This article is dedicated to parents who want the very best for their child or children. This a very important article aimed primarily at enabling expectant parents to choose wisely when deciding what to call their child. This is something not to be taken lightly especially when considering that a child will probably carry this name throughout their life. You have spent the better part of the year dreaming about your baby and imagining what they would look like when they arrive; fantasized about hair and eye color.

You have gone out to the baby shops, spent hours window shopping and yearned for that wonderful day when you will hold your beautiful baby in your arms. But most importantly you have spent countless hours deliberating on the perfect name to bestow on your precious treasure once they emerge. Like some parents you may have opted to know the sex or gender of your baby beforehand which I personally consider wise. A lot of people find this the best option because it enables them to plan ahead and make adequate preparations for essentials like baby clothes, color scheme for the nursery and of course the all-important name.

It is pertinent that you bestow a child with the name that not only will suit their personality and temperament but also one that will drive them to success later in life. The question is this; can a name be that powerful? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things what we are called? Is it just superstition or new age thinking? What is in a name?

We will discover in this volume the answers to these important questions and more. The answer is indeed a resounding yes! There is great power in a name! But how can this be? How does my name affect my life? And how can I choose the best name for my baby? Come with me and we shall explore the magical and amazing power inherent in a name.

The most important thing to understand about names is that they contain immense power and ability to influence the course of our lives for good or not so good. What you are called every day can determine in the long run the direction of your attitude and propensities. We shall be concentrating on Baby names, however even adults can learn how what they have been called all their lives has contributed to shaping who they are today.


We shall be exploring a very powerful concept, thousands of years old but still very relevant today. It is called numerology. Numerology is the study of the power of numbers and how these very numbers affect all our lives. But what do numbers have to do with my baby’s name I hear you ask? The answer is everything! There are 26 alphabets in the English language (other languages will vary of course) and each of these alphabets vibrates to a specific number. Now if you dislike mathematics or are not very good with numbers you are still in the right place because we shall explain numerology in a way that is so simple, elegant and easy to use and understand. By the end of this article not only will you be able to choose the right name for your baby, a name that suits them and guides their little hearts in a successful and prosperous path, but you will also learn certain secrets about yourself that will revolutionize your life and make you even more efficient and successful.

Make no mistake about it, your name carries great power and ultimately influences the direction of your life. 
Numerology is the amazing science of numbers that can enable you choose the perfect name for your baby. You can also use it to name a new business or anything else with amazing results of success.

Alternatively you can name your baby after some distant relation or perhaps after an actor from your favourite movie. I think however that it’s better to know exactly what you are doing and why.

A lot of parents make the common mistake of naming a child in a careless manner or purely out of sentiment. In this article you will learn how important what you call your child is to their destiny and to what they may become later in life. You may have noticed that a lot of really successful individuals including actors, and famous singers as well as a lot of public figures usually have a name that is often different from the one they were born with. Certain names carry certain vibrations, which directly affect the bearer.

The consequence of this is that often people will undergo certain experiences, simply because of what they are called. But if you think back to when you were once a child or teenager you may have known a certain friend of yours with a particular name who acted in a particular manner. Obviously a few other things like environment, genetics, upbringing, level of education, etcetera come into play in determining character, but the point is that what your child is called every day of their life has a subtle yet powerful influence as well; one that must not be ignored! The most important thing to understand is the fact that your baby is completely dependent on you. The decisions you make can ultimately dictate the direction their lives will go. Ask yourself, what are my best intentions for this unborn child? What do I want for my baby? Do I want her to grow up happy, healthy, good-natured, balanced and strong? Do I desire for them financial prosperity in adulthood, stable and prosperous relationships and a sense of belonging and dignity within school and ultimately society? If you have read this far, my guess is yes!

No, it’s not too early to start thinking about things of this nature. Remember that preparation prevents poor performance, and planning and thinking far ahead into the future of your offspring is always the best thing to do. The most important thing that you will learn here is the power in the name and how to manipulate that power to massively improve your life. Do not forget that the secrets you will learn in this volume can be applied to your own life and business as well.

We shall be exploring how certain alphabets within a person or entity’s name vibrate energy and influence their destiny. This will help you choose exactly the right name to give to your unborn baby that will help him or her be the very best that they can be. This skill will also be very useful in your own personal life where you may be required to name a new project for instance or even adjust your own birth name to give you the maximum benefits. Numerology shall be our tool of choice.

