Mystic Brain Flatulence – Fear and Shadow

I would like to welcome you, dear reader, to the random things that spew out of my mind. Please keep your hands inside the mental vehicle at all times. Enjoy the ride!

Authors Note

Sometimes I find myself talking to somebody on the Internet and say something which makes me think, “this isn't bad stuff. Maybe I should publish it?” From this thought, my new series Mystic Brain Flatulence is born. This is reformatted for improved readability but is otherwise presented in its original form.


Yeah, it's hard to explain; probably because we have so much confusion pushed at us all the time simple things become unclear so difficult to articulate. It's okay to fear. To not fear is the height of insanity. It's not okay to act out of fear. Anger and hatred are secondary emotions of fear. If you find you anger or hate the question one can ask oneself is, “what am I afraid of?' Then you can ask yourself if there is a different way you can think about things which will help you manage that fear.


Furthermore, we all have a shadow but it's not evil unless we either try to deny/suppress it or choose to allow it to manifest in destructive ways. If you can think of it like an “inner child” then you can allow it to manifest in creative so not harmful ways. Am I articulating this well?

Hatred of Evil

As for, hatred of evil itself, regardless of what you are hating you are having a fear reaction. Before acting one should ask oneself, “am I doing this out of fear or out of love?” Okay? But it gets a little more complicated.

Interspecies Predators

Some people, interspecies predators, cannot accept love. Loving them will actually trigger a disgust reaction toward you. Basically, you can't just show such a being love and expect it will transform them in some beneficial way. It will only open you up to more harm. However, what they really want, which you do not want to give them, is fear and hatred. They feed of such emotions. So, even with psychos, the idea is to act out of love not fear; it just doesn't necessarily loving the unlovable. Is this making any sense?

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