Ode to the Coconut

Metaphor: the coconut is a traveler.

The brown skinned coconut

Pleased as punch,

skimmed across

the ocean,

enjoying a world

travelers’ journey.

The coconut oil

he was wearing

provided protection

during the

sunbathing hours.

The ocean was as calm

as a millpond and

clear as crystal.

Traveling companions

included a bird,

happy as a lark,

perching on his rough hull,

enjoying a free ride,

a porpoise who playfully

tosses the coconut

so it does

a little dance,

and a clown fish,

hungry as a bear,

looking for the

nearest buffet.

Cruising is the coconut’s

favorite mode of travel,

but now that

his journey is nearing

it’s end,

it is time to

find a new home.

At the sight

of the island,

covered in grass,

he was happy

to be home,

but a little sad

that his journey

had come to an end,

and he had to say

goodbye to his friends,

and begin his

new life as

a tree.

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