My First Days At High School


Being in school was the best thing to have happened to me but at High School was something that got me thinking for days. I could recall the feeling that came unto me the first time I was told; I was going to leave my parent at home and head to a boarding school. It was my first time of leaving the side of my parents to go live somewhere where I would be far away from them. I had to master the courage to do so because that was the biggest obstacle in my life.

“Bingo” the day that I was to leave home to herd to school has arrived as I was already admitted and was supposed to live. If I can recall it was on 20th September, 2009. For the first time, I would be having all the “Junk Foods” to myself since we were six in number in the House. This some kind of made me a little bit happy. Also I had about three of my classmates also going to the same high school so at least I wasn’t feeling lost any way. “Thumbs up” for that. We started our journey to the High School at 11:00GMT because the school was a little bit far away from us so we had to go early. I could recount the very moment our vehicle left the gate of “my house”, I nearly cried, but I have already made a “BET” with my younger sister who said I was going to cry when leaving home so I remained calm in other to win that “BET”.

Like a flash of light, a 6hour journey to the school became like a 20seconds journey for me, “BAAM” we have arrived at the School. Before heading to the High School, I have heard a lot of things like bullying of Junior or freshmen, taking away their foods, making them do jobs for the “Senior” or sometimes made to work like slaves in the school. Africa High School for you. That is where I find myself.

In just a twinkle of an eye, all the formalities and registration has been done and it was time for my parents to leave me in the school. I could recall the emotional tremor that came over me, but I held still before they left. At least I got some $50 from my sister because I won the ‘BET”.

Just as they left, one lean guy came to me and introduced himself as the House Prefect for the House I was sent to. I couldn’t find my way around since that was the first time of setting foot in that school. He helped me with some other students to carry my things to the dormitory. I thought it was going to be like that as in the case of getting someone to help me all the time. I was a little bit happy.

Finally, we arrived at the dormitory and to my surprise someone from nowhere came, open my bag that I came with and removed some of my food stuffs that I brought. I was kind of nervous because I was wondering how on earth you would just come to someone’s bag to take his items without his permission. I went to report to the House Prefect and to my amaze, he told me that it was a tradition in the school that always happens so I had to cope with it. “What the Hell is this guy telling me” that the thought that came into my mind. I couldn’t say it out laud because I was just a freshman and they could do anything silly to me.

Latter I was given my bed and that is when I really missed home. I was going to sleep on a bed that is not even half the size of what I used to sleep on in the house. Oh no, I wish I could just go home and stop schooling, but my Daddy would kill me it I dare come up with that idea. At that particular moment, tears started to flow down my chicks like there was a tsunami. I could recall the excited moment I had shared with my family at home and even cried the more when these memories came to mind. Well but I encouraged myself as I have seen a lot of people pass through from freshmen to becoming Seniors so that was no big deal.

It was getting late as we didn’t arrive early so it was time for me to go to bed. Feeling so sad, I barely had the feeling of going to bed but what would I do, I already found myself there so there was noting that I could do than to sleep.


I felt like I was dreaming and to my surprise, I found one “Senior” beside my bed who was trying to wake me up. Not event in the polite way, but with the use of a belt. “What have I done to deserve this” another thought that came into mind. Who was I to voice this out; I would have been a dead soul by then. I woke up and check the time; it was 3:00AM in the morning, let me even say at dawn, why would I wake up by this time, and what am I going to do that I have to wake up by this time?

We were going to fetch water for our “Senior” to go and bath. “What” I angrily voiced out, but latter when asked, I said it was noting. How on earth would I have to wake up early at that time fetch water for my fellow student to bath. But who was I to complain that much, I would end up having some strokes from the cane if I dare do so. After all complains and murmuring, the job was at last done. Come to think of it, I have not even had water to take my bath myself. I had to share a bucket of water with 4 people. That was the only way I could go around bathing for that day.

