Not My Friend

Getting up and getting out
Have no mind so have no clout
Feeling old and smelling bold
Not sure if I’m hot or cold

Groggy eyes and snotty too
Tired veins are full of goo
Stumbling in bleary haze
Greasy skin and hair a maze

Turning round and turning bout
Foggy mind is full of doubt
Telling me is telling told
Words are dust I cannot hold

Cannot think and cannot do
Not sure what is even true
Pain in legs and eyes that blaze
Sounds in ears, my brain is crazed

Thrash about and break things down
Stub my toe and bash my crown
Coffee doesn’t help me wake
Oh, what on Earth will it take?

Morning time is here again
Morning time is not my friend
It never has I won’t pretend
Morning time is not my friend


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