One Hundred Percent Effectiveness

Highest Grade Attained In Art

The programming works!

I just finished the seminar a week ago & already I've been witnessing results turn to my favor. At first, I considered them as “coincidences.” But the result of this recent event turned according to the programming I did since the start of the seminar. I programmed for productivity in my plates & added that I get a grade of “1” in all of my plates.

I used a lot of visualizing. Upon going to my mental lab, I switched on my mental screen & with the help of my counselors, I saw myself working enthusiastically on my plates, talking to my teachers what they wanted & seeing myself handing over the plates with satisfaction. Then I visualized them with happy faces & writing a grade of “1” on my plates.

In one of my subjects, the teacher told us our class standing. Three of us were in “warning status”. Then she went back to me, saying that for my latest plate (the one I submitted with programming) I got a flat “1”. I gave her a big smile, knowing that the highest grade ever given in her teaching record was “2”. She added, too, that I can lift my status by doing an extra plate before my finals. Julius F. Bolinas

One Hundred Percent Effectiveness

I attended the first 2 of the 4 sessions of a mind seminar. Because of this I wasn't able to review for my report in theology about the Gospel of John. Nevertheless I planned to study on the following Monday. Unfortunately that Monday we had a brownout so I wasn't able to study again. I waited for our electricity to be restored but I was already sleepy, so what I did was to program using the 3 fingers that I'll get a grade of 1.25. I really don't know why I did program for 1.25 maybe its just that I really desired to have a grade of 1.25, I never took the fact that my professor in Theology is very stingy in giving out grades, so far only one person attained 1.25 in his class & that students is a Dean's lister.

Outstanding Presentation And Effective Migraine Relief

It has been two weeks since I completed the Mind Control Seminar. I have always believed in the tremendous power of the mind. I have always admired people who I perceived had the special ability to hardness the power of their minds. I never thought that I myself could be one of those people.

My second success came only a few days ago when I was returning home from my first encounter as a psychologist, with terminally ill children. I met several patients, and their mothers and was briefed on their histories. All around a very stressful experience. In the car, I felt the beginnings of a very big migraine coming on. Since I suffer from migraines regularly, I always have either Tylenol or Avamigran in my bag. This time as I reached to take the tablets from my bag, I stopped myself and figured that this would be a good time to try the migraine control technique that we had learned. I did try it and I was successful! This was the first time that I was able to get rid of a migraine headache without taking any meditation, and I must say it felt good!

These successes, small as they are have given me a tremendous boost! I am now ready and able to try programming some bigger projects I have in mind! Regina Diaz Goon

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