On Eating Animals And Crippling Cockroaches

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac

This Essay Was Written By A Giant Hypocrite

You would probably have a tough time finding a bigger hypocrite than the writer whose words you are reading. The reason I say that is because I eat animals even though I profess to love them.

Perhaps that last statement was too cynical. I don't just profess to love animals. I really do. The fact that I do, probably makes me even an bigger hypocrite than if I were lying, and I just professed to love them, but were in reality, simply putting up a front.

Looking Down My Nose At Hunters

To make things even worse, I tend to judge people harshly who like to hunt. My thinking, on that matter, is that I don't understand the joy in the 'sport' of hunting. I can understand eating animals, and I realize that for that to happen, someone must kill them, but I just can't wrap my head around why anybody, who doesn't have to, would want to do it, short of getting a paycheck.

Part of me wonders what it is about people who find it appealing to actually be the person who takes the life out of the animals. It even makes me think about serial killers who start out killing animals before escalating into killing people.

I Should Know Better

That part of my mind tells me that it's one thing to choose a juicy cheeseburger. It's another thing, entirely, to choose to kill the cow when you don't have to be the one. Yes, I understand that's a rather messed up judgement I have going there.

As I said, it's so hypocritical on multiple levels. Who am I, as a carnivore, to look down on people who do the actual animal killing? My money supports the animal slaughter industry. I have no right to feel better than my fellow carnivore's who also happen to enjoy the slaughter.

Crack Cocaine Analogy

Here's a way I look at my hypocrisy. Imagine there is a group of guys who like to smoke crack. Most of them have turned to crime, including theft and even violent robbery in order to fund their crack smoking lifestyle.1)

However, one guy makes himself useful to the other guys who actually do the dirty work, by providing some kind of service. Maybe he owns the home they all meet at to smoke the rocks. If they get arrested, he can try to claim that he's not part of the thievery and robbery and violence, but the reality is, he is providing the environment that helps to make it all happen. Arguably, he is as invested in the negativity and hurtful actions, as the other guys.

The guy who owns the hide out / crack den is actually facilitating the crimes, even though he isn't physically taking part in them. He has no right to look down upon the guys doing the dirty work, just as I have no right to say Jack Crap to a single hunter. To their credit, hunters are honest enough to deal with the fact that they kill animals.

By refusing to hunt, I can pretend that I'm somehow better than them, but deep down, I understand they have an honesty, a level of integrity, well above the place of denial that I have chosen to live my life. I may never relate to the satisfaction someone gets from killing animals that they don't need to personally kill to support themselves or their family, but I have to give them their props for keeping it real.

Stubbornly Refusing To Learn The Lesson

I know about the Panoramic Life Review process that comes to all of us via the death transition experience. I lot of people have gotten an early glimpse of it during near death experiences, where they went to another place and were told that their time on earth was not through and that they need to get back here, but not until they experienced their life review.

One of the main purposes of the review is to learn about your life lessons. It's an overwhelming, in-your-face process where you see, experience and feel how you have done with the lessons you are intended to learn during your time on the planet.

Similarly, I'm familiar with the review process that past life therapists help their clients to go through after they have hypnotically regressed them to a previous lifetime. The person who is regressed is asked what the main life lessons were for each particular lifetime.

I have no doubt that one of the lessons I am supposed to be learning in this particular incarnation is the sanctity of life. That sanctity does not just extend to humanity. Every living being has a purpose and a right to be here.

This is on ongoing epic fail. It's not okay for me to eat animals, short of being in a situation where I would need to do so for my survival. I was supposed to have learned this decades ago – and possibly, a number of lifetimes ago.

I'm Kinder To The Cockroach

In other areas of my life, I have understood the lesson. I don't even believe in killing bugs and I try to find ways to avoid doing so, at least, when they aren't aggressively pestering me like those damn mosquitoes. I pretty much slaughter them with impunity.

I rarely kill cockroaches, though. Part of the reason may have stemmed from the fact that I became aware that spraying poison to kill bugs is not good for my health, and it can take a cumulative toll, but that's not the biggest reason.

Creatures Of The Universe

I just understand that the roach, like me, is a creature of the Creator. I may be more developed and higher functioning, but that doesn't mean I'm supposed to go around, wantonly killing them, just because I don't like them.

I think a person who is in a state of personal, spiritual evolution, will try to avoid stepping on bugs, worms, snails and the like. The golden rule doesn't just apply to fellow humans. If you can avoid killing or injuring another living being, why wouldn't you? There's probably some karmic brownie points involved, but even if there weren't, it makes you a better person to dodge the worms on sidewalk, after a rain.

The Roach Whisperer

For decades now, I've tried communicating with roaches, the fact that I recognize their right to exist, but I request that they do so outside of my living environment. My mom had a roach phobia that she passed on to me, so I haven't always been this way.

