My Visit to an Art Museam

I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts. When I first thought about going I was extremely disappointed because I find art to be rather boring. I really didn’t want to drive to Detroit, and then spend two hours or so wandering around a museum looking at things that other claimed were art. Eventually I did make my way down there though, and it was a bit different than I thought it was going to be.

The first area that I walked through was the Native American art. I found most of this to be extremely boring, but some of it was pretty cool. I liked some of the really old things, but didn’t really care for the newer stuff. After that was my least favorite part. I have no idea what this section of the museum was called, but much of the art looked like I would’ve be capable of creating it. I didn’t really understand why it was in a museum, or why it was considered art. I’ve seen my friends draw more interesting and higher quality things, but they aren’t in a museum. After leaving that section, any hopes I’d had of enjoying myself were gone.

Old Art is Better

Upon entering the next section of the museum I went from extremely bored and unsatisfied to very interested. I don’t know what the area was called, but it featured very high quality old paintings and sculptures from the 1450s to the 1600s. Some of the paintings were so high quality they looked like photographs. It was really cool to see some of these in person. I liked the sculptures even more. To think that someone was able to sculpt something like that so long ago boggles my mind. Today, even with advanced tools, equipment, and techniques I would have no prayer of making something so realistic looking. Even If I were to spend years working on it, it would never look as good as something that these people did 500 years ago with only their hands and some crude tools. The museum experience was starting to get much more entertaining.

Much of the remaining parts of the museum were very similar to the last part. The time period and area of origin may have changed slightly, but the art was still very intriguing. Later on in the museum I came to an area filled with really awesome looking armor. I really enjoyed looking at the armor, and some of the weapons they also had. I spent a long time in there just staring at them, thinking about how people used to actually like that. Time seemed to be moving faster, and I had to make my way over to look at Rembrandt’s stuff, or I would miss my chance.

Back to Hating Art Politics

When I got in to actually look at all of Rembrandt’s stuff I was extremely disappointed. Some of it was pretty neat, but most of it looked worse than stuff I saw throughout the museum. Most of it was also not interesting to me. It seems like the guy only painted religious stuff. Pretty much all of his paintings were of Jesus. I probably should’ve figured, considering the exhibition was titled: “Rembrandt, The Faces of Jesus.” I think the thing that confused me most about this section, like the section at the start was why these were considered special. There were artists who painted more skillfully, and painted much more thought provoking things throughout the whole museum, but this artist, for whom I had paid extra to see, was considered elite. I really did enjoy myself at the museum as a whole, but things like this really confuse me, and make me not like art as a whole. To me, it’s like someone could paint the best thing in the world, and try to show everyone. Everyone would look and go “Ohhh wow Timmy that looks great.” and then they would walk away. However, when some art “Expert” comes along and says that he loves it, and then hangs it in a museum it becomes special. Why if someone painted something that is so thought provoking, inspiring, and downright awesome, do people not realize it until some famous art collector says that it is, like I’m assuming happened with Van Gogh considering he died before he became famous. That is my biggest gripe with art, and other than that issue I have with understanding why people view some things as amazing, and equally good things as just okay, I really did like the museum, but I probably won’t go to another unless it’s the Louvre or something.

How Art Could Be

If only people cared enough about art to look at it themselves and decide if it is quality work or not, if it interests them and evokes emotion that they benefit from art could be so much more than some snobby art experts stating that seemingly random works of art are special because of reason x and then everyone being drawn the their decision. It is such a social phenomenon to me that people can't make decision for themselves as to what is special or interesting. People need to stop following the herd mentality of oh, other people like this so I will like it too. This mentality is flawed and leads to manipulation and control of our likes and dislikes and allows for good artists to go unnoticed and not be able to survive off of their fantastic works while other artists that happen to know or be liked by the experts to get all of the fame and attention. Next time you go to an art museum please make decisions for yourself on what you consider the best art and heck, for that matter don't even go to a museum if you don't want, you can do it right at home online or at a local art fair because 99% of the best art in the world never makes it into any museum!


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