My Experience Owning Reptiles

In this article I am going to share some of my good, and bad experiences with owning reptiles. I currently own a Chinese Water Dragon, Mississippi Map Turtle, and a Red Eared Slider. I have also in the past owned a Common Musk Turtle.

Are They Right For You?

A good article to read if you have not already Reptiles As Pets. If you do not want to read the article I will just do a quick explanation of it, if you already read it just skip on to the next part. The article goes in to asking if you can afford it and basically says that if you have the money and time it is a great addition to your family.

My Own Turtles

I have always liked reptiles from the minuet I saw them in zoos, on T.V. and in magazines. I would beg my parents for a turtle and finally when I was ten I got my first pet turtle, a Mississippi Map turtle. Turtles for me have been relatively easy to care for, I haven't had major problems but I have had a problem. One of my turtles got a disease commonly found in turtles, shell rot. Shell rot is a fungal or a bacterial infection that can come from almost anything. It enters your turtles shell from scratches or wounds on the shell. These scratches do not have to be big either just enough to leave a little room for the bacteria or fungus to grow. Shell rot can also come in by improper UVA/UVB lighting. Prevention includes making sure your habitat for your turtles stays clean. Keep a filter running and do water changes sometimes, maintaining a clean habitat is really the best thing you can do, but don't overdo it because turtles need some algae to survive.

Other than the one incident I have not had any other major problems (Other than the occasional escape). Like I just mentioned I have had a turtle escape its habitat. This should never be an issue unless you are dumb like me and have the water super heigh up without a lid. I have successfully kept three turtles all in the same habitat without problems and I have not seen them fight unless food was involved in which case the big Red eared Slider won. Turtles are easy to care for because they do not require attention and walks everyday. Just keep an eye on water level, make sure filter is clean, and make sure the light and heater and other equipment you may have is all functioning properly. Turtles are great because of the little work they require. I would and do suggest turtles to friends.


I have only owned one lizard in my like, the Chinese Water Dragon. If you want you can read a small guide I made on theme here Chinese Water Dragon. My Chinese Water Dragon is probably the second most easy to care for animal (other than a fish) that I have owned. It is just so easy to care for, I put the UVB bulb on a timer so in the morning I do not have to worry about it and at night I do not have to worry about it. Also my lizard goes to the bathroom in its water (Kind of gross) but it makes caring for it super easy. I usually give my lizard freeze dried food (crickets) but occasionally I will give a live worm or live cricket as the lizard loves to catch live prey.


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