My Dreams

How weird would it be to wake up in your own dreams but not knowing that it's a dream? If all you have is good dreams then I'm sure you wouldn't see a problem with it. What most people don't know is that a dream can become a nightmare with a sprinkle of darkness and a pinch of doubt. A recipe for a twist of fate until you wake up. That is if you ever wake up. Or if you will ever be able to tell the difference from reality and dreams. One day me and my friend Jessica were just hanging out at the pool, trying to cool off on a hot summer day. We were splashing around like idiots and trying to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest. It kept coming to a tie until she finally beat me the 6th or so time that we tried. “I told you I could hold my breath longer than you, I told you so!” she said with excitement. “It seems I have underestimated your power. Lets see who can lay down on the bottom of the floor and stay there before one of us needs to breathe.” I said with a smirk. I knew I would be able to beat her, I've done this so many times, it has come to a point where I could fall asleep on the floor of the pool.

“Let's do it! On three okay?” “Okay, ready.” I said getting ready to dive into the deep side of the pool. “One two three!” We dove into the pool both of us swimming as fast as we could. Every time I looked at her, it looked like we were swimming almost simultaneously. We smiled at each other then continued to swim downwards. For some odd reason it was dark for a moment as if I had entered the deepest part of the ocean, but I just kept swimming. Then BAM! My head hit the floor, hard. I wasn't paying attention. I felt myself loosing strength to swim. I kept trying and trying but I felt like I was slowly becoming sleepy. My eyes felt heavy and I felt myself just floating off in the water. Before my eyes closed I realized something, I had no idea where Jessica was. Then everything was black. When I opened my eyes again I couldn't see much, my vision was blurry. After few seconds I could see again but I had no idea where I was. As familiar as everything looked, I couldn't quite figure it out. The landscape seemed like a child's imagination. Rainbows everywhere, cotton candy trees, a river of orange soda, and even the sun had a smile on its face. “Where am I?” I said as I tried to stand up. My head hurt like crazy. The ground was soft and comfortable, like a bed. I walked into the forest with the cotton candy trees hoping I could find someone.

“Hello? Anyone?” I didn't get a response. I continued to walk further into the forest until I stopped to hear some rustling in the bushes. I could hear what it seemed like fast footsteps running towards my direction. I didn't know what to do so I ran as fast as I could through the forest, stepping and breaking twigs, jumping over bushes until I reached the edge of the forest. To my surprise there was a cliff at the end. I slowly looked over the edge, trying to see if there was an ocean I could dive into, but it was too foggy for me to see. The loud footsteps got closer and closer so I shut my eyes tightly and braced myself for the, god knows what kind of creature, was coming at me. Then it grew silent. I was to afraid to move at all so I slowly opened my eye to see what happened. When I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was a unicorn standing right in front of me. How could this be happening? Unicorns aren't real. I walked closer to see if I could touch it but it was backing up slowly as if it was scared. “Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you.” I said as I moved closer. It stood still looking at me waiting to see what I would do. “You're real. I can't believe it, you are actually real.” I said when I had pet its head gently. It nuzzled its head against my hand like a kitten. I stood up slowly trying not to alarm it. It quickly jumped up, and I jumped back startled. When I was able to get close to it again I climbed on top of it wondering if I could travel faster with it. But I didn't know how to ride a horse let alone a unicorn. “Um, go?” I didn't know what else to say. I gently kicked the unicorn's side and it started to ride like the wind.

“Whoa there!” It took me a while to actually grip onto the unicorn so I wouldn't fall off. Riding on that unicorn felt amazing, like as if I was free in a way. I had no idea where this unicorn was going until up ahead I saw what turned out to be a small kingdom with a castle apart from the village. We rode through the village and the people inside it. These people where different, I'm not sure if they were even human. Some had fairy wings and others had animal parts like ears and tails. They stared as we rode onto the path that leads to the the castle. The castle was beautiful. A nice shade of purple and the towers were pure white like snow. As we got closer to the castle a drawbridge was lowered so we could cross. It was weird it's as if they new we were coming. Then at the center of the castle, the unicorn stopped. I looked around not sure what to do next and that's when some knights came out of the castle in an orderly fashion making two parallel lines around ten feet apart from each other. A red carpet came rolling out and then a young girl around eight came out. She had blonde curly hair and honey color eyes that stared into your soul. Creepy but welcoming. She was wearing a short pink dress, white shoes and a tiara just like a princess would dress. She looked at me with a smile. Cutest thing I had ever seen. “Welcome to our small, kingdom. I'm Rose, ruler of this kingdom” she said as she bowed gracefully. “Nice to meet you Rose.”

