Never Be Sick Again Book Review

Raymond Francis, the author of Never Be Sick Again almost died when his body shut down due to toxic poisoning from chemicals in his environment. After medical science utterly failed him – doctors basically left him for dead – he decided to get to the bottom of his illness on his own.

What he came up with – including not just about what had happened to him and how he, seemingly miraculously, overcame it, but about how the human body works – has the potential to turn the world of medicine on its head, and to help people overcome deadly illnesses, as well as to prevent most bouts of sickness in general.

However, if this happens, it won't be because his discoveries are accepted by the medical realm. The medical establishment will fight with everything it has to try to prevent this information from gaining popular acceptance.

If it doesn't make sense to you that the medical establishment would be against people learning how to live their lives in good health, then you are obviously a very good person who does not understand how the world works – due to your own goodness, and your belief that everyone else is as intrinsically good as you are.

Yes, that is another way of saying you are naive, but it explains it in a more accurate way, that does not seem to be putting you down, because that is certainly not the way it is intended. Historically, evil people have flourished because good people just couldn't fathom the ways of their evil.

NOTE: There is a spiritual perspective that says that good and evil are both part of the same thing, and therefore, the good/evil paradigm is not truly accurate. This perspective does not label people as either good or evil, since it is simplistic and doesn't recognize that everyone is both good and evil.

This writer recognizes the validity of that point and realizes there are gradients to what we consider either good or evil, and that somebody we may think of as an evil person can do good things, and vice-versa.

The Rolling Stones touched upon this theme in, Sympathy For The Devil, when Jagger sang, “Every cop is a criminal and every sinner is a saint.” For the sake of this post, though, the writer is presuming that what the medical establishment has become is predominantly evil, even though there are some good aspects to it and many good doctors, nurses and other health practitioners that are still working in it.

Raymond Francis doesn't deal with such concepts in Never Be Sick Again. Therefore, please don't let this reviewer's forays into such subjective territory turn you off to his amazing and breathtakingly simple manual for perfect health, that everyone needs to read and understand. It would be a shame, and highly ironic, to reject his gift of insight into how to attain health due to an opinion that was not even stated by the author, but is that of a reviewer the author doesn't even know, who merely happens to be highly recommending the book.

However Francis is quite unequivocal that most doctors have very little understanding about how you can maintain your health. He agrees with so many other alternative health gurus that most of what doctors and hospitals have to offer are things you should stay away from – at least most of the time.

Allopathic (modern, westernized) medicine excels in trauma and emergency care. In those instances, certain powerful drugs and miraculous life saving surgeries are nothing less than Godsends. Yet on the other hand, probably 95% of the time, if not more, allopathy is the problem, rather than the solution.

When Francis focused his keen molecular biologist's mind into the condition of the human body and the state of medicine, he eventually came up with a rather original way of seeing things. In the Raymond Francis paradigm, there is only one disease. The hundreds (or maybe thousands) of diseases that medical researchers have either identified, labeled, or even just made up, are but symptoms of the one actual disease. Furthermore, there are only two causes for the disease, and there are six pathways to correct the two causes for the single disease.

It can not be argued that it is an infinitely easier way to look at health and disease. When you read the book, it is virtually impossible to not come away thinking that it is also an infinitely more powerful and accurate method for attaining and maintaining health.

The one disease is cellular malfunction. Your body is comprised of trillions of cells. When they are functioning properly, you are in perfect health.

The two causes of cellular malfunction are:

1) Deficiency: Cells are lacking something they should have

2) Toxicity: Cells have something they should not have

The six pathways to overcoming the two causes of the one disease are:

1) Nutrition

2) Toxin

3) Mental

4) Physical

5) Genetic

6) Medical

The Ray Francis paradigm, or as he calls it, the Beyond Health model, patently rejects the paradigm of western medicine. Francis says western medicine focuses on problems, rather than solutions – for instance, germs, viruses and bacteria, instead of the understanding that the body is equipped to deal with all of that when given the right stuff.

Francis disagrees with the way modern medicine breaks the body down into smaller and more specialized parts, that require more and more specialist doctors who often have trouble communicating with each other about the patient because their fields are so specialized.

