Nature Gardening Can Be Fun and Highly Yielding

Gardening means not just planting greenery around, but it means bringing nature closer to man. It’s actually an organized way of bringing in nature where man may find soothing peace, and a nice environment. Nature gardening is actually a whole new and nice concept, that is in practice now for some time, and is being broadly dragged into practice by environmentalists, who know the importance and need of nature and flora and fauna in man’s life.

Now, when you wake up every day, do you expect to hear the chirping of birds, the croaking of frogs in a rainy day and the small tapping sound on wood by a woodpecker? If you think carefully, these are quite natural sounds of our healthy natural surroundings, which used to be a part of our natural life a few years back. But now, we find these sounds diminishing. Birds do not chirp the way they used to do. Frogs, hedgehogs, snails all have found their places but quite away from man. The purpose of nature gardening is to bridge this gap.

Gardening Is Possible In A Very Small Space Too

When you are planning to do nature gardening, then you must know that any space is well enough for nature gardening, and you can plan anything within a small one roomed apartment as well. While gardens can be as big as planned of and any big space can be well decorated and planned to make a great garden, it is again not at all an impossible task to set up a small garden in a small 1ft by 1ft space.

Flats have little space, but any small space can be well utilized if you know the right things needed. Ivy or twining plants that grows fast makes a great garden environment when grown on grills or pieces of rod in the gardening space. Such setups add to the greenery instantly, and make gardening possible in a very short time.

The space is actually not a problem in gardening, and there are many such fast growing plants, which will add to the greenery, in a very short period, and would yield fruits and flowers too.

Fruits And Flowers Should Be Yielded

The importance of fruits and flowers in your nature garden is immense. If there are not enough good fruits to munch on, then small animals won’t make it their home, and won’t drop in to feed on them. Flowers also play the same role by attracting flies, bees, and other nectar loving insects and birds. Thus the role of fruits and flowers is vital, as they give the garden the life by adding to its business.

Proper Environment To Support Life

Together with the need of food and offerings for birds, insects etc, there must be the proper environment to allow other animals like hedgehogs find their way inside your garden. Hedgehogs love bushes, and bushy pathways to move around. If they get that bushy feel inside your garden, then they will love the place.

Piles of rotten leaves, dead twigs and logs, all have their own importance in creating the perfect nature garden environment. In fact you must deliberately make such places so that the little animals may get a nice place to live and get some good food. Such environment is perfect for a warm stay, and breeding of some creepy insects that will be the best loved food for the birds and squirrels.

It’s actually the comfortable environment only that makes the nature garden a hit, and a hot spot for the flourishing of nature on its own way.

Adding A Pond To The Nature Garden

Earlier when you did gardening, you may not have considered adding a pond, as your trees and plants all get their part of water through their roots, and through good amount of watering. But the pond is not for watering. It has a different purpose. It is to make sure that the nature garden gets the perfect environment, where frogs and other life may breed, or get the support of water to stay active. The ponds play a vital role in gardening.

You may set up a pond in a small space as a box window, or a small balcony too. The only things you will need are some old unused sink or metal box, which you may mold a little by placing some stone chips at the bottom, and adding water to it. Any big, old utensil, or a box that is not used, is fit for this purpose. Frogs will be able to swim in it, birds will be able to get some drinking water here, and you may also cultivate some fish egg which can be good food for birds and frogs etc.

Make A Nest For The Birds

Making a nest for a bird can be a great way to attract in more birds. If the garden is still in development, then all trees would not be full grown, and then you may fit a nest made by logs or small wooden planks, so that birds may find a nice place to stay close by. A pond and a nest would be a nice way to connect to birds. Birds would require food too, and they will get worms and insect from the piles of rotten twigs and leaves.

Creating The Overall Effect

Planting annual plants in the garden is good. Seasonal fruits and plants are good, as seasonal plants would give the yield of seasonal fruits, and also adds to the aesthetic value of the nature garden. Besides small shrubs and plants, you may also use some herbs in garden. Herbs are a great way to start with kitchen gardening, and if you have a good space for gardening, then one place can be dedicated to kitchen gardening only, where you will grow all seasonal veggies and fruits etc.

There are lots of plants that grow fast, and you may choose them over the lengthy growing plants to populate your nature garden as fast as possible in the initial days.

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