My Favorite Game

One time, I had a toy that I liked very much. It was a small red ball, nothing fancy. But I used to have hours and hours of fun with that thing. I made up games for it, seeing how far I could bounce it and such. Every single day I used to have hours of fun with the ball. One day, I thought up a new game I could play with it. The game went something like this: I would have the ball in one hand and a miniature tennis racket in the other, except it was solid in the middle instead of consisting of strings. Basically, it was a smaller version of a ping pong paddle. The goal of the game was to throw the ball against the wall and then hit it back with the ping pong paddle. I would get one point for every time I could hit the ball against the wall using only paddle and the goal was to get as many points as I could. My record so far was 117 points, achieved after only many hours of practicing the game I invented.

I enjoyed this game for many weeks, even many months. Eventually, after roughly 6 months of playing this game every single day for a couple of hours per day, one day I almost lost my ball. Right in the middle of playing the game, the ball bounced off of the wall an odd, angle one it had never done before. It was almost as though the ball was being controlled by some kind of foreign person. The ball bounced off of the wall behind me and hit me in the back at a high speed and I almost fell over. Luckily, it did not get lost and it just rolled to a corner of the room and I walked over to it and picked it up. I then resumed my gamel like nothing had happened.

I continued to play the game I had invented for the next four months, happy as could be and my record for the highest number of points was roughly 675. I was very proud of my record and I even had some of my friends play my game although nobody could come close to beating my record because I had by far put the largest number of hours into playing my game. However, in the all the time I spent playing it, I never thought to get a replacement ball for the small red one I used to play the game or a replacement racket should anything ever happen to either one of them. I did not think any more of what could go wrong during the game and how that might affect me since I had so much fun playing it. So, for the next couple of months I continued to try to improve upon my score and showed off to people by asking them to play it too.

However, 3 months later, disaster struck. I was playing my game, the same as I would be doing any other day and it was 5 in the afternoon. I hit the ball especially hard with the paddle into the wall and the paddle splintered into a million pieces. I guess the force of hitting the ball extra hard coupled with the stress of playing the game so often in the past caused the paddle to break, but I could not really be sure of anything at that point. However, since I had no paddle to hit the ball with anymore, when the ball came back to me at a high rate of speed I tried to catch it with my hands but that did not work at all. All that happened when I tried to catch it with my hands is it bounced off one of my palms and rebounded off of a different wall. Somehow, it gained speed after doing this. It kept bouncing off all of the walls in the room and what appeared to be faster and faster and faster speeds until it was moving so fast that I could hardly see it. At this point, it impacted the wall and the ball exploded. Little red fragments flew in every direction and some of them even hit me and they stung because they were moving so quickly. At that point, I had broken both my paddle and my ball so I could not play my game any longer and that made me very sad because I loved that game very much and I had many hours of fun playing it. I then decided that my next priority would be to somehow get a replacement ball and paddle so I could resume playing my game because I could not bear never playing that game again. I scoured every single store that sold anything at all that was near my house for a ball and paddle that would work but I came up with nothing. I guess it had been so long since I had been out of the house due to that game that things had changed. After roughly 6 hours of looking at stores, I gave up in despair thinking that I would never play that game for the rest of my life.

Eventually I got the bright idea to go online and look for a ball and a paddle that might work and to my supreme joy, I found a ball and a paddle that were almost exactly the same as the ones I had destroyed so I ordered them immediately. Sure enough, three days later they came in the mail and I tested them out, playing the game as I used to. This ball and paddle were slightly different than the old one so it was kind of different to play with, but the game was definitely still playable and I loved the new ball and paddle almost as much as the old ones.

And that is the story of my game and I continue playing it to this very day.

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