Never Eat Alone

I was recently in the bookstore looking at different books in the business section. I came across one book that caught my eye. The cover was bright orange and the book was titled “Never Eat Alone”. The title to me was very intriguing. I stood there for a second and realized that I rarely eat alone except on the rare occasion at work. After flipping through the pages of the book I decided to buy it. I went home and started to read the book. It took me four evenings to read from cover to cover the 400 page book. I will now describe what the book was about.

In the book Never Eat Alone, author Keith Ferrazzi stresses the importance of creating a large network of people who can help and be helped by you. By having contacts across many different areas, he argues that you will be creating opportunities for generosity which will ultimately benefit you in ways that might not at first be apparent. The book begins by attempting to help the reader overcome the reluctance to reach out that many people have. Ferrazzi mentioned in the book how he offered to help people newly starting out in their fields with job interviews, introductions or internships, only to be rebuffed, because the recipients of his generosity didn't want to feel indebted to him. Ferrazzi goes on to stress the importance of creating connections precisely so that you will be able to help those who need it when you see an opportunity to do so without “keeping score.”

Ferrazzi goes on to offer strategies that will help you increase your personal and professional network. He advises on how to “do your homework” to make connections as well as keep a list of “aspirational names” of business leaders that you hope to meet one day. He also gives advice on how to make the dreaded “cold call” to make new connections and how to get around gatekeepers that are employed precisely to protect their bosses from people hoping to accomplish what I’m setting out to do.

Overall I was impressed with the book. There are some good messages to take from the book about building connections and helping yourself by helping others. I recommend this book mainly to new graduates entering the workforce or to those making a career change. It will give you the tools that you need to build a strong lasting network of professionals.

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