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My best friend from college recently called me. He had some great news that he wanted to share with me. He had met the woman of his dreams and wanted my wife and I to meet her. I’m very happy for my friend as he is a true bachelor. We never thought that he would settle down. We decided to meet one evening for dinner at a nice restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant and my friend introduces us to his girlfriend. She gives me a hug and a very strong odor comes from under her arms. I held my breath and smiled. She also gave my wife a hug and she coughed then smiled. We sat down at our table to eat. We started to talk and found out that this young lady is an attorney and plays the organ for a church on the side. She is very smart and talented. The conversation went well and the food tasted great. My wife and I just couldn’t get past the odor. Overall I’d say that the dinner went very well.

A couple of days later I received a call from my best friend. He wanted to know what we thought of his new girlfriend. He then said to be honest. I hesitated at first then I told him that his girlfriend seems to be nice and is very smart. She’s also attractive. She seemed to have an odor that was a little strong that day at the dinner. My best friend paused and then told me “thank you for being honest and telling me”. He wasn’t upset. He went on to tell me that she had developed this issue just in the last year and was looking for natural ways to treat it. He said he would be in touch soon.

A few weeks later my best friend called inviting us over to his place for some pizza. My wife and I went to his house and rang the doorbell. His girlfriend opened the door and gave me and my wife a hug. We walked in and looked at each other. There was no smell. We proceeded to have a nice evening full of good conversation and pizza. When we left, my wife asked me what my best friend’s girlfriend did differently? My response, I don’t know, but it worked.

The next day I received a call from my best friend. He again asked how the evening went. I told him it went well. He then asked me did his girlfriend smell better? I told him yes and asked what the difference was. He then told me that they searched online and found this all natural deodorant. The deodorant is called Tom’s of Maine Original Care Unscented Deodorant. They purchased the deodorant and almost instantly they could smell a difference. Within two weeks of adapting this product, the odor was gone altogether. My best friend and his girlfriend are not only glad that they found each other, but they also worked together to solve a big problem. That is a recipe for a long success relationship. My best friend and his girlfriend are now believers that Tom’s of Maine Original Care Unscented Deodorant is the best odor reduction deodorant on the market.


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