“Surely you must have a name, do not be shy.” “Um my name is, Bunny?” I didn't feel comfortable giving my real name so this is what some of my friends call me, plus I love bunnies. “Bunny. How unusual, I love it!” She giggled with delight. “So what brings you to our kingdom?” “This unicorn. It found me and brought me here. I honestly have no idea where I am.” “What do you mean? This is the only kingdom on the map.” “Well you see, I'm from another world. A world where unicorns, fairies, and half animal people don't exist.” I said sadly. “Sounds boring. Well while you are here why don't you come inside for some cake and tea. I'll have my servants get you a fresh set of clothes to wear.” She started back to the castle. Some knights helped me off of the unicorn and led me inside where I met up with some what seemed to be servants. “Hello. If you follow us we will show you to the room where you will be staying.” “Okay.” I said awkwardly following them. I didn't know I was staying, but hey it couldn't hurt to live like a royal for a day or two. They led me upstairs to a room that was huge! Big windows, a bunch of space to twirl around, and a balcony outside. The bed was soft and new. Although everything was amazing, what was weird was that the closet had clothes that were actually my style. I was expecting some kind of fancy dresses or something. Oh well, I'm not going to complain about a whole new wardrobe. It took me a while to pick out what to wear, but then I found it. A long sleeved black shirt with a loose white skirt and some shoes to match. I walked to the bathroom and looked into a mirror. “Cute.” I said when I saw how I looked. I walked out of the room and downstairs to meet up with Rose in the garden. She was watering her pure white roses. There was not a single bruised blossom in the garden. Her butler was standing right next to her, he seemed rather young to be a butler though. He looked like he was around eighteen or so. Straight black hair and cold green eyes. He tapped Rose's shoulder gently. “Miss Bunny is here madam.” He said in a calm deep voice. Rose turned around to see me. “Don't be shy come here silly.” She said pulling out a rose from the bunch she had in her small basket. I walked closer to her and sat next to her on the ground. “You have a beautiful garden Rose, I could never grow anything if I tried.” “I'm sure you can. Here hold out your hands and I'll show you how easy it is.” “Okay.” I opened my hands and she placed a seed in the center. She slowly moved her hand over mine and you could see some sparkles falling from her hand onto the seed. The seed started to turn into a rose right before my eyes. I looked at the butler and he smiled at me amused at my reaction. Then I looked at Rose.

“How did you do that?” I asked surprised at what just happened. “That's how you grow flowers. You seemed confused, why?” “Because where I come from you have to burry the seed in dirt, water it, give it shade and sunlight and wait for it to start growing. It takes a while.” “I don't like the way your world sounds. Too much work for a little girl.” “Excuse me ladies, I brought you some tea and cake while you relax outside on this beautiful day.” The butler said as he brought a tray of food. “Enjoy.” He said as he bowed. I took a sip of tea and it tasted like heaven, well if heaven tastes like vanilla and caramel then yep it tastes just like it. The cake was even better. It was chocolate! It had pieces of cookie inside it which made it better. “Everything is so good Rose! I've never loved sweets like I do right now.” “I'll give your compliments to the chef.” The butler said as he took out a small handkerchief and came over to Rose and me. “You both like to have fun when you eat, how amusing.” He smiled and wiped Rose's face clean. It's weird. Rose and that butler smile the same and even laugh the same. It's like they have a close connection or something. Then he looked at me. “Here Miss, let me get that for you.” He leaned in and cleaned the pieces of cake from my face. I blushed. “There you go. Spick and span.” “Um thank you.. I'm sorry I don't know your name.” I said my voice cracking. “William” he said with a smile. “Nice name. Let me help you take these dishes inside. I'll be back Rose.” “Okay Bunny.” Rose said as she started to look at the clouds. I followed William into the kitchen and placed the dishes on the counter. “William can I ask you something?” “Absolutely.” “Why are you and Rose so close?” “Well you see, I'm not just her butler, I'm her brother.” He said smiling, waiting for a reaction. “Her brother? But your older, how come you don't rule the kingdom?” “She is just a child and I want her to have the best childhood she could have. So I passed the opportunity to be ruler, for her. If I was ruler I wouldn't have any time for her so being her butler allows me to be with her more often than a ruler. Since she is younger she doesn't have to do as much as an older ruler. She basically has a free life.” He said as he started to take off his white gloves and his tail coat. He set them aside neatly and started to clean the dishes. “You really love her don't you?” I said sitting on the countertop next to him. “More than anything. She's the only family member I have left. We got separated from our family long ago but when I try to remember it hurts my head.” He said putting a hand to his head. “Ugh, can you get me the aspirin please? It's in that drawer.” “Sure.” I jumped off of the counter and walked over to the drawer. I opened it and found the small bottle of aspirin. “How many do you need?” “Just two.”

