tilts range of 30°. This will be useful so people won't fall falloff the Onewheel and will be able to keep their balance and keep their position right. The one wheel is also built-in with a bunch of other cool features such as sensors to make it run more smoothly and swiftly. This ride will truly give you freedom to roam wherever you want. It is really portable and convenient and can be used for a lot of different kinds of people in a lot of situations like to go to work in the city. This product will be a big part of the future and will change how people transport using this kind of technology will be really useful tool and city areas.


As of now this practice don't preorder and you can get yours today. Right now they are sending out orders for the first people that ordered with the kick-starter website and donated money. When their orders are done and they are all out it will serve all the preorders. They guarantee that all the preorders will be out by the first quarter of 2014. This is going to be exciting and tons of people are going to be ordering this is and this is going to be a hit. If you want to g o out and get your own one wheel, you could easily get one for $1499! This is a cheap and affordable price is even though it sounds a little expensive, it is a strong life proof battery will last you for ages. Being able to have the dream of being able to fly on a hover boards can finally come true with the new one will. It is the same feelings and experiences of one and will be fun and last you for hours. This is something that is going to be exciting and you will be finding down at the beach or down the shore where people are going to be riding and it will turn into the new long boards. So just wait for a little and preorder your Onewheel today and hopefully it will be coming in soon and you'll be able to enjoy the full excitement of this new futuristic product.


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