NBA Tankers

There has been a lot of buzz around the 2014 NBA Draft. It is considered by some to be potentially the best draft since the 2003 NBA Draft that featured Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as top five picks. Some of the players receiving the most attention in the 2014 NBA Draft are Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Dante Exum, Julius Randle and Joel Embiid. NBA team executives have been talking about this draft since the 2013 NBA Draft. There is a question that some are asking. Is the 2014 NBA Draft worth all of the hype that it is receiving? Some say yes and others say no.

One basketball executive thinks that “Not a single player at the top of the 2014 draft is now a sure thing”. Another basketball executive says that “One thing the draft does not have is obvious superstars. The class is realistically hyped and is without a doubt one of the deeper ones in recent memory.” The depth is what intrigues some teams.

On the other side one writer feels that the 2014 NBA Draft class is “Burgeoning with talent, the 2014 draft class could easily surpass the talent of any of the draft classes from the past decade.” All of this has caused some teams like the Lakers, Celtics and Sixers, traditionally good teams to change their approach this year. The Lakers and Celtics have lost more than they normally do in a season. The Sixers traded away solid NBA players in Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner in an effort to stockpile 2014 draft picks and land one of the top 5 prospects. Their current roster struggles to compete night in and night out. Yet the team still charges fans the same price as if the team was competitive and was trying to win. This is unethical business at its finest. The new NBA Commissioner was asked about tanking teams and he calls it rebuilding not tanking. Over the years there have been lots of hyped players. Some have become stars like Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Others have fizzled and become benchwarmers like Greg Oden and O.J. Mayo. Will all of the top players being hyped in the 2014 NBA Draft become solid NBA players? Perhaps some will, but the odds are against that being the case. There likely will be one or two players who will be a bust. With that being the case, is it worth breaking apart your established team to chase a potential star? That is up to the team. I believe this is a form of playing the lottery and if the fans support this approach then in my opinion should be the way to go. If the fans feel the opposite the teams should try to strengthen the teams they have with established players that can be counted on to deliver victories today.



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