My NBA Team

I was recently presented with a challenge from a friend of mine that loves basketball. The challenge was to build a ten person NBA team. That sounds really simple. I’ll build a team of all-stars. My friend quickly threw a wrench into my plan. There were three key rules.

  • You can only select one NBA All-Star from 2014
  • You can only select one player from the 2014NBA Draft
  • There are no salary cap restrictions

I paused for second and realized I can still build a solid team within the guidelines. Below is the team I built and the reasoning behind choosing these players.

First up is my starting five.

  • Chris Paul – He’s my NBA All-star and starting point guard. Chris is an excellent defender. He is among the league leaders in steals and assists. He can also score. He would be the perfect floor general to lead my team.
  • Bradley Beal – He’s my starting shooting guard. Bradley has a great outside jumper. He developed nicely in his second year and has the potential to be a solid player for years to come. That potential is too good to pass up.
  • Andrew Wiggins – He’s my selected player from the NBA Draft and my starting small forward. He has been hyped for a quite a while. I watched him play at Kansas this past season. He’s an excellent defender and can score. He has the potential to become a star in the NBA for years to come. That potential would be realized on my team.
  • David Lee - He’s my starting power forward. David is a solid scorer and a great rebounder. I watched him this year play in several games and he is a true force in the trenches. He is a perfect fit for my team.
  • Andre Drummond – He’s my starting Center. Andre was one of the top rebounders in the league. He’s also one of the NBA’s top shot blockers. He averaged a double double every night. Defense is his game. Having Andre as my starting center gives me in my opinion, the best non All-Star Center in the NBA.

Below is my bench players

  • Isaiah Thomas – He’s my backup point guard. He’s a spark plug and a scorer. Every time I watched him play this season he put up solid numbers. You need that type of energy off of the bench in a backup point guard. That plus his dependability will work well on my team.
  • Manu Ginobili – He’s my backup shooting guard. He’s a little older but he has NBA Championship experience. He as some solid years left and his experience would be a true asset on a young team destined for greatness.
  • Draymond Green – He’s my backup small forward. I watched Draymond in several games this season. He’s a contributor. He can rebound and score. He also has stepped up when needed and provided several solid performances when there were injuries on his team. As Wiggins develops into a future star at small forward having a steady player like Draymond as a backup solidify’ s this position on the team.
  • Markieff Morris – He’s my backup power forward. Markieff came off of the bench this past season and put up solid numbers. He’s not afraid to bang upfront and he contributes offensively. This is exactly what you need in a backup power forward.
  • Enes Kanter – He’s my backup Center. Enes is someone who could enter the game and provide not only solid minutes, but solid numbers. Enes was a starter for a portion of the season. He wouldn’t need to start on my team. Having someone that could come in and maintain the team rhythm at the center position is a plus.

I presented my ten person NBA team to my friend. He was quite impressed with the team I built. He asked me to explain the rational for my team. Here is what I told him. I believe defense wins championships. You also have to be able to score. My starting lineup is built with solid defenders and players that can score. My starting lineup also has several players with solid upside who have yet to reach their potential. I also have a solid bench built with players that have experience. Anyone of them could start if one of the starters were out with an injury. That is a good luxury to have. If this was a real NBA team, making the playoffs would be a certainty. How far would this team advance in the playoffs? The answer is up to you and your imagination.



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