I call her my teddy bear because she exhibited all the innocence that comes with a young teenage girl. As young and beautiful as she was, she was blessed with intelligence too. I got to know her through a friend who was equally attracted to her and he could not find the right words to penetrate her heart. I was greeted on the street by my friend who goes “hey I wan give you some girl, she be too known! I wan make you run am give me”. Those were the exact words of the man who gave a precious teddy. Initially, I thought it was all a game, trying to let my friend know I got all the vibes to tame her arrogant admirer. I was given the phone number of a woman I have never talked or seen in my entire life. How do I start? How do I get her to stay on the phone to talk to me?

Experience they say is very important, I must confess when comes to women I know what it takes to put a smile on their face and even make them laugh loud and cry with sweet tears.

As predicted, my first call was smooth and got her slightly convinced that she actually gave me her attention. As days passed with my regular calls she got extremely excited about me and still not knowing who I really was. We had a lot of continuous phone conversations, morning, afternoons and late nights. We always have something to talk about and that gave us both an impression that we have a lot in common.

All I wanted was to see that pretty and intelligent woman that I always get to speak with almost every night. I smiled when she finally told me; she will come see me at my place. I was excited waiting for the woman who had caught my attention and touched my heart.

I heard a soft knock on the door and my heart jumped, throbbing with excitement. I opened the door and from that moment I decided in my heart not to call her Stephanie but my sweet teddy bear. She beamed with excitement and said “hello”. Like a dream come true, Ewuradwoa as I usually call her was sitting on my bed so beautiful and behaving shyly like a true 16 years old girl. I was so attracted to her and the thought of kissing her wet lips got me weak before her.

We talked and talked, eyes locked and the feeling was getting tensed. As young as she was, she got me excited with the kind of songs she listens to and also got her pants wet with my kind of movies I watch. I was hard up for her and took my man out and shyly she presses her hands on her face and looked away to the window. I realized it was a child play and I knew she wanted it as much as I do. We got entangled with each other and kissed and slowly undressed my teddy bear. She can simply be described as a woman with a beautiful skin, well-shaped apple breasts with an enticing attractive belly button.

Weeks passed and we met again and the sweet relationship got so much into me. For once I was falling in love and eventually was in love with her. I made a mistake of falling in love with a young teenager who still enjoys the fantasies of this world. She was not ready to love now but to explore the little things that every man can give. I was at work when she called to tell me, she been unfaithful to me and hence she need a break from the relationship. I was hurt, because at that point I realized I lost my teddy bear.

Months passed and we eventually stop communicating as it usually happens in every breakup. In my own little world I missed her everyday day because I was used to talking to her every night and I missed that.

Down to a year we started talking again and laughing over all the hurts. Everything was as new as before. She told me about her new man and seeks advice on issues concerning her relationship. It was good knowing my teddy bear is back as a friend but within my heart I was jealous that another man has the woman that I truly loved.

She eventually was a grown woman now and in the university. Proud as I was to see all her dreams coming to past. All I wanted was to see her again this time as a friend. On the train to Hatfield, it was all smiles, reminiscing of everything and how we going to start all over again as a friend. I got to Hatfield and met her with a stick of cigar, puffing in and out, then I realise that my teddy bear is no more a baby.

We got excited in her room, smoking and drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. It was all fun to see my best friend again. It was getting late and eventually she passed out because she has a lot to drink. I helped her to bed whiles I continue to slowly sip off the drink as I lustfully look at her grown sexy shaped body on the bed. The temptation to touch her was too much for me because I missed her so much. I stripped her naked and hungrily eat her body like I have been starved for years. I know she did not want me to, and I never wanted to but I could not resist the feeling.

I waked up in the morning and I was welcomed with a strange and annoying look from her. I tried to smile but she never smiled back, then I realised I have made a mistake and she is not happy. But as a man I was I tried to justify what happened as nothing but the last words I heard from was “Ben, can you leave?

That marked the end of a beautiful friendship that I always grave for. I lost a beautiful friend with the lust of my eyes and it was so hard for me to forgive myself. As nature works in wonders, after several months of separation and hate from my teddy bear we eventually reconcile and became friends again. IF God should ask me to choose woman out of this entire world to be my wife it will definitely be her.

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