Nobody Knows Anything Season 1 Episode 11

The Sopranos - Original air date: March 21, 1999 | Genres: Crime | Drama | Directed by: Henry J. Bronchtein - Previous EpisodeA Hit Is a Hit” - Next EpisodeIsabella

HBO's The Sopranos continues to keep viewers enthralled and on the edge of their seats as it inches closer to the wrap-up of Season 1 with Episode 11, Nobody Knows Anything. Card game and brothel busts, mixed with suicidal cops and disloyal crew members, makes this episode a major driving force behind a great series.

Episode Recap


Back Spasms and Fed Busts

It opens with Tony Soprano, Paulie, Big Pussy, along with Detective Vin Makazian enjoying a stimulating night in an upscale brothel with a bevy of prostitutes and a high-class madam. Suddenly, a male's scream grabs everyone's attention, one of the girls runs out of the room and yells to everyone that she thinks the man is having a heart attack. Everyone rush into the room to find Big Pussy on his back, moaning in pain. But, his friends and the madam are soon relieved when Big Pussy admits that he is not having a heart attack and that his back just went into spasms while he was getting his services.

Days later FBI agents burst into a local bar and bust up Big Pussy's card game and recover a load of illegal guns that are stashed away in a secret compartment under a pool table. Big Pussy attempts to make a run for it, but starts wheezing before he can turn the corner and walks right into the hands of another FBI agent. He, along with another of Tony Soprano's crew, Jimmy Altieri, are hauled off to jail and later released.

A Rat In The Crew

In the meantime Detective Makazian has called a one-on-one meeting with Tony, at an undisclosed location, to give him some crucial information. Makazian confesses that he has knowledge that Big Pussy is wearing a wire as an informant for the feds and is releasing facts about Tony's organization. Tony cannot believe what he is hearing because he considers Big Pussy a close friend who would never rat out the organization. But, Detective Makazian is adamant about his findings and has Tony second-guessing his friend's loyalty to the business. Tony, feeling hurt and betrayed, ponders over his next move. Later, he finds out from Silvio that Detective Makazian has a gambling problem and owes Big Pussy $30,000, which possibly motivated his meeting with Tony. Tony visits his shrink, Dr. Melfi, and asks her if it is possible for a person to have symptoms of certain ailments after they have been told by a doctor that nothing is wrong with them. She gives him the answer that he doesn't want to hear. Immediately, Tony delegates duty to Paulie to keep a close eye on Big Pussy anyway. He also grants Paulie permission to murder Big Pussy only if he sees the wire. Paulie invites Big Pussy to a steam bath facility, but after they get there, Big Pussy refuses the offer, saying that his blood pressure would spike and he could die. He gets extremely upset with Paulie and exits the building.

Detective Makazian has recently been released from jail, following a brothel raid. Now, humiliated and deep in debt, he decides to take the easy way out by throwing himself off the Donald Goodkind Bridge during rush hour traffic.

Later that evening, Jimmy Altieri is released from custody and pops up, uninvited, during dinnertime at Tony's house. Jimmy suggests a talk with Tony and they enter the basement. Suddenly, Jimmy starts discussing details of Tony's prior business dealings with the Colombians in a strange way. Tony becomes suspicious and concludes that Jimmy is the snitch and not Big Pussy. Tony runs to Bada Bing and lets Silvio and Paulie in on his discovery. But, now no one can get in touch with Big Pussy. Vehemently, Tony questions Paulie about Big Pussy's whereabouts, thinking that Paulie could have jumped the gun and murdered the big guy anyway.

The Big Hit

Uncle Junior visits Livia, Tony's mother, at Green Grove. She tells him that Tony and the other capos have admitted their mothers there and are having meetings on the regular. Junior becomes enraged and plots a hit on his nephew and organizes it with Chucky Signore and Mickey Palmice.

Special Occurences

This episode introduces Mickey Palmice's wife, JoJo Palmice and Chucky Signore, Junior Soprano's associate.


The music in this episode includes “Mickey's Monkey” by The Miracles, played during the open house and ends with “Manifold de Amour” by Latin Playboys during the end credits.


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