I used to love squashing them whenever they were in my environment. When I got out on my own, I embraced nature more than I had in the past, and I started feeling bad about killing those little “house ponies.”

One time, while peaking during a psychedelic journey, I noticed a big roach across the room. I figured that perhaps, in my state of altered consciousness, I could telepathically call out to it; so I tried it.

It had been walking away from me, but as soon as I non verbally called out, it stop. I silently told it to come to me. It seemed to be looking at me, deciding whether on not to do so for a second of two. Then it turned and walked straight to me.

I put my hand down, palm up. Without missing a beat, the palmetto bug walked over my fingers, into the palm of my hand. I held my hand up, close to my face and for a minute or so, we just looked at each other. Then I put my hand down to the floor and the little guy stepped off and walked away.2)

Took It To A New Level

Needless to say, it became harder than ever to kill them after an experience like that. I have often tried to find ways to get them out of my home without killing them. I tried the old Roach Motel traps that draws them in and then gets them stuck on the stick floors.

Ultimately, it just seemed kind of cruel. If I were stuck like that and I knew that I was just going to die of starvation and dehydration, I'd prefer to just get it over with right away.

I have to admit that there have been quite a few times in the decades that followed, when I resorted to quashing. Each time, I would ask my palmetto bug victims for forgiveness.

I realize that comes across as being batshit crazy to many, if not most, people, but I'm unconcerned about that. I share this for those that can relate. I don't mind if it provides entertainment for those who can't relate. It's a win/win scenario, actually.

Capture And Release Cockroach Program

I have come up with a way to get the roaches out my home without killing them. I have a dog and cats, so there is usually food out that attracts my little house ponies. My new method helps me get almost every roach I see. Every once is while, a wily one escapes, but they are fairly few and far between.

Maiming But Not Killing

It's not a perfect system, in that I often end up maiming and crippling them, but at least they escape with their lives. It's a step in the right direction. I use a grabber stick. It's the kind of apparatus you can use if you ever get assigned to a prison work crew picking up litter on the sides of the interstate highway.

Truth be told, it's actually fun to find a roach in the house these days. They are a bit of a challenge. It's kind of a fox hunt, I suppose. In fact, it helps me to see why people hunt. You've picked your prey and you commit to going after it. When you are successful, there is a satisfying feeling.

Hunting With Tranquilizer Darts

I might even be willing to try hunting if I could use a tranquilizer gun instead of a regular rifle. I wonder if there is a market for compassionate hunting with tranq guns. As humanity evolves, it might become a trend.

The Elephant In The Room

What concerns me is that I have learned this part of my lesson, while totally skipping over the part about showing my love for larger animals by refusing to pay for, eat, (or in any way, be a part of) their wholesale torture and slaughter.

Talk about putting the proverbial apple cart in front of the horse. I doubt that most vegans have issues killing roaches. The level of sensitivity I have attained on the cockroach issue would be admirable, if I weren't a serial cow (and other animal) killer.

Planet Of The Cockroaches

If roaches take over the world, like the apes do in the Planet Of The Apes movies, I wonder if they would show some mercy upon me for having seen the error of my ways. Perhaps they would not give me any credit whatsoever for my cripple, catch and release program.

They'd probably shatter one arm into splinters and tear a leg off while they're at it. Then they'd taunt me and ask me how I like it. I may need to improve upon my compassionate roach relocation method. I need to invent roach traps with a mechanism that attracts them to the device and allows them to get out only when the trapper relocates them back into the natural outdoor habitat.

What Would Donald Shimoda Do?

Richard Bach wrote a book based on the general idea that Jesus wasn't kidding around when he said that all the wonders He could do, we could also do, if we believed and had faith. In Bach's adorable little novel, Illusions, Richard is one of the two main characters.

The other one is named Donald Shimoda who is a modern day messiah. They fly around the Midwest, barnstorming in little propeller planes. Richard notices how Shimoda never had to clean bugs off his windshield. The bugs would avoid his plane.

I actually think that very well may be possible. Metaphysical literature is replete with references to humanity having had all kinds of abilities in the past that we no longer are making use of. Remember, you are reading the words of a guy who communicated with a palmetto bug.

My Dinner With Andre

In the documentary My Dinner With Andre – a filmed reenactment of a rather interesting dinner conversation between real life friends, theater directer, writer & actor, Andre Gregory, and Wallace Shawn, a playwright as well as an actor of film, television and theater – Gregory spoke about a group of people who were on holiday in a hut on a beach. (Think, Gilligan's Island.) A storm was coming and they were worried about the integrity of the thatched roof.

Somebody got the idea they if they collected seashells and placed them on the roof in close proximity to each other, the energy of the shells would work to keep them safe, and keep the roof intact.