In the simpler Beyond Health model, the concern is with the body as a whole, and how the various parts naturally work together when the six pathways are followed, which deal with the two causes (lack of nutrients & the presence of toxins) of the many expressions (all manner of mislabeled “diseases”) of the one true disease, (cellular malfunction.)

He also doesn't like how modern medicine seems to go out of its way to be difficult for people to understand. He believes that being responsible for your health should be simple. That is another distinction. Traditional medicine puts responsibility for ones health upon their health practitioners. Francis says there is ultimately only one person responsible for your health; you.

Let's break down the six pathways to health in the Beyond Health model:


One of the two causes of all disease is deficiency. One of the main areas of deficiency is nutrients.

Malnutrition is the leading cause of disease in the United States, and many (if not most) other nations in the world. The foods we eat simply do not have the nutrients our cells need.

Very few people eat in such a manner that they can get the nutrients their cells require just from food alone. Most people in the US today eat predominately processed foods, devoid of nutrition, and sadly, filled with toxins.

Even foods you would think that are healthy and nutritious, like fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store, often have little nutritional value (for a number of reasons, including the fact that the soil they were grown in no longer has the trace elements that are needed). They are also grown with highly toxic pesticides and are often treated with toxic preservatives.

You would be shocked to realize that a good portion of the “fresh” produce you consume has been sitting in warehouses for months, and even a year or more. The longer they sit, the more time the pesticide have to soak through any protective skin it might have and get into the pulp you will eat.

It is good to eat certified organic food, and to not cook most of it, because cooking robs the food of nutrients. However, in the modern world, it is still advisable to supplement your diet, even a virtual total organic, raw food diet, with good nutritional supplements.

The problem is that most supplements are actually fairly worthless. Knowing which supplements to consume is crucial for your way to health via the nutrition pathway. The supplements should be made up of whole foods, organic, non genetically modified organisms.

The basic supplement foundation should include a multiple vitamin/mineral/trace element product, a mega dose of vitamin C, and also essential fatty acids.


If you recall, toxicity is one of the two causes of all disease.

The toxin pathway is about lightening the load; getting the toxins out of your body, which means, out of the trillions of cells that comprise your body. Below, are some of things that toxins do:

  • Interfere with cell chemistry
  • Damage DNA
  • Get in the way of hormonal activity
  • Disable critical enzymes
  • Signal disease genes to turn on
  • Block intercellular communication
  • Wreak all kinds of havoc on various organs

We are being bombarded with toxins from industry, manufacturing and the modern world we live in, in general. Toxins are cumulative. The use of a toxin that might not be harmful at any particular time, will accumulate over a period of time, and get to the point where it suddenly becomes harmful to your cells, as your body is no longer able to protect you from it.

Rare is the doctor who recognizes the accumulation of toxins as the reason for illness. They will almost never even ask you about the chemicals you are using or otherwise exposed to in your day to day life. It is up to you to be aware of toxins and do something about them.

To protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • Take action to lower your existing toxic load
  • Take action to avoid additional toxic exposure
  • Take action to support your body's natural detoxification system

To accomplish this, be cognizant of toxins and look for natural alternatives. One incredibly simple yet tremendously impactful action you can take is switching to steam cleaning for most of your household (or work) cleaning needs. There are inexpensive steam cleaning units that you can use, that will clean up virtually anything you can think of, without exposing your cells to all manner of truly disgusting toxins, while saving you a lot of money annually.

Baking soda is great for cleaning all kinds of things, as well as for brushing your teeth. Essential oils can be used for fragrance, both for your rooms, and your person. When you buy clothes, look for natural fibers. Are you starting to get the idea?

Foods that are good for detoxification include whole, fresh, organic foods; especially veggies like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, garlic, onions, radishes & leeks. Juicing these whole foods increases the nutrient and detoxification value.

You should also exercise, especially rebounding, which improves your lymph fluid circulatory system. (Look up rebounding to learn about the amazing health benefits of both, using this simple piece of exercise equipment, as well as the importance of improving your lymph flow.)

