Mystery of the "Why Organic Without Local Is Problematic" Article

Put simply: I don't know who wrote it. Usually I am able to click “What links here” on the left side of the page and it will show me the user. I find this extraordinarily helpful in determining my favorite writers and who I feel comfortable promoting.

Important Article

By my estimation, the article in question is quite important. The article illustrates problems and suggests a mind-set necessary to implement solutions. The topic is central to some of the most important issues of today. It covers an area which is relevant to our economic situation and health concerns. With out-of-control centralized power & control wielded by corporations and governments, destructive practices of today, as well as an exploding health crisis, this sort of information is vital to the future of humanity.

My Hypothesis

I haven't tested this yet, but I think the mystery may exist because the article wasn't posted on it's creator's user page. I am not claiming to be a computer expert but this is the only guess I can come up with. If this is the case; please post the article to your user page.

Your article should be linked to your user page so that...

  1. Those who this article attracts can see your other work.
  2. You can get recognition for bringing attention to other important issues.
  3. You can get devcoin for your efforts.
  4. Others aren't tempted to get credit for your work.
  5. Someone else isn't tempted to get paid for the article.
  6. I don't get to justify writing articles like this.

Side Note

Remember you can link an article to multiple categories it is clearly relevant to. I believe this could be relevant to economics, ecology, and probably more. This may make it easier for people to find your article when browsing through the site by category.

Hope This Was Helpful

Thank you for your indulgence. I hope I helped. Have a fantastic day and a wonderful content-creation experience :-)


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