My Favorite Field Trip

I had always loved field trips. I liked school well enough by itself, but field trips had always meant something special to me. For me, it did not really matter where we were going but the very fact that we were going somewhere just filled me with joy for some reason or another. One day at school while I was in math class which I had during fifth period, someone made an announcement over the loudspeaker and told us that we were going to have a field trip tomorrow. Since I love field trips, this made me very happy. They person who announced the field trip also said that it would take place tomorrow so I had to wait just under a day for the field trip to take place and that made me kind of sad because I wanted to go on the field trip right away. I guess at that point all I could do was sit there and wait for the next day to come so I could go on the field trip I really wanted to go on. In addition, the field trip was going to the courthouse so I was extra excited because I had always wanted to go to a courthouse for several reasons, mostly because the law process was fascinating to me.

I passed the next 12 hours slowly doing random things I could just to make the time go by by whatever means I could. I could hardly wait for the next day because I was so excited to go on the field trip. After I had passed the 12 hours slowly by thinking of all the fun I was going to have and just basically sleeping a lot, I was ready to go to school and was totally ready by 8 in the morning. I stood at the bus stop for a few hours and waited for the bus to come because I was really early for the bus and I therefore had a few hours to go. I waited for the bust to come but I was still standing there after the bus should have arrived and at that point I was starting to get worried. I was scared that the bus was never going to come and I was never going to get to go on the field trip that I had looked forward to for the past day.

I decided that I would give it another 30 minutes and if it still did not arrive then I would walk all the way home and tell my parents that it did not come and see what they said and basically just ask them for advice. So I waited the 30 minutes I had already thought about and the bus still did not come and then I got really sad because at that point I figured that I would never get to go on this trip that I had been so looking forward to for the past day. I then began the 20 minute walk back to my house to tell my parents what had gone wrong and because I wanted to ask them for advice because I honestly had no idea what to do at that point. When I had arrived at my home, I relate the entire story back to my parents, starting with the promise of the field trip and how excited I was and then I told them about the bus never coming and how I was really late to school now because I waited so long for the bus to come. I then asked them what they thought of my situation and then I asked them what they thought I should do. They told me that I had a choice: either I could stay home from school because I was already so late that it was absolutely insane to try to go to school because at that point I would have already missed most of the field trip, or I could try to go to school and they would drive me and at that point I could try to rejoin the field trip and enjoy what few minutes left of it there were.

After thinking about it for many minutes and thinking about all of the positive and negative things that could come of of this decision, I decided that I should just stay home because really at that point the field trip would be over in just a few minutes, really about an hour, and it was kind of totally pointless to try to rejoin the field trip for just an hour. Even if I did think that I should have joined the field trip for an hour, there is a very small chance that I could even have found the field trip in the first place because I would first have to correctly guess the name and location of the courthouse and then find the tour group that was within it and I decided that that particular task would be all but impossible. Therefore, I decided that it was pointless to even try because even if I was successful, it was really not worth it to put in all that effort just to find out that all my effort would be worthless.

I then decided that I should catch up with my sleep on the couch and just forget about the field trip altogether because I was rather sad because I had missed the field trip that I had really wanted to go on. So with that in mind, I decided to sleep my troubles away because I did not really want to think about the field trip that I missed any more and instead wanted to catch up on my rest and prepare for a new day of school. The only upside of the whole thing was that at least tomorrow in school I could ask some of my friends how the field trip was and then at least I would know what I missed.

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