Drink a lot of purified water; roughly a half an ounce a day per pound of body weight. (150 pounds equals 75 ounces of water a day.)

Take saunas regularly. Living in the petroleum age, our bodies have large amounts of oil soluble toxins. Saunas have become a necessity.


This might be the most powerful and least appreciated of all the pathways.

Do a search for PLACEBO EXPERIMENTS, and click on several of the links. You just might be amazed by what you learn about the power of the mind.

You probably know that placebos are fake medicine (empty capsules, or capsules with inert ingredients) that experimenters give to people who believe it's real medicine. In many cases, the body of the subjects taking the placebos, respond in some incredibly, near miraculous ways, all due to the mental pathway of their belief and expectation regarding the “medicine.”

Francis doesn't mention this (that I can remember, at least), but the opposite side of this coin is if someone believes they are taking a poison, their body can manifest sickness. There are examples where large numbers of people, falsely believed they were exposed to food poisoning, and hence, they manifested some fairly extreme food poisoning symptoms.

Francis says that if you dwell on the illness or symptom, rather than the solution or your desire for wellness, you can create more illness and symptoms. Your attitudes, perceptions and beliefs can go a long way toward healing you or hurting you. Make no mistake, they affect you at the cellular level.

You could be effectively dealing with both causes for all disease, to the point of not being physically deficient or physically toxic, but still be mired in bad health, due to your negative mental state. That is how powerful the mental pathway is.

Conversely, you can use the mental pathway to positively affect your health and a lot more than that in your life. There really is power in positive thinking, but it needs to be accompanied by goal setting, visualization and daily action steps.

Spend time reading and listening to various self help and human transformation experts. There are a lot of them out there, including many that will appeal to you. Meet and have fellowship with people of like mind.


Of the six pathways to dealing with the two causes of the one and only disease, the physical pathway is the most easily understood.

Physical activity keeps you feeling and looking young. The lack of exercise has the exact opposite effect. Exercise resets and regulates your body's metabolism (fat burning) as well as its function of creating beneficial biological chemicals.

You don't even have to exercise hard, or all that long. Start with slow walking for 20 minutes a day. When you are ready, you can work up to brisk walking for 40 minutes daily.

You'll be surprised how much weight you will lose and how much better you'll feel. (By the way, a 2 year study showed that walkers who listened to music, stuck to their routines more than those who don't listen to music, and consequently, lost twice as much weight.)

The best exercise is rebounding. Rebounders are miniature trampolines. Most mini trampolines are not rebounders though. Rebounders cost more, and they are looser, than the tight, almost non existent bounce you get from a cheap mini trampoline.

You can expect to pay three to four hundred dollars for a rebounder. It might be the best money you ever spend. As little as 15 minutes a day can make a big difference in your weight, shape and health.

Getting sunlight is a crucial part of the physical pathway. The media has brainwashed us to be afraid of the sun, but the truth is we need sunlight for physical and even emotional/mental well being.

Sunlight gives your immune system the boost it needs and helps to lower blood sugar and balance hormones at the same time. It's helps you to physically be able to handle stress, reduces the rate of your resting heart beat and helps detoxify your system via your skin.

It produces natural vitamin D – which, much to the chagrin of the crooked Food & Drug Administration, that works with the medical system to try to prevent us from becoming healthy – has been proven to prevent numerous diseases including cancer, multiple sclerosis and many others.

It's true, you can get too much sunlight at one time, just like you can eat too much food (including dense nutrient food) at once, but it's just plain wrong to be afraid of the sun and try to constantly avoid it. Get some sunlight daily if you want to be healthy.

Francis presents a shocking statistic. 96% of the nutrients your body uses day in and day out come not from beverages y drink, food you eat, or supplements you take. Can you guess where 96% of your body's nutrients come from?

If you said the sun, you guessed well, but you are wrong. It's from the air you breathe. Yes, oxygen is our main nutrient. It's the main nutrient for our trillions of cells. That is why Francis says it is crucial to do deep breathing exercises outdoors, (as opposed to indoors.)