All was done and it was time for me to dress up and go to class. That was what I thought, but I was told we would be going to “Orientation Week” which is going to last for seven days of which we are going to learn about how to cope with the situation and environment of the school. “What kind of coping are we going to learn” is it how to cope with the attitude of people taking our belongings whenever they want or how to stop them from taking our belongings? We were led like a flock of sheep to the School’s Assembly Hall for the exercise to begin. That was when I got to know that I wasn’t the only one in that “soup”. I heard a lot of people complaining about the bad attitude of some of the seniors and the way they treated them in the House. “At last I go someone in the same position with me”, that what I said to myself. Don’t get me wrong, is not all the Seniors that exhibit such bad behaviors towards freshmen. Some of them in fact where more than “Angles”. The good once among them will always come close to you and try to make you happy when the “Silly” once are done with their act. At the Assembly Hall, I got the chance to see some of my classmate which even made me more than happy. After the first session of the program for the day, we were told to go and have our Breakfast.

A little happy because food was coming. Eventually we were at the Dinning Hall. “What kind of arrangement is this”, the words that came to my mind. The sitting arrangement at the table was eight girls and two boys to one table. Eating and facing eight “Hot Chick” who were total stranger to you. That was another task to complete. But thank God one of them was my former Classmate so I had a great time with them. I also got to be friends with one of the girls which turned into something else. (Will tell you about her latter).

We then finished having our dinner and continued with the program of the day till we closed in the evening. It was time to go to that “Hell” again. The seniors were on alert and hungry as they were on alert for the freshmen to come so they take their food. I managed to escape them when I was taken to the Dormitory in the company of one of the respected seniors in the School. After the long day work, all the freshmen were called and were told we were going to be assigning a work which should be done every morning and evening. Lo and Behold, I was given my part of the job which was to scrub the public bathroom every morning and evening before going to class and going to bed respectively. Oh my God, even in the House I used to have my own bathroom and was scrub by someone not me. So how come I am supposed to do this kind of “Punishment” as a job. In fact at that particular moment, I wished I could just leave the school and go Home for good. But I was encouraged by some of the good seniors that it nothing to worry about as all of them went through the same thing and it wasn’t a “Punishment” as I thought but just a normal duty that I had to perform in the school as a freshman.

The moment came that we were supposed to perform our first duty that night. I wish I could capture that moment and uploaded it. It was hell, but what would I do, it was the choice I have taken so I had to honor it. After everything, the job was done and it was time to go to bed. At least, got some time to rest.


It was on the third day and as you know we continued with the activities lined up for the week including the “Orientation Week” and others. After the day’s work, we summoned in the evening for an activity called “Homo’s Night” in our Dormitory. It was about doing what you know doing best, this was what we were told. We were as happy as at lease we have been given the chance to exhibit our talent. Little did we know that we were wrong about the definition of the program. The actual meaning of this program was to entertain the school in two main categories; fooling and dancing.

These were the only categories available for you to choose. You will either act as a fool or you will dance: thus if you really know how to dance or a member or a dance crew. Than left a lot of us with no other option than to fool. We were dressed the other way round, boys been dressed like girls and girls been dressed like boys. Also we had some paintings on our face to make us look more that funny on the first appearance. What a school we find ourselves in. c2.staticflickr.com_4_3261_3131234042_8f5a38e9a4_z.jpg

It was like a dream but was real. I found myself dressed up with a bowl on my head, tied with a sponge and some colours on my face to make me look funnier. This was the dressing we where going to use to perform in other word fool for others to laugh all in the name of welcoming freshmen.

Lo and Behold, after consistent practice for three days, it was time for us to perform as “Fools” in other to entertain other students in the school. We were matched to the auditorium which was packed with about two thousand students and teachers waiting to see us do our things for them to laugh. Soon it was our turn to mount the stage and do what we have been taught to do. What else, fooling of course. It was somehow fun but hey I never revealed my face as I saw the lady that I met at the dining hall so I never wanted her to know that I was part.


We did what we could do and left the stage after the completion of act. On my way off the stage I saw one of my classmates bypassing to also mount the stage so he could do what we just did. It was fun to see that moment as everybody around me was looking somehow funny.

To Be Continued

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