Let’s get started

In this article we shall concern ourselves with basically two different kinds of numerology, Chaldean numerology and Pythagorean numerology .There are a few other types but these two I find the most efficient and effective and easy to use. Chaldean numerology originated from an ancient race of people called Chaldeans much like the name suggests. The Chaldeans were a very clever bunch and developed very advanced techniques in astrology, mathematics and philosophy. They lived in an area that today extends to the Persian Gulf and one of their most famous sons was a gentleman called Nebuchadnezzar.

They were among the first people to discover the amazing relationship between numbers and alphabets. They also understood that the universe is linked to numbers and believed numbers could not be separated from Mind. Through study they understood that numbers carried immense power and ultimately influenced the lives of every human being, plant or animal. The basic idea is that a name can be distilled down to a corresponding number. Each number also has a specific characteristic.

Pythagorean numerology on the other hand is attributed to the Greek mathematical genius Pythagoras. The characteristics attributed to the numbers 0-9 and 11-52 remain the same for both schools of numerology. The main difference between the two is whereas Chaldean numerology helps you choose a name that is in tune with your spiritual essence and governs things like fate and luck, Pythagorean numerology is more attuned to the practical everyday aspects of personality, character and how people may perceive you on the outside.

Pythagorean numerology is deemed more modern by some and practiced widely in the western world, perhaps because it’s slightly easier to use. I however personally find Chaldean numerology more beneficial, but that is purely personal.

Let’s go straight into it!


First you are going to need a few tools; a numerology calculator, a number interpretation chart and of course this article. You can download a free numerology calculator here: You can also find a free number interpretation chart here- If for any reason these links don’t work you can find alternatives easily via Google. There are free apps available for this purpose as well.

It is much easier and more accurate to utilize the numerology calculator than to perform any calculation by hand. The interpretation chart is a very useful online resource that analyses the results and will help you get used to the meaning of numbers and how they are applied. Below is the Pythagorean number chart depicting how each alphabet is represented by a number:

Please note that the Pythagorean method only acknowledges the numbers 1 to 9. In other words using this method “A” would be a “1”, “V” a “4” and so on and so forth. Below is the Chaldean chart and you will be able to observe the distinct difference.

Apart from having a different pattern from the Pythagorean model, the number nine is also clearly omitted. This is because the ancient Chaldeans venerated the number nine and considered it sacred and with good reason. The number nine is the number of eternity or infinity. As a slight digression it might interest you to know that the number nine is the only number you can multiply with any other number and it still reduces to the root nine.

For example:

 “9 X 2 = 18” and “1+8=9” or “9 X 14 = 126” and “1+ 2 +6 = 9”.
Even an extreme example like “9 X 2425= 21825” = “2 + 1 +8 + 2 + 5 = 18” and “1 + 8 = 9”.

Anyway, the Chaldeans knew the power of the number nine and out of respect did not include it in their chart. Pythagoras on the other hand did not mind including it in his analysis.


Below are a few names analyzed using the Pythagorean method:

As you can see James is a three, while Gerard and Butler are an eight and six respectively. Of course if you look at the Pythagorean chart you will see how we arrived at these calculations. However using a numerology calculator is even quicker and more accurate since we cannot afford to make mistakes while calculating. To find out the meaning of these numbers please go to the online chart which I recommended. This gives you a more detailed analysis of the meaning of the numbers than the pages of this article may permit. Below however is a small excerpt:

“8 people are normally quiet, reserved, and shy. They don’t obviously push ahead, but slowly and surely will get there. This shyness and reticence is a cover for an intense drive to get to the top of their chosen profession. 

They make excellent teachers and counselors, most of them could be successful in the tough game of politics, as they excel at anything that requires patience and intelligent deduction. The 8 person may have poor health as a child, but tend to grow more robust when they reach maturity, and longevity is common. It is rare to find an 8 person goofing off, they have a sense of duty and responsibility that won’t allow them to take a careless attitude toward what is expected of them. Most people born under the number 8 are as reliable as a grandfather clock, and as cosey as a grandma quilt to be around. They have a rich sense of humor, but it is subtle, so one must watch for it. Most 8 people have very deep and intense natures and great inner strength. There is a tendency toward fanaticism in religion, and they will stick by what they believe, against all opposition. They make loving friends, but bitter enemies. 

