Nike Freerun 4.0 Review

I originally bought the Nike Freeruns as shoes for track so this review is more about running in them. Although these shoes are very comfortable for walking around the house also.

First Look

I decided to purchase them after hearing a few friends say how much they loved them. I purchased mine of of for around $90, you can get more expensive if you get the built in nike+ but unless you use it I would say stick with the cheaper ones. Shipping was relatively quick (a few days) with the standard shipping. After the unboxing I noticed how light they where. You would never even notice them on your feet. I also noticed they had flat laces (of which I am not a huge fan of.) Aside from the laces they where perfect!


Nike designed them to replicate barefoot running and thats exactly what you get. You barely notice them as you run in them and you feel a lot faster without the weight of heavy shoes.

Long Runs

I would defiantly not recommend these shoes for anything over two miles since there is very little support on these. You may injure yourself if you run far in these shoes.

Short Runs

I bought these for track and they where wonderful for the short distances. I felt lighter and could get better times. I never had a problem during track season in these guys.

Should You Buy It?

As much as I loved them for running I think you can get much better shoes for $90. I would reccomend a pair of Brooks or Sauconys since they provide more support for long distances.

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