The storm came through. It was large enough to shred the hut, but for some reason, the hut held up quite nicely. Not only did the roof stay on, but the shells stayed on the roof. What does that have to do with not killing bugs? Nothing, actually. It's just a stream of consciousness that came up when I was thinking about Donald Shimoda and the idea that there are so many possibilities in our world that are entirely different than what we've been taught.

Who Knows Where We're Headed?

The elite intend to take humanity (or at least, take themselves) to trans-humanism.3) Their plan is to merge with machines in a real life science fiction reality in an effort to become God-like and live forever. I get the feeling that humanity could evolve in another way, a non techy manner, but, to many I'm sure, seems just as, “out there.”

We may have the ability to develop the extrasensory talents that many metaphysical historians say we use to enjoy many thousands of years ago, before recorded history. It is believed that people had the ability to communicate telepathically, as well as to manipulate energy and levitate large objects (as in building the pyramids.)

If that's true, I would imagine it would be would be a piece of cake to circumvent the need to kill bugs or eat meat. Let's hope that is the vision that comes true, as opposed to the elite's trans-humanism visions.

Those plans also call for a brutally heinous, one world government, and a 90% global population reduction, with a dark, utterly bleak existence for all but a very few of the remaining 10%.

Not To End This On A Downer

Many of the brightest minds out there are saying that dark times are just around the corner for the inhabitants of earth. Can any of it be avoided? I think it's possible, but it requires masses of people waking up.

The best way for that to happen is for people to get their lives in order and live up to the moral code they know they should be living by. In other words, getting in touch with the Man upstairs Nobody is saying that everyone needs to vow never to kill bugs, but it probably couldn't hurt if we would curtail (or forego) our needles slaughter of animals.

Classic Spanish Ode To The Cockroach

La Cucaracha

La curcaracha, la cucaracha Ya no pude caminar Porque no tiene Porque le falta Una pata de atra

The Cockroach

The cockroach, the cockroach Can no longer walk Because he doesn't have Because he lacks A hind leg


It dawned on me to check online to see if the PETA organization (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) shared my sentiments. It turns out, they do.

I learned a method for catching and releasing that may not be as fun as my cripple, catch and release program, but is infinitely more humane. You start with a glass jar. Tape the outside with newspaper.

On the inside, starting at the top, put Vaseline on it. The article mainly mentioned the inside of the lip, but I would think it would be helpful to go as far as your fingers will allow. Then place pieces of bread, fruit, veggies, etc., into it and walk away.

Check on it periodically, and switch up the bate with fresh food, as needed. The roaches will be able to feast on the smorgasbord you, so kindly, provided for them, but will be unable to get out, due to the Vaseline. (Who knew?) Then you can take them outside, tip the jar over and sing, Born Free.

You can laugh all you want at the likes of PETA as well as this writer for feeling it's inhumane to needlessly squash roaches, but you can't argue with PETA's guidelines geared to prevent you from rarely, if ever, having to kill them.

If you follow their advice, you are not only going to be virtually roach free in your home, you are going to have an incredibly clean environment. Turn into a clean and neat freak. Don't leave food out, or even allow crumbs to be on the floor, counters or furniture.

Vacuum very often That includes vacuuming behind your refrigerator and stove. Clean you dishes shortly after eating. Wipe the sink dry, since a single droplet is the equivalent of a glass of water to them. Don't leave newspapers, paper bags or cardboard boxes accumulate in your home. Take your stove top apart, and clean under the burners. Clean the stove and broiler. Don't allow grease to build up.

Don't leave pet food out. After Fido and Fluffy are done eating, wash and dry their bowls. Their water dishes will be a challenge. If you take the pet's water away and forget for any real length of time, you'll end up being inhumane to your pet in an effort to be humane to (or at, prevent the invasion of) roaches.

If you have firewood outside (never have it inside, except when using) – move it away from the house. Keep your screens in good order and your windows caulked.

Doing this will prevent enticing them to invade in the first place. If they enter anyway, they will likely look to get out the same way they got in, in very short order, because there is nothing for them to eat or drink. They'll let their friends on the outside know not to bother with your house.

[Yeah, that last line was said in jest, but PETA did mention that they have ways of communicating and socializing. They usually prefer to eat together. Evidently, some level of research has been done, documenting the fact that when food is placed out for roaches, they tend to congregate together and work on the same morsel, even though there is plenty of other food all around them.]

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1) Incidentally, I'm not even saying that at any given time, most people who are smoking crack are committing crimes in order to purchase it. I imagine most people tend to think that. I'm not so sure about it, though.
2) For those who may be wondering: Yes, it really happened. No, it wasn't a hallucination. Yes, I'm sure about that.

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