Although 8 people appear to be cold they can be shyly affectionate and warmly devoted. They are often lonely and need desperately to be loved, and are capable of great sacrifice for an ideal, ambition, or for those who depend on them. 8 people are as demanding of themselves as they are of others, but for all the outward attitude of wisdom, maturity and self-control the 8 person’s heart is lonely and longing. They need to learn that pursuit of happiness is not a sin” 
The 3 person bases every action upon the foundation of a great ideal (even if they are misguided and the action is a negative one). They aim high for the truth, and nothing less will satisfy them, whether it involves love, friendship, career, politics or religion. They are not easily put off by evasive answers or deception, and they can spot a lie, distortion, or dishonesty a mile away. Some of them achieve their goal of truth, others are misled into believing their own illusions, but they never stop searching. The 3 person is fiercely independent, seeks total freedom of speech and movement and will not be tied down. Travel is an absolute necessity, thereby allowing them to learn everything they can about other places, cultures, and philosophies, and religions.

3 people look for the positive side of everything, and their optimism is contagious. Because of their quest for the truth the 3 person tends to be agnostic, atheist, or fiercely devoted to a religious principle. Their attitude toward a belief system is never neutral. Physical challenge inspires the 3 person, so often sports play a major role. They are shockingly blunt of speech, candid to a fault, and outraged by duplicity of any kind. There is a genuine love of animals and a strong tendency to defend the underdog (human) with the same loyalty they show their pets. But they can be indifferent to family ties, and marriage works best when freedom is total. The 3 vibration is associated with tests of physical strength, gambling, and risk taking.

3 people often display an odd blend of the wise philosopher and the happy go lucky clown, and a sense of responsibility may be lacking. Pursuing an education matters a great deal to 3 people and they are crushed when denied the "halls of higher learning" for whatever reason. 3 people make good lawyers, detectives or public activists as their search for the truth never rests.
(Paraphrased excerpt from Linda Goodman’s STAR SIGNS)

Generally speaking the numbers mean the same thing whether calculated using the Pythagorean sequence of numbers or the Chaldean. In other words the interpretation of the “3” and “8” for instance remains the same in both schools of thought.

Again the main difference is that the Pythagorean method seems to describe the more day-to-day aspects of a person’s personality whereas the Chaldean digs a bit deeper and describes the more subtle and spiritual aspects of an individual. Like I said earlier it is much easier to perform these calculations using a numerology calculator. There are some brilliant apps, a lot of them free you can utilize.


This is the number that vibrates in your experience as a result of your date of birth. For instance if you were born on 12/06/1969 your life path number would be 1+2+0+6+1+9+6+9=34=3+4=7 As you can see this is simply adding the individual numbers that make up your date of birth to arrive at a Master number which we further add up to get the final number 7.

We shall discuss master numbers in more detail in a subsequent chapter, but it’s important to note that you cannot obviously change your life path number and that it will exert an influence equal to the meaning of the associated number all through the individuals’ life. Choosing a name that either re-enforces, counters or balances this life path number is your task and which way you decide to go with it is entirely your choice.


As you experiment more and more with different type of names using your calculator and finding out what the numbers mean, you will get more proficient in numerology. Your task now in regards to your baby is to analyze your shortlisted names and find out what numbers they vibrate to. Next you need to find out what those numbers mean. Most calculators will enable you to switch between Pythagorean and Chaldean MODE. Again don’t get too carried away by trying to balance between those two schools of thought. The Pythagorean gives you more of a practical reading about character and personality while the Chaldean provides a more spiritual analysis based on concepts like fate, luck, destiny and fortune. Pythagorean numerology is more concerned with the modern way of life and interpreting how your name affects your personality; it also defines the natural talents, abilities, and tools that you were given at birth. In my opinion the Chaldean method is the most accurate because of its more mystic origins.

It is important at this point to mention that Chaldean numerology takes into consideration the name you are called the most. In other words it could be your first name or nickname. It also takes into consideration the date of birth. Pythagoras considered the combination of your first and last name to be more important.

There are other schools of numerology like the Kabalarians; however this is a spin-off from the Pythagorean School and will not be considered in this volume. As you will have realized by now, names are extremely important and you as a parent may or may not have enjoyed great success with the name you have been given. The important thing to realize is that we are here on this earth to learn but we are not required by any means to go through a life of avoidable bitter lessons. This is certainly not the experience any loving parent would want for their child. As you study the meaning of the numbers you will gain an understanding that will enable you choose for your child the best path. This is essential because at this stage they cannot choose for themselves.