He offers an experiment. When you next feel either tired or hungry, go outside and do some deep breathing work for a few to several minutes. Then notice how you feel. He says you will likely not feel as hungry or as tired. Oxygenating the cells is an important part of the physical pathway.


“By definition, a gene is a sequence of DNA that determines an inherited characteristic. Genes determine such fixed factors as eye and hair color, and is transferred from one generation to another. In addition to characteristics, such as hair color, we also have genetic predispositions. These could include a predisposition to cancer, gum disease, insulin resistance, or obesity” – Raymond Francis

The genetic pathway is probably the most perplexing of the pathways for most individuals. People often tend to feel like a victim to their gene pool. They use it as an excuse, as in, “It just runs in the family.”

Genetic predisposition does run in the family, but we have a lot of control over whether the predisposition is ever actually expressed. Our environment acts as instruction signals to our genes, having an effect on whether they are going to be manifested or not. Genes don't guarantee anything. They simply indicate of potential for something.

We can make lifestyle choices that have an effect on keeping certain aspects of our genes' potential dormant. It's helpful to know our family medical history to the extent that we know what to watch out for, but if we are living healthy lifestyles, following the six pathways, then for the most part, we don't even need to know our genetic potentials.

We should protect our genes. One way to do that is by limiting their exposure to radiation. Xray and other medical machines, have a lot of radiation that we should be mindful of. While Francis doesn't mention this, the truth is that the naked body scanners in US airports have too much radiation to be safe, and really should be avoided.

Limiting exposure as best we can to electromagnetic frequencies is another way to protect our genes. Following all the pathways has a protection effect on our genes. That includes limiting toxic exposure, detoxification, a nutrient rich diet, good supplements, exercise, purified water, positive attitude, etc., etc. They all have positive implications for, and work to help the genetic pathway.


Francis says the the medical pathway could very well be the most challenging for most of us because of the belief that has been instilled into us about doctors always being right. He wants us to know, that is certainly not the case, and believing that it is true can and will lead to all kinds of trouble.

For acute medical conditions, trauma, accidents, heart attacks, doctors have their place. However for chronic illness and disease, they are clueless due to their training, which is all about making the medical establishment money, rather than making people healthy.

Doctors primarily use drugs. Drugs don't cure anything. They mask symptoms and usually cause other problems. Doctors are trained to, “manage” illnesses. You don't need your illnesses managed, in other words, to be kept sick. You need the illnesses gone by giving your body what it needs and taking away what it doesn't need to provide the environment conducive to healing.

Instead of attacking your body with toxic drugs & invasive surgery, give it the nutrients its crying out for and the detoxification it desperately requires. The model of conventional medicine doctors are educated in is literally a century behind the times. That is a big reason why people are less healthy than ever.

Virtually nothing doctors know how to do has anything to do with solving chronic health problems. They can save your life for acute conditions, but that is only a miniscule percentage of actual health care. Many people will go all their lives with no acute problems; meaning that in reality, they never should have seen a medical doctor, who only made things worse with her inappropriate drugs and surgeries.

Francis reminds us:

1) Never surrender control of your health decisions to anyone, especially a doctor with their outmoded educations, tools and paradigms.

2) Ask doctors what the alternatives are to the drugs or surgeries they may be recommending (as well as the risks and side effects), and never be afraid to get other opinions, including opinions of health practitioners that are not medical doctors.

3) Remember that it's better to seek Ultimate Healthcare (Beyond Health) over Conventional Medicine.

Never Be Sick Again gives case history after case history of people who were on the cusp of death, who medical science had given up on, who followed his advice, and are now living long and health-filled lives. The author has an amazing ability to be able to ask people who would come to him, in a very ill condition, a number of questions about their habits, diets, etc., and then hone in on the most urgent pathway to be addressed. However, you do not need a personal coaching session from him, if you follow his simple plan.

I don't mean to make it sound like you have to be deathly sick to get tremendous benefit from the Beyond Health model. Far from it. Francis also has countless thousands of adherents who were never extremely ill, but who swear by the protocol he sets forth is this revolutionary, exciting and extremely practical book.

If you are at all interested in being healthy and helping others to do the same, then you can't go wrong to read this book and take it to heart.

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