On Fields of Hope

A pillar of strength

“I feel fortunate for this opportunity to contribute to Del Monte's long history of farming excellence. My job at our Sweet 16 fresh fruit Operations in Kiantig (Quezon, Bukidnon) is both exciting and challenging. I do volume estimates - to ensure we deliver what our export markets want. I've picked up a lot of valuable lessons from my father who's worked nearly 30 years as field worker. I admire his “No surrender” motto, his determination and courage to attain goals despite difficulties. He is a pillar of strength to my brothers Christopher, who's studying for the priesthood; and Jerwin, fellow agriculturist now working in another firm; and sister Ruby, an HRM grad.” Jeffrey Quinal, Supervisor Fresh Fruit Operations, Kiantig, Quezon, Bukidnon. Parent: Lamberto Quinal, North Crop Production Quinal family at home, Jerwin, Ruby QuiflaiSales, parents Lamberto and Marcosa, Jeffrey and nephew Grege Andre Sales

Eyes on the future

“I worked with small crewing agencies before landing a job at Del Monte. Relatives who work here told me this is the best company around. My husband (who also works here) and I give our best to our jobs as we prepare for our family's children. Our careers look bright as we train to be multi-skilled and proficient in many phases of our manufacturing operations.” Irene Pimentel-Arancon, Line inspector Cannery Glass and Plastic Cup Lines. Irene with husband Cookroom seamer operator Victor Benjamin and son Vince Jamier, 6 months.

South bukionon fresh fruit operations team, supervisors Richard Torillo, Vicente Luigi A van, Eduardo Descallar Jr., Jeffrey Quinal, Marco Rodel Aragon, Roman Batomalaque, Federico Baflaga Jr. and Junrey Ewican.

Focus on the Future

“Since my husband left his job 20 years ago, I have been my family's breadwinner. I taught myself how to plan - so I can budget everything (time, money). Strong faith in God and self discipline carried us through tough times. Meager savings bought us a motorcycle for rent that paid for the daily needs of our two girls. Coop loans and Provident Fund took care of tuition fees. We're glad our eldest Kate Liezl now works in a bank while sophomore Sarah Jean hopes to work abroad soon.” Evelia Palmones, Fruit Packer Cannery Preparation. Counting blessings, Evelia Polmones with husband Leo and children Kate Liezl and Sarah Jean.

In a new frontier

“We're on the team that built our new fruit packing house in San Jose (Quezon, Bukidnon). This is a historic project, something we've never seen in 40 years at the Plantation. Our Costa Rican consultants tell us this is the world's most modern packing facility. We had a composite team working overtime - from our engineering design, electrical and prototype shops, engineers from the Cannery, foreign and Filipino consultants, local workers and Mr. Raul Leonen (DMPL Chief Manufacturing Officer). We've built two packing lines and a fruit sizer. After work, we go to our quarters in the poblacion. One needs patience and flexibility to work efficiently against tight deadlines and live with people of different temperaments. And we've delivered on time!” Leadman Andrew Cabang and Fabricator Ronnie Estorguio, Plantation Proto-type Shop.

A second chance

“I was a seasonal worker in the 70's, went back to college, was rehired in 1977 and married Plantation security guard Rogelio Ceniza. At Camp JMC, we raised our five children; I was a volunteer at our civic association. When the company needed field workers in 1991, I was hired. That job came in timely as security services were outsourced and Roger joined Kadre. We've had our share of trials. The support of family, friends and the company buoyed me during a year of medical treatment after an accident. God has given me a second chance, and I'm back at work - with many more blessings!” Purita Ceniza, Field Worker, East Crop Production, Camp JMC, Plantation

Field Maintenance Team breaks out for lunch in the midst of selecting pineapple suckers for planting materials, Purita Ceniza, Milena Paloma ria, Corazon Sabia, Virginia Batersal and Delia Villaraza. Purita is now with Plantation Quality Assurance. Ceniza clan in camp JMC, Rowen Christy (Camp I Elem. School valedictorian and Holy Cross High School scholar), Mama Purita and Papa Rogelio, Sr., grandsons Joshua, John Kyrk Kenneth and Lee Rafael, daughter-in-law Leahnie Grace, engineering contractor Ryan Roger, pharmaceutical company exec Rio Conrado, architecture senior Rogelio, Jr. and Plantation Civil Engineering supervisor Ralph.

Teamwork eases burden

“Teamwork gives everyone a chance to get involved. We tackle not only work-related problems; we're a reliable back-up team, especially in times of personal difficulties. Just like a close-knit family, we share responsibilities and look after each other. At home, my wife and I do the same thing. We plan, discuss, try out options and agree on solutions. This way, there's less burden on anyone, plus we have more time for our only child.” Aniceto Caay, Lead man, Cannery Tropical Products and Quality Circle Team Leader. Hard-working family man, Bobong Caay, wife Vilma and daughter Alyssa Via, 9, Grade 5 student at Cugman Elem. School.

Cooking aficionados find a true friend in Del Monte

Delight from every bite!

“Del Monte is always a joy to all food lovers. Your wide range of home-friendly options are excellent for dishing out delicious, nutritious and affordable recipes. Professional chefs, business entrepreneurs and homemakers can experiment and innovate on traditional recipes and create unique masterpieces without so much added cost. Why do I say this? It's because your culinary products are already packed with all those fine ingredients that simplify special treats for everyone to enjoy. This, for me, promotes over - all wellness - with all the delight from every bite.” Francis Sebastian Lim, Chef and Food Consultant

Francis knows whereof he speaks. At 27, he is Chef at the Hot Kitchen of People's Palace Philippines (Manila) and serves as Consultant of the Spirals Restaurant (Sofitel Group) and Chef Facilitator at I.S.I.P. Philippines (Institute for Steiner's Ideas in Practice). He's quite focused on understanding and further enhancing his culinary expertise and skills in food and product development. In fact, he had training stints at Dusit Hotel Nikko, Cafe Ysabel, Seattle's Best Coffee and the Center for Asian Culinary Studies where he earned a Diploma in Professional Cooking and won the Bronze Medals in both Cuisine and Pastry Categories in its recent competitions. As a freelance caterer, he does what he loves doing best - prepare food for people who want good food on the table on all occasions. Amid a busy schedule, Francis still finds time for Yummy magazine, where he is contributing writer championing favorite recipes in its monthly issues.

Passion for Perfect Cooking

“I literally grew up in my mother Leticia's kitchen and carinderia in Binangonan, Rizal. I've learned a lot, but I still want to learn more. I long for perfect Japanese cuisine, and that opportunity came with Del Monte Kitchenomics' Essential Japanese Cooking Class. Hands-on, easy to do! That's why Kitchenomics is my best friend on-the-job.” Mala Padaca, Family Cook, Dasmarinas Village (Makoti)

Mala, 43, is the epitome of the Filipina as a world-class cook. As she grew up and raised her only son Sean Marc (now 13), she never really left the kitchen. While perfecting her hometown recipes - like sinigang na pinugutan (deveined shrimps in tamarind broth), a whole new world opened up for her. She went to Singapore, where she cooked for a Chinese family for four years. Since coming home, she has served as chef for expatriate families.

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