The first step is to pick out a few of your favourite names and run them through your numerology calculator and analyze the resulting numbers. I would advise balancing the first name only using the Chaldean method and then carry out a separate Pythagorean calculation using baby’s prospective first name and surname as well.

Let’s look at an example: You are expecting a girl for instance and are keen on three particular names for whatever reason. Chloe, Tiffany, Kate. Your surname in this example is say Evans. Now we switch our numerology calculator (You can get many free apps that do this) first of all to Chaldean mode and calculate for each first name, then we go to our chart and find out how the corresponding numbers will influence the child since they will predominantly be called these first names by friends and family.

In the case of Chloe the Chaldean calculation result in a 5 for her first name and the Pythagorean results also in a 5 as seen in the illustrations below.

You would go to your chart and check the esoteric interpretation of the number 5 or for any other number. Please remember that the numbers mean the same no matter what school of numerology you are utilizing, Pythagorean or Chaldean.

“5 people possess a great deal of natural charm, and as a general rule, are innately courteous. They are quick to spot mistakes and flaws, and will not hesitate to point them out. The 5 vibration is super critical and incapable of ignoring mistakes, and is associated with a love of movement and travel. Change is a never-ending necessity for 5 people. They have a tendency to over analyze people and situations. 

It is difficult for the 5 person to submit to the feelings and the intuition; the intellect is determined to find logical answers to everything! This over analytical nature can ruin relationships of all kinds for the 5 person.

Still, people enjoy being in the company of a 5 person, since the outward persona is usually pleasant and soothing. Because 5 is the vibration of the intellect, those under its influence are very bright, highly intelligent and mentally alert. Nothing escapes their notice, analysis and possibly their criticism.

According to the ancients, the number 5 has long been associated with what is called "earth magic" (hence, the Wiccan symbol of the pentagram). The number 5 brings a longing to believe in magic, elves, fairies, and the mysteries of Nature, along with the need to pin everything down and view it with a mental microscope. 

This is in direct conflict with the other major quality of the 5, making it difficult for the 5 person to understand themselves. As a result 5 people are often high strung; they live their lives on nerves and crave excitement. They’re quick in thought and decision, often impulsive in their actions. They have a keen sense of new ideas and inventions, are willing to take risks, and are born speculators. 5 people possess an admirable elasticity of viewpoint, and the ability to rebound swiftly from the blows of fate, which seem to leave no lasting impression on them. 5 people are well suited to writing, advertising, public relations and publishing.”
(Paraphrased excerpt from Linda Goodman’s STAR SIGNS)

If this child is named Chloe Evans she will very strongly exhibit these characteristics as she progresses in life especially considering that she will vibrate with that number not only on a first name basis but also when are surname is included. Where these traits will eventually lead her is beyond yours or anybody else’s direct control but is predictable and that is the beauty of the process. It is obvious that when calculating you can get different numbers for both the first name reading and when the surname is combined as well. In this case the child will vibrate according to both numbers but more strongly in the direction of the name she identifies the most with in her mind or that she is called. No number is necessarily superior to the other but certain traits may be more desirable and that’s why it is important that you name children as well as businesses, projects etc. from a point of this new understanding and not just whimsically or out of ill-informed emotional motivations. When you get the combination of numbers and names that you like then you can name your baby that. Feel free to play with unique ways of spelling your favourite names to achieve the number and name of your choice.


It is important to note that Numerology has vast implications beyond just naming your baby or your business. Numerology is an exact science, albeit an esoteric one and influences anything that is associated with numbers and not just the alphabets that make up your baby’s names but things like time and money.

This article however is not intended to be an advanced or exhaustive material about the subject but is primarily meant to teach you enough to perform simple tasks like deciding on what name to call your baby. If you want a more protracted and in-depth study on numerology there are plenty of other fine books that explore the subject. Suffice it to say that you have learned enough in this piece to do what you must which is give your child a good foundation such that even if you are personally deficient in material things or not you have given that which money cannot buy- a good name.

The effects of the chosen names start to become evident in a healthy child around six to nine months of age and become fully pronounced by the time they are two years old.

Interestingly this is around the length of time it takes to see similar changes in the personality and vibrational quality of a person who has undergone a name change in adulthood using these principles.

Now to the issue of master numbers; Master numbers are numbers ranging from 10 to 52 according to numerology. In other words if you look at the example below the initial sum of the numbers is actually 52 and is then reduced to 7 thus:

52= 5 + 2 = 7

These so called master numbers have a similar flavour with the numbers they reduce to which means the numbers 52 and 7 have a similar vibration and definition. The main difference is that the master numbers govern the unseen dynamics in a person’s life by which we mean the spiritual nature. The master numbers end at 52, again because the Chaldeans felt this number was special. Their studies resulted in the modern Gregorian calendar recognizing 52 weeks in a year.

