Negative thoughts hinder success

Days before the big race, two contenders, both 100m sprinters, are talking to each other. The one says “I can’t win this race because I didn’t practice enough and I’m competing against some big names and professional sprinters”. The other says “I’m going to win this race”. When the big day arrives, both of them lose, but the guy who said “I can win” got fourth place and the guy who said “I can’t win” came in at last position. As you can see, the guy with the positive outlook got much better results than the one with the negative attitude. This is how it is in every aspect of our lives. It proves that negative thoughts are no good and will definitely hinder any progress you want to make in your life. Anger, hate, jealousy, worry, frustration, confusion and fear are all components of the negative mind, making just one simple goal difficult to achieve and hindering success. There is no success in a negative mind. One needs to attain peace and calmness in the mind in order to encourage positive thoughts. Normally one finds it very difficult to manage and control the mind. Sometimes, one may feel that the mind is similar to a balloon, blown by the wind, taken to any direction and circumstance the wind takes it. This is also called a “grasshopper mind” – one that constantly “jumps” around from one thought to another and cannot concentrate on one topic. When things are going well, the mind is contented, but when things go wrong in your life, instantly the mind becomes very unhappy. Because the mind and one’s emotions are connected, a disturbance in one will distract the coordination and harmony of the two. For instance, when one gets the result or the relationship that he wants, such as a partner, a job promotion or a new car, you bond to it very tightly. However, if these possessions and relationships are uncontrollable, the moment that one is separated from you, it causes so much pain. And all the negative emotions cause chaos and unhappiness. Such mood fluctuations arise for the main reason that one is closely attached with the outside situation. However, when the mind is relaxed, one makes an inner room and clearness which enables one to control and manage the mind despite the external situation.

This is why meditation practice is so important each day. Grab a book on the topic or look it up on the internet. There’s tons of information out there and will show you how to relax your body, clear your mind of thoughts and get into a quiet, peaceful, sleepy state. This is also the perfect time to imprint any positive mental pictures of yourself as well as positive affirmations. When your mind is in this state (moving into subconscious levels) it’s open to suggestion, so make sure you “plant” positive “seeds” only! Gradually one develops mental balance, which is a state of the mind that is happy and positive always; confused minds move back and forth between despondency and excitement. In meditation, one can achieve a peaceful and calm mind that is free of worries and anxiety, so one can experience happiness, encouraging and attracting positive behavior. A negative mind, only attracts negative feelings and behavior, therefore it is a barrier to setting and achieving goals. With a negative outlook, one will have a hard time experiencing happiness, even when one is already in the best of circumstances. Constant meditation trains the mind to gradually be more and more cheerful and peaceful, eventually experience balance and happiness, being able to stay positive even in the most complicated or worst situations. This is a state of mind that is very crucial to achieving success. The mind is like a station, sending out energy or power signals (your beliefs and thoughts). These energy and power patterns are then grasped by the subconscious mind that is responsible for creating the circumstances, situations and events to assist one in achieving what one’s beliefs, thoughts and goals are. The subconscious mind never distinguishes what is bad or good for you. It only acts on what instructions it receives from the conscious mind, meaning what your thoughts and beliefs are. So be careful of your dominant thoughts throughout the day. So while there is that desire in you that you want to accomplish a certain goal, if you do not truly believe and truly trust that will be able to, constantly thinking about the reason why you cannot achieve something rather than why it will be easy for you to do it, then you will be sending instruction to your “subconscious mind” to establish certain circumstances in which it will be difficult for you to accomplish your goals.

This is the reason why negative thoughts should be eliminated and only entertain positive thoughts, all the time. Constant positive affirmations likewise attract positive situations, and influence the subconscious to create a situation favorable to you. Affirmations are positive thoughts spoken with great trust, faith and absolute power that what you say, you will accomplish. Remember, first and foremost to keep a focused mind and never entertain negative thoughts. However, should a negative thought enter your mind, block it off with positive thinking and never affirm it. Like the negative mind, verbal affirmations can greatly affect your attitude towards accomplishing your goals. Never be a prisoner of the chaos in your mind. Release all those hurts, frustration and anger that you feel deep inside. Look at the world from a different point of view and believe that you can accomplish anything as long as you have faith in you that you can. There is no success in negativity, and negativity will not lead to success. It is balancing the mind, releasing all stress that the mind feels, letting go of all negative thoughts and making a clear image of the life that you want to live. Start practicing meditation, affirmations and visualization today and start your journey towards success and happiness!

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