Of He Who Slept

Many Names hath He, and many more shall He acquire before the Heavens Fall and The End cometh.

This be the tale of his Sleeping, of how it came to pass, and of what came to pass thereafter, for, as all know, after Sleep cometh Awakening, else the Sleep be not Sleep but Death.

Thus, let the tale unfold…

Young was He then, yet Old in the manner of his kind. Avenging he came, to the Lands of Snow and Ice, and after the Vengeance came the Sleep.

He came to the place where Others dwelt, enslaving the minds of Men, those Men who were Kin to His friend, that dead friend whose Pledge of Vengeance now stalked the light of Day, though He Who Pledged be Dead.

He Who Wouldst Soon Be Sleeping, Son of He Who Waited, Bore on the Pledge of Death and Freedom, and the Pledge was fullfilled, The Others cast out, The Men freed from the shackles impressed upon their minds, but One stroke more the Others didst strike, One stroke, then Another. The Gold-Skinned one's Wand of Thunderbolts didst burst asunder, all the Thunderbolts of Heaven blasting forth upon the Instant, and that Golden skin was Broken, the flesh Blasted, the bones Burned beyond Ashes to Water and Air, the Spirit seeking refuge beyond the Domain of the Air, whose weapon was Lightning.

Then didst the second Blow fall, and 'Twas Fire and Death, and it smote him upon the Anvil, Earth, and refusge sought He in Water, Refuge and Sanctuary in cool, the Ice, the Everlasting Ice of the North.

Sanctuary sought He, and Sanctuary given, his spirit became one with the Ice, and He didst Sleep, his Sword that was Snicker beside him, his Dreams that were Ice crystals re-making his Body, a Body of Ice.

Now Far and Away, to the East and also North, dwelt Yrimm, Yrimm, who was called Lord of Frost, Yrimm, whom the Fimbulwinter obeyed, Yrimm, who dwelt in the Palace of Ice, and ruled all things of the Ice, and the Snow, and the Frost.

And Such was the Power of Yrimm that he didst know that one of Power was in his Realm, and He didst seek to find Whom, and Where, for if He couldst find whosoever had chosen to become One with the Ice, He couldst Control him, for all that were of Ice or Snow or Frost were His to command.

And yet, find Him Yrimm could not, for He who is Son of He Who Sought be also Son to She Who Could Not Be Found, and in His sleep, he sought not to be found nor disturbed.

And so didst it pass that Yrimm found Him not, for no lack of seeking, and He didst desist, knowing that, soon or late, He would find knowledge of the intruder.

Now know ye that this be the nature of She Who Could Not Be Found, and it be through this that He Who Slept was found:

Though Seeking shall avail ye not in the Finding, Yet to He Who Waits must come all that he seeks. Thus it was that while Yrimm could find not, seeking, when He but waited, He Who Slept was Bound, by the same Power which hid him, to Reveal himself to Yrimm.

Now, Yrimm was not alone in seeking He Who Slept, for He Who Came From No-where and Goeth Nowhere sought also to know his Master's fate, though his seekings were by different means.

A Wizard was He, and Friend of the Wise, and to The Wise didst He go with his questions.

“What Passeth with my Master?” Wouldst he yearly ask.

And always the answer the same…

“He Sleeps. He regenerates. He seeks not to be disturbed.”

And He Who Came would pass into his own ways again, but always the year would pass, and another Asking be at hand.

So Didst Time filter past and through the fabrics and tapestries of The Worlds, that are laid out layer by layer before the One God by his creations, and in the Cold, One Slept, and in a Tower, One Waited, and in the Lands of Men, One trod His own Paths till, yearly, the Time of Asking would be at hand.

Then, The Sleep didst end, as all Sleeps must, and He Who Sleeps didst become He Who Slept, and He Who Waited in the Tower became He Who has Waited Long Enough, and The Time of Asking again didst draw near.

Now didst Yrimm the Frost Lord know that He whom had been Sought was a Power of Stillness, and when the Stillness Ends, the Time of Finding and Being Found is close to hand.

But Still could Yrimm not locate He Who Approached, for it is written that that which is Close TO Hand is not yet Come.

And still was The Sleeper's Body of Ice hidden to Yrimm's Frost Power, for He Who Awoke had determined to challenge and Defeat the Frost Lord, who was Lord of Ice by Dominion, and had never been One with the Cold and the Ice.

And, as He Who Awoke didst defy The Frost Lord, so, too, didst the Ice and the Cold wish to defy Him, but didst not have the wherewithal to do so. Yet, didst they Hide the Sleeper, for He was to be their Champion.

Now, to The Wise the Truth be known, and so it was that in the Time of Asking the answer was not as before, and He Who Came From No-Where knew his Mentor was Awake and didst therefore prepare to go to him. Spells didst he learn, in case of Battle. Weaponry he took, and Food, and other of those things which travellers of experience know to be useful and good.

Then, by a Spell, was He gone from the Lands of Men, and come to the Lands of Snow and Ice, at the side of He Who SLept

Joyful was their meeting, for the Time was long since their parting, but this Joy was all of He Who Came, for the Sleeper's Heart was of Ice, and His Blood was Cold.

Thus didst they come to Yrimm's Rampart of Mountains, and met the Army He had sent against them.

And in this battle was He Who Came From No-Where and Goes To No-Where slain, and He Who SLept didst recover the body as He issued His challenge to Yrimm, a Challenge to Mortal Combat by Arms, on Neutral ground, to be witnessed by all the Powers that walk upon D'idii, the World. Then, didst He leave the Lands of Snow and Ice, to restore He Who Came From No-Where to Life, for He Who Goesth No-Where goeth not to The Summerland.

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