Neutiquam Erro - Chapter Five

Based on a true story, this work has been in progress for 10 years. Alongside the stories are the poems, songs and artwork that have accompanied the journey of a child.

Neutiquam Erro is Latin and translates in English to “I am not lost at all”.


Love Eternal

In days of old 'neath ancient skies
A memory of true love lies
A golden ring, a band of troth
A promise made and kept by both

Each to love till end eternal
Through peace and war and wild inferno
Through many lives each chance to meet
Passed unnoticed in the streets

And blessed moments throughout time
When these hearts each other find
Connected By a sliver thread
Woven when their hearts were wed

This promise made so long ago
Strong enough to draw them both
A twinkle in the others eye
And both remember ancient skies

But many times the memory fades
And true loves song is written again
Another life another name
The spirit within calls the same

This dance continues throughout time
I am yours and you are mine
I may not even know your name
Or I may have met you and missed it again

We may have touched on silver nights
We may have filled each others sight
But the promise continues till time will end
And we will be together again.


Love is a strange and curious thing…

It has bought countries to their knees and raised peasants to kings, It has caused more debate over the human condition than any other single emotion and it is the driving force behind some of the greatest Minds and Souls of our times.

For her, romantic love was a fantasy people on TV lived. She married at 18 the first time and made no secret to her fiancé that she was marrying him because she had decided to marry the next guy who asked. He replied that she would “love him in time” She probably did on some level. She certainly never wished him harm until he proved a danger to her children.

Their abuse was the only thing that would have caused her to break her vows, their right to innocence more important and she ran. She ran as far as she could go she took her babies as far as possible from the monster that dared call himself their father.


Love and Hate, such fine lines.

For a moment she thought perhaps he was Witch and using some magic… and after they had been introduced she spent the next half hour studying this man who could so easily take her breath away. They barely spoke but within weeks they were spending every night together.

Both too burned and shy to make any kind of move, they worked for hours on a computer/video project together. Her other students only took four hours; he managed to make it last four months until finally a four-hour kiss sealed her fate and they became lovers. Passionate, lost in each other, lovers.

Without a Sound

Within each droplet, bright and round
A cascade of so many memories crowd
Sweet words spoken in hushed tones,
Silly things like skipping stones..
A precious moment shared alone
A welcome smile, welcome home

Within each droplet, bright and round,
A myriad of remembered sounds
A laugh, at something two could see
A Child's squeal, unbridled glee
An Owl, a message from on high
On wings of Watchers in the night

And as each droplet, bright and round
Falls unhampered to the ground
I wonder if you'll be ok?
As you wake to face the day
I wonder if you'll speak my name?
or never say it aloud again?

Will you know in years to come?
No matter what you have my love?
I know you feel you need to go
And maybe you’re right, I don’t know
Each droplet falls, bright and round.
I weep for us, without a sound.


There is a little farm in the outback where the owls used to live. They lived there because she did. For as long as she could remember, tawny frogmouth owls had made their home around her. They have been messengers, guardians and even protectors of her, appearing when least expected and staring intently.

She loved the mango farm. The owls used to wait until she drove up to the gate, often almost sunrise. They would then fly along side her car, settling in the branches above where she parked, like a guard of honour delivering her home. She always felt reassured that they watched over her little brood while she was away working, and when she came home, they handed the reins back to her in some way. With everyone else asleep, they were her welcome home party each night and she felt their absence deeply on the few nights they were not there.

They even accompanied her into town. She felt so sorry for them, she didn’t wish such a wonderful wild bird to live in the city, but sure enough, just to reassure her the universe was watching over, a pair had settled in the tree next to her home within days of moving in.

When she left to move into town they hurled themselves at the window back at the farm over and over until her ex partner called her and asked her to call them off. He even took pictures of one of them glaring at him.

She knew they loved her. For a reason only they know, they accompany her and she is honoured.

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