How New Age Music Therapy is a Powerful Healing Method

More and more people are catching on to the powerful ways ‘New Age music’ (the literal Yanni type, to the more spiritually thoughtful types of meditative sounds across other types of music) can help heal the mind or even body. Music is now frequently used to help autistic or other challenged children with organizing their thoughts and social skills, for example, giving their minds a more supportive auditory environment in which to come more mentally collected. Some medical centers are even using this to expedite the healing of physical problems, such as speeding up physical rehab for injured patients. Music therapist Anna Driscoll, from Music Therapy in Motion, states “Music truly is the universal language. Whether or not we have the ability to communicate in the first place, music has the ability to bridge the gap. Music is able to express feelings we can’t ourselves.” New Age music particularly helps because of its ability to still the soul and bring the mind to a place more receptive peace and liberty. Millions have experienced that from listening to certain songs from a variety of genres, from folk rock to reggae, protest songs and other music for meditation.

The use of spiritual music of this type is growing more and more material dollars to support its use as a therapy. Music therapy organizations are getting more grants to sponsor performances that use the New Age music and similar soundscapes for a wide range of positive therapeutic uses, at venues as wide ranging as hospitals, and retirement homes, juvenile detention centers, nursing homes, halfway houses in prisons. “Music For All Seasons is very proud of its contributions over the past twenty-one years,” Director Brian Dallow states, “as we go about our work of healing through music in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and California.”

But hey, what about us challenged regular adults, don’t we need the same kind of healing for what we’ve been through? Well, what we can do is support the music artists who will give us this type of enriching sound, whether it goes under the rubric of New Age music, or other genres. We should financially support music for meditation whether it comes from Van Morrison, Enya or Garko. The private sector can match or exceed government subsidies in promoting deserving artists. It is hoped that this site contributes to adding to that archive of sponsored music that promotes the healing process.

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