Of Mice And Men Character Analysis

Of Mice And Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck and published in 1937. It takes place in the early 1930s and tells the story about two migrant workers during the Great Depression. These migrant workers names are George and Lennie. There are many other characters in the story Of Mice And Men. I am going to describe one of them to you. This character is Lennie. Lennie has many features that separates him from the rest of the group. One of these features is that he's childish. Another feature is that he isn't the brightest character in the story. The third feature, and probably the most important, is that Lenny is extremely forgetful.

One characteristic of Lennie’s is his childishness. There are many possibilities to the reason behind his childishness. One of the main possibilities behind his childishness is autism. This would explain his forgetfulness and why he's childish at such an old age. Some things that Lennie does that are childish included liking to pet soft things. Some things in the book that he pets that include dead mice, puppies, and also dead puppies (OH JOY!). Lennie’s interested in petting soft things also represents him being childish. Another childish thing that Lennie does is that he does bad things without meaning to. Some of these things include accidentally killing the mouse he was petting, the puppy he was petting, and the Curly's wife, whose hair he was stroking. Even though these things are extremely harsh he still did them without meaning to.

Another characteristic of Lennie is that he's dumb. There are many ways that Lennie is dumb in the story. One of the things is that he is not smart about what he does and chooses to do. Not being smart about what he does links to a lot of things in the story. One of the things that links to is back in the beginning of the book. When George and Lennie are back in the first town, Weed, Lennie was stroking a girl’s skirt because he thought it was soft. The girl then began to scream because of Lennie doing this. Lennie, out of fear, then grabs onto her skirt. This is only one of a few dumb things that Lennie does throughout the novel.

One of the final characteristics of Lennie is that he's forgetful. Lennie’s forgetfulness gets George and him in trouble all throughout the book. An example of this is when George and Lennie first go up to the ranch they speak with the boss. George specifically tells Lennie not to say a word so he does not ruin the job for them. During the interview Lennie, of course, speaks. Lennie however does not lose them the job. Lennies forgetfulness is so bad but he even forgets about the lady that had been taking care of him since he was a boy. This lady was his Aunt Clara. She died however before the start of the book.

In conclusion, Lennie has many distinctive characteristics. These characteristics include his childishness, his stupidity, and his extreme forgetfulness. These all are not good traits to have; however they do explain how his tragic ending came to be.

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