No Truth To The Rumor That Mitt Romney Vowed To Knock Out Evander Hollyfield's Big Black Butt

Written by Devtome contributor Bomac


If Mitt Romney had actually said (as one wanna be pundit has suggested) in reference to former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Hollyfield, that he was going to… “knock out his big black ass”, there is no doubt a lot more people would know about the strange exhibition boxing match for charity that is slated to go down on May 15, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Not since retired female wrestler, Chyna boxed Joey Buttafucco has such a bizarre boxing match been held. Romney, at 68, as evidenced in the photo above, keeps himself is excellent shape. As good as he looks, he pales in comparison to Hollyfield, 52 who is still rock solid.

Of course, the truth is, even if Hollyfield turned most of his muscles into fat, a trained ex champion only 52 years old is going to be able to beat up upon any 68 year old businessman. Romney's son, Josh, who works for the charity the fight is raising money for, says he would love to see his father get in some good punches, but he isn't counting on it.

Ann Romney, Mitt's wife, is expecting Mitt to come home bruised, but she says it will be worth it, to be able to meet Hollyfield, let alone raise the money for Charity Vision. For his part, Hollyfield has promised to take it easy while telling his opponent to throw as hard as he can, since he can take a punch. He even said he will try to make Mitt look good, which probably means he will not try to avoid getting hit.

As far as the person who started the racist sounding false quotation goes, I have to admit, it was me. I just thought it would be hilarious if Romney had said that, in an effort to generate a whirlwind of publicity. Yet, it could be the other way around. It could be that Hollyfield said that Romney was about to experience getting his lily white ass whipped for the second time in 3 years by a superior black challenger.

Where did I try to start the rumor? Well, actually right here in this post. By denying any truth to the rumor, I, in effect started it as I was quelling it. I'm sure half of the 4 people who go on to read this post will be offended. One will share my humor and realize there was no actual racism behind it, while the other one will be indifferent one way or the other.

For the two people who are offended, I can only offer the following advice: Take a chill pill, Bro's. I remember the time when people could joke about all kinds of things without being called out for being politically incorrect. Sportscaster Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali would get into tongue in cheek exchanges that today would be talked about with extreme judgement, and might even get Cosell suspended or terminated. The truth is, Ali encouraged these exchanges, and also would take it into racial territory. It was always great fun.

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