I set out to write this and I stopped because it is critical, negative, judgemental and all those other things that are not love but then I felt impeded on letting my writing naturally occur and I didn't appreciate the writer's block I was experiencing (especially since my understanding is that I am supposed to be getting paid for these writings haha). Besides that, how much more could I possibly have to say about the Oneness University than this expose' ?

So let's first review why I am writing this and whether it is in fact a labor of love or an attack in truth. I am writing this because people that I love are involved. These are decent loving new age type folks who are inclined to think with their hearts and not with their heads. For instance, at Sunday morning service at our church of metaphysical Christianity a hat is passed around. Some people don't put a donation in but just put their hand over the collection basket to transfer spiritual energy and that is all fine. Maybe those people don't have money to donate or maybe they have another way they donate like a monthly check or something. But I saw one person tell another who was new to attending church services that they don't have to donate money they can just do the hand trick. Well that is thinking with one's heart and not with one's head. The church still needs money in order to survive and keep the doors open. Right? I mean, when the landlord comes for the monthly check they won't get away with putting their hands on his head. So these are the kinds of people they are. Beautiful, innocently focused, peaceful and loving but open to being taken advantage of like one might take candy from a baby.

I like to think with both my head and my heart and that is why I love Course In Miracles, but I digress. What I don't like is a cult leader who will take candy from these babies. Maybe this is because I spent more than two decades in Scientology! Hey, I don't regret it. All of that experience was part of my spiritual path and what brought me to the point of the person who I now am and I like that person but Scientology is a harsh, brutal, coercive, manipulative, destructive, invasive, greedy and brilliant cult. But there I go being negative again huh? Well am I? I think the thing that you can accuse me of accurately is being dualistic when I see and say these things. But Course In Miracles tells us that these things which are not love are not real and not of god and as not being real they can't harm anyone, can they? I mean, they can harm people on this level of reality but this level of reality is all illusion so no harm, no foul. Right?

Back in August (or thereabouts) of 2013 I fell out of the best graces of my beloved ministers and friends at my local church community. This was because I was trying to get them to wake up that Oneness University, Bhagvad bluh bluh bluh and his followers were not their friends. Well, they didn't want to hear of this. And the more that they were acting like victims who considered me to be attacking them harshly the more I wanted to get them to wake up because I could so clearly see the cult mentality. So how did this situation resolve? I had to go pick up my guitar amp at the church and when I went there and experienced the joy that I had so many times prior I realized that there is a connection to my inner divinity in that community, in that building, with those people. It occurred to me that other people have much larger families than I do. And these people love their family members even though they may not always agree with them and even though these family members might sometimes engage in activities that appear to be harmful and yet one continues to love their family members and hope the best for them.

Please note that it was required of me, if I wanted to come back, that I apologize. Well isn't that another way of saying that my friends were adjudicating me guilty of something? Where does an enforced apology mix in with spiritual enlightenment? Well I saw that while misguided, they were coming from a place of love so I agreed to apologize and I did apologize but I knew that by enforcing an apology from me in order to be back in the best graces of the community there that they had indicted themselves as being spiritually lost more so than anything that I could have possibly said or done.


It also occurred to me that it is not my job to wake these people up. IF the spiritual path of these individuals involves OU (owe you?) and Bagface bluh bluh bluh (haha) as their savior guru dude then it is not my place to intervene. These people need to experience this or else they wouldn't be experiencing it. They are where they are at and they can't do anything else with what they've got, who they are and where they are at in their lives and on their journeys.

So why write this? Because I am not yet perfect either and I can't help being concerned about my friends.

My Issues With Oneness University and Bhagvad Bluh Bluh BLuh

This is what I understand about these cult leaders from India. They charge significant sums and make significant incomes. Their facilities are immaculate while all around outside their facilities there is dirtiness and degradation and poverty. They have proclaimed themselves gods or god like. Not like Course In Miracles and other teachings which say that we are all part of god but that BGBBB is god incarnate on a divine mission only he can bring to the Earth and that it is a blessing to have his picture in your presence which is why his picture is everywhere at Oneness University and now is in many, if not all, of the locations of the church that I attend. When one goes to do the spiritual training at the India location they are to wear white robes, they are on odd schedules and they are there to become “permanently awakened”. So, how many questions and red flags does that bring up? Here are a few…

  1. Isn't being “permanently awakened” a status and doesn't that mean that some of us are more equal than others? Yes! So you are already instantaneously transported into cult land with just that one fact.
  2. A true Yogi (Berra!) once said, “if this world was perfect, it wouldn't be here”. Same with someone who is truly Awakened… you can't be here and be awakened because once you are awakened from a dream you are no longer in the dream, right?
  3. By bestowing upon themselves the ability to adjudicate who has “permanently awakened” or not they have put themselves in a spiritual status position above all others. That is absolutely what a cult does and this is why it does it.
  4. They claim that they can judge (what happened to “not judging” being a central tennet of new age spirituality?) whether someone has become permanently awakened or not by “looking inside the person's brain to see if it has been switched on or not”. How they do this exactly is not stated. No, I am not kidding. No, I don't or shouldn't need to comment on that further. They also claim to have access to the “Akashic Records” for purposes of side checking and cross referencing. How this is done exactly is also unclear. But the devotees believe this blindly.
  5. If one goes through the course and is too spiritually retarded (that is the implication, no?) to make it to permanently awakened status then they send you home with some nice consolation prizes and a copy of their home game. Ok, what they actually do is “check the akashic records for the exact date when the person will attain nirvana of permanent awakenment”
  6. The defensiveness from the people who I was trying to help was very cult like and had me very concerned. The people who came back in early June from attending the Oneness Blessing training in India seemed calmer, more centered, it seemed to benefit from them but it also seemed unnatural in a creepy, hard to describe fashion. Hey, there has to be some benefit to these cults or else they wouldn't be very good traps would they be? In fact, the better the benefit the more they get to be coercive and manipulative because the greater the fear of loss attendant with falling out of the best graces of the cult leaders

Deeksha Three Way Call With Bhagvad Bluh Bluh

OK, I am done. Almost. I had first experienced their deeksha healing (hands on from the practitioner to the head of the receiver channeling divine energy so it is said) in Austin Texas in 2010. I was told that had scientifically proven benefits. I don't doubt this. Any gentle touching from one representative, non disease-ridden person with decent hygiene to another will be relaxing and comforting to some degree if the person receiving is in agreement with this touching. Is any divine energy being transferred? Well, I guess that since god is in all things and every living thing then whenever contact is made between two individuals of any species there has to be some sort of divine energy transfer. So what is my problem with the deeeeeksha? If the practitioner is having trouble connecting and sharing their inner divinity to their brother or sister they are instructed to dial-in Bhagface blub blub blub for assistance like an old fashioned telephone operator. Well, the thing is that nobody ever told me about this when they were doing the dicksha on me in the past so they were bringing in to the matter a character who I now consider to be very unsavory onto this exchange of divine energy and I have to say that I rather resent the unannounced intrusion. Well, ok, we are all connected and that means that I am connected to Bhagface bluk bluk so whatever. Still I would like to be told about something like this. Wouldn't you?

OK I am done. To my friends who this concerns, if they should happen to read this, I am sorry for you and I hope you have love in your hearts to understand the love in mine.

Gary Konigsberg aka The Garko Factor

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