Master numbers have slightly different interpretations on the chart and should never be completely ignored, however the numbers one to nine are the main players to concentrate on and balance your names by. Something worth adding here is that the Chaldeans also consider the individuals’ date of birth and most numerology calculators allow you to include the date of birth as part of your calculations or for extra information concerning the vibration governing your baby. The date of birth cannot generally be controlled or manipulated like a name can however the Chaldeans felt it also exerted an important influence.


The question you may be asking yourself is now that I have chosen a name for my baby; can I play with changing my own name using numerology? The answer is yes, however it is advised to only use these methods to change your name if you are really having a tough time in life with your current name. Naming businesses or projects is a very powerful way of applying these methods and programming vibrational success into your enterprise. There are services that charge huge sums of money for this process which you can now achieve on your own based on the information you have learnt. The best approach if you do decide as an adult to play with changing your name is to realize what you want to achieve. If you are looking for change towards extreme popularity and charisma then perhaps explore balancing with a first name that equates with a five. This would also be useful in say naming an entertainment company as well.

If you are looking for all round love and financial balance then try a six. If Truth, education and ideology are what you desire, then balance to a three and so on and so forth. Be imaginative with the spellings if you do not want to stray too far from your birth name; of course you can totally change into something completely new. This is entirely up to you.

The only word of caution is this: extreme success and fame for instance can result out of an imbalance or by some other aspect of your life paying the price. The same goes for most extra-ordinary changes and achievements and you must be sure of your motives and desires before proceeding with playing with a vibration change as an adult. It is much safer to apply this process to business names, projects and the likes. For a new-born it is different because they depend on you to choose wisely for them from day one!


I have tried to compile a cross section of common questions I receive concerning the entire process. Though hardly exhaustive these contain enough to make you a budding numerologist and your baby should have you to thank along the line for your dedication to choosing wisely.


Answer: Simply, No! Numerology extends to all languages and alphabet systems. If I wanted to balance a French or Spanish name for instance I would probably for simplicity use the Pythagorean method because it is sequential and place the alphabet of my required language on a grid 1-9 as is the case below. Simply replace the English alphabets with your language of choice and calculate as usual.


Answer:Yes and No! It applies simple mathematics but extends beyond it. Numerology is simply a means of mapping Mind and Spirit to numbers in a way that the intellect can now measure and appreciate personal vibration. It may be classed as a form of metaphysics that explores the magical properties of numbers in relation to the human experience.


Answer:Your date of birth is unchangeable and generates a number that influences you for the rest of your life no matter your name. It is also referred to as your Life path Number.

A name can help balance your life path number out; it can also detract from or enhance its influence.


Answer:I would say a lack of important knowledge is the dangerous thing. Ignorance is anything but bliss. It’s just an accident waiting to happen. Numerology does not force you to do anything but merely shows you how other people perceive you from a vibrational point of view and provides a choice of whether to continue along that path or tweak the route to your desired destination in life.


Answer:Your experiences in life are a combination of different factors and most certainly the right name can influence your level of success most absolutely. What you need to bear in mind is your own particular mission on earth and not some other individuals’. As long as you are true to yourself and apply yourself in the right way and intensity, a name that vibrates towards luck, fame, wealth or success can only be a positive influence towards achieving those goals.

In conclusion naming your baby is one of the most important things you will do to help them establish an identity in society. The aim of this article has been to give you a tool that would enable you accomplish this task effectively and from an educated standpoint. This eradicates the drawing straws approach and frees your imagination to explore different alphabetical arrangements and combinations as well as number vibrations. Very few things are set in stone and your child could very well grow up and be led to adjust the name as the knowledge and practice of numerology sees resurgence. However you would have done the right thing by giving them what you thought was best after careful study and planning.

This knowledge also allows you to see ahead of time what to expect with certain names and gives you a certain level of preparedness. Ultimately you can apply numerology to your own name if you choose or to your enterprise. In summary I charge you to get used to the unique meanings and vibrations of the numbers, especially the ones that resonate amiably with yours or your child’s Life path number.

You can choose to apply this science to the everyday aspects of your personal life that involve numbers, which is much more than you could ever imagine. Have fun with it!

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