My Seventh day Adventist Experience

For the last several weeks I've driven down a street in our new neighborhood and see several cars in the parking lot and on the street in front of a local church. This only happens on Saturday. One day I took a walk in my neighborhood and walked by the church. I read the church sign and saw the service times and decided to attend the following Saturday. Saturday came my wife and I arrived at the church around 9:40 am for Sabbath School. We were greeted at the door with a hug and proceed to enter the sanctuary. We joined a discussion group about forgiveness. The discussion was enlightening. After the Sabbath School ended around 10:30 AM. We found a seat for the divine worship service that began at 11:00 AM. The sanctuary was packed. We guess that there were 500 people there. We talked to a young couple that sat next to us and they told us that the church is packed every week. We were looking forward to the divine worship service.

The divine worship service began. There was a choir with probably 40 members, a band consisting of drums, keyboard, bass guitar, piano and Hammond organ and a praise team. The praise team consisting of 5 people led the congregation in some songs. These songs included hymns and current gospel songs that we hear on the radio. The words to the songs were on a big screen so we could sing along. The singing was lively. Next came the welcome and all of the visitors were asked to stand. My wife and I stood along with six other people. We were again greeted warmly by members and was even invited to a fellowship meal after the service. The choir sang two songs. One was a lively version of the hymn “Bless Assurance”. The other song was the gospel song “For Every Mountain”. Their organist during this song had a little solo where she just played and didn't sing. She is by far the best organist we've ever heard. The pastor, a middle aged man preached an uplifting sermon on witnessing through giving. The service ended around 12:50 pm. We proceeded to the fellowship meal. The food was quite tasty. The food was vegetarian as no meat was served. The people were welcoming and the conversation was good. We were invited to come again and worship with them. We left the church spiritually and physically full. Our Seventh Day Adventist experience was positive and when we get a chance will likely return.


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