My Opinion Edition Four

Hello all, and thank you for jumping on this edition of “My Opinion”. It has been a crazy few weeks in this chapter of my life, and I have not been able to write as much as I would like to, either from being caught up in life itself or lacking motivation to write (which is something I am trying to overcome). So, in light of this last entry for this round of devtome, I feel it necessary to delve off of the strictly Crypto and tech path for the topics of my article. What I want to discuss today is a mic of both crypto/tech and word events. So, here we go.

This edition I will be discussing the following:

My opinion on the release of “The Elder Scrolls Online” My hiccup and horrible mistake with the crypto coin “Nxt” My tips on getting motivated How to help an MMO burnout phase

As you can see there are a few odd topics I will be discussing, and not all of them are “opinions” but I just want to try something different.

The Elder Scrolls Online Release

Wow. Where to begin on this one. I have been anticipating the release of The Elder Scrolls Online since the day I heard about it. I had it pre-ordered since the day it was possible.

I know for all you gamers out there, you have had that one game that catches your eye with a trailer or advertisement, and you are just absolutely ecstatic about its release. Well, that is what The elder scrolls online (now will be referred to as TESO) did to me. It is like a drug when you start to hear more and more about something you are anticipating.

Since I had the game pre-ordered, I had the 5-day early access to the game. On March 30th, I patched my client, and dove into the much anticipated game. At first sight, and at about the first 10 minutes into the game, it was evident that some parts were rushed, and hence, contained bugs. Some game breaking and some just annoying. Most notable of these bugs were the quests that you couldn’t finish because of NPCs not cooperating, or other small but severe annoying bugs. The next day Zenimax threw out a huge patch, and addressed a lot of those issues. The day after that however, Zenimax shut down the servers again, and this time taking over 13 hours to finish the maintenance. It was absolutely horrible.

Once the servers came back, and after losing a lot of our game time, everything seemed to be running fine. But the second day from the end of early access, they shut down the servers again for another maintenance. They gave us maybe 1 minute to log off (which was very annoying) and shut down the servers. At this point people became frustrated. They paid for 5 days early access but never got their full amount. Honestly, I have never seen a gaming company, and especially an MMO company take so much pride in their work. They actually listened to us. People cried they never got their full early access time, so they gave us 2 extra days of early access. I was amazed they did this.

The game itself is not lacking in the mechanics department. I will not lie, it does produce a nice challenge over many, many other MMORPGs. .You actually have to work for your success in this game, and you are not spoon fed everything. Which, in my opinion, is a breath of fresh air in this scene.

The game, as far as lag and stability issues go for launches, was one of the best I have ever seen for any MMO. No queues, no lag, and no stuttering. It was absolutely amazing. What the game lacks in polish it makes up for in mechanics and variety. There is always something to do in this game. Always various routes you can take to become your best and brightest. Decisions you make will affect your gameplay, and that, in my opinion is something that MMOs everywhere should have. You are always trying to see what else the game has to offer, and testing it to see if it stays true to the Elder scrolls stature. In my pinion, it does, and it does it well. While some things are understandably blocked from doing as you would in say Skyrim (like killing merchant NPCs) you hardly notice it with all of the other things going on around you.

The questing is a mix between events (guild wars 2) and normal questing like World of warcraft. It takes the best from both genres and wraps it in with grey voice acting, lore and storytelling. The only true quarrel I have with the ages “immersion” posture is the lip syncing. Absolutely horrible. For a multi-million corporation and as the largest privately owned gaming company in the world, I think they could have put a little effort into the lip syncing. I do not know if they did this simply because there is so much content and syncing the lips would take years, or if they are lazy, but it truly does push my buttons. But, as I said, it is a small annoyance, and is easily overlooked once you start to get into the game.

If you haven’t already bought the game, what are you waiting for? Go!

My hiccup with the crypto “Nxt”

I screwed up so bad with this, it actually pains me to even think about it. But, I have to do something about all of this emotion going on with me about it.

When I first heard of Nxt, I was intrigued, and at the time “Bcnext” was taking the IPO money to get a share of the currency when it came out. I said what the hell and threw 0.05BTC at it.

To be honest I had it forgotten about until it was time to retrieve the coins I had paid for. So after a long and painful (at the time) process to get it all set up. I logged into my wallet, and low and behold I had almost 2 million NXT. At the time, I thought it was worthless, because what would 0.05BTC really be worth? So, me, being stupid, tried to get rid of it as fast as possible, not thinking about the future. I sold that 2 million NXT for a little over 4BTC. I thought I was the luckiest person alive at that time, because Bitcoin was worth about 1100$ USD. So here I am, all of my Nxt gone, I buy a new pc, mining rig, and thought I was lucky. The other day I log into crypts and check out the price just to see what it was worth now. What I saw almost made me have a heart attack.

The 2 million Nxt I had, is now worth over 100,000$ USD. When I seen this, I almost lost it. I had a panic attack and had to get totally wasted to forget about what I had done. I have now come to grips with it and am just now trying to forget about what I had done, but I feel like such a fool. I have learned my lesson though. Any new coin that comes out I always hold on to for at least 2 moths before selling any. I think that if a coin looks promising, it probably is. Just remember that and think about this story before you blindly sell away all of your newly bought or mined coins.

My tips on getting motivated

Whether it be at work, at home or for anything else you need to stay motivated for, everybody has their times when you just do not feel like doing anything. It has plagued even the best of us, but there are ways to combat it.

When it comes to work, and you are lying in bed on a monday morning, and you just do not want to get up to work- what I usually do is think about that fat paycheque at the end of the week, start thinking about all of the things you can do with that money and what you want to do with it. You will find it inside you to get up and get ready.

When it comes to leisurely things like reading a book, or like what I am doing here, then think about what you love most about it. For me, writing here is not only fun, but I am earning devcoins in the process. It is a great release and a great pastime. Not to mention people will read it and some may even enjoy your work.

Think about the best times you have had with whatever you need to get motivated to do and what it does to reward you.

Follow these easy guidelines and you will find it in you to proceed.

How to help MMO burnout

For all of you gamers out there, if you have played MMOs extensively, you know what I mean when I say MMO burnout. You play a game so much that you get bored, and find yourself jumping/running in circles or shooting your gun at characters that you cannot hit, for about 30 mins, then you log off.

It has ruined some of the greatest games for all of us. But luckily there are ways to help fight it. When I have played an MMO to the point of burning out, I always drop the game for about a month or 2 and do something totally unrelated to gaming. Pick up a hobby, read books, anything that will keep your mind off of MMOs.

If you stay away from it completely you have a better chance of picking it back up and enjoying it. But if you drop the MMO and switch to single layer games, you will still find it in you do enjoy that MMO again, it will just take a bit more time.

These methods have worked for me and I think they will work for you as well. Try it!


This concludes this episode of “My Opinion” and I hoe you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. I wanted to write more, but duty calls! Cheers and bye for now.

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