I popped out two pills and got him a bottle of water. “Here” I stretched my hand out with the water and pills. “Thank you.” He grabbed the pills and the water, his hand shaking, they fell out of his hand unexpectedly. He stood frozen. “William, are you okay?” I put a hand on his shoulder and he quickly grabbed my wrist, tightly. “Will?” He gripped tighter. “Agh, Will you need to stop!” I shouted. He collapsed to his knees which also caused me to follow. I looked at him and a cold chill went through my spine. He was gritting his teeth and his eyes were shut as if he was in deep pain. Then I looked closer and I thought I saw clear tears but they were a faint red color. Red tears was something I never thought I would see in my life. “Will! Snap out of it!” Using my other hand I tried to shake him out of it. “Think about Rose! What would she say if she saw you like this!?” His eyes opened wide and he released his grip. He turned and looked at me. “Huh? I'm sorry. Did I do something?” He said looking dizzy. “Are you okay? You went crazy for a second.” “This has happened before, never in front of Rose though. I'm trying to control it but its been difficult.” “How long has this been going on?” I put an arm around him to help him get up, it wasn't easy since he was dizzy. He kept falling to one side. “Ah, it only happens when I get upset.” He said as he sat on the counter. That's when he saw my arm. “What happened to your arm?” He said as he gently grabbed it to observe. There were about four imprints on my wrist where he had grabbed, you could tell his nails were thick and strong. My arm was red and slightly bruised. “You grabbed onto it when you were going crazy.” His eyes widened. “I'm so sorry! I would never intend to hurt you!” “I know. You couldn't control yourself. It's okay. Stay here, let me go get something.” “Okay.” I went over to one of the other drawers and found the first aid kit. I set it down next to him and opened it up. There was some kind of wash cloth inside so I took it out and went to the sink and let the water run until it was warm. I wet it just a little bit and then walked back over to William. “Here, let me get those red tear stains off your face.” I moved closer and started to wipe off the red stains, gently. You could see him calming down, slightly. His breathing returning to its normal speed and his face turned from bright red to peach again. “There you go all gone.” I said with a smile. I rinsed out the cloth so no trace of what had happened would be found, then I hung it up on a drying rack. “Now it's my turn to help you. Sit here.” He patted the counter. I walked over and jumped on top. He looked through the first aid kit and pulled out one of those bandages that you wrap around the arm or something, and some antibiotics. “Let me know if it hurts.” “Okay.” He spread some of the antibiotics around the imprints, turns out he broke the skin slightly. Then he wrapped the bandage round my arm, tightly.

“Is it too tight?” “No, it's fine.” I smiled. “Well there you go. all better” He smiled. He put this gloves and his tailcoat back on and we walked back outside to the garden. “What happened to you Bunny?” Rose said when she saw my wrapped up arm. “Are you okay?” “Yes I'm fine thanks to William. I just um, dropped a glass plate and it broke so the glass cut my arm. But I'm fine now! Will treated them with care.” “That's my William! He's the best butler in the world!” Rose said as she ran over to William hugging him lovingly. He smiled accepting her hug then he lifted her up. “My dear, your dress is all dirty!” “I was playing in the dirt trying to catch a butterfly.” “Well we need to get you cleaned up. Let's go upstairs and take you a bath.” “Yay!” Rose said with excitement as William carried her upstairs. I on the other hand stayed in the garden looking up at the clouds. The clouds were shaped like animals, and they moved around as if they were actually alive. “What is this place?” I asked myself. Would I ever get back to reality or is this my new reality? I really do love this place and I've grow attached to this small family. Would I really be able to leave on my own will? Probably not. I spread out a blanket on the grass and just stared at the animals in the sky. A few hours later, the sun was setting and William came outside. “The mistress fell asleep after her bath. I hope you don't mind.” “Not at all. Children need their sleep, its good for them. Why do you think they have so much energy?” I giggled at what I just stated. “You are quite right Miss.” He said as he walked over and sat next to me on the blanket. He looked over to see what I was doing. “What's that?.” “Oh, I found some paper and pencils so I decided to just doodle some stuff.” “I didn't know you were an artist.” “It's what I do in my spare time, it's like my stress reliever.” I looked back at the paper continuing to draw. “Is that Rose and Me?” He said pointing to the people on the page. “Yep. If I ever go back to my world I want to remember you guys.” “It's a really good drawing. I'm impressed with your skill.” “Thank you. That means a lot.” I tried to hold back my blush. He looked back to the sky watching the cloud animals play and run freely. “Hey look over there.” He pointed to a few small clouds above us. “They are two bunnies together and one just joined them. They seem happy” he looked over at me.

“The two bunnies were you and Rose. The one who just joined is me.” I said. “And we are vey happy that you are here.” He said. “I know it has only been one day but it feels like you've become a member of the small family we have.” “William, I really love how nice you're being but… I can't stay.” I said with a sorry look on my face. “What? Why?” “I have to go back to my world, I can't just abandon it.” “But you are so much happier here. Wouldn't you want to stay with Rose forever? Stay with me forever?” He said as he moved closer and grabbed my hand. “Live in this beautiful castle? You could be a princess.” “It all sounds great William, I'd love to stay with you and Rose..” A smile appeared on his face. “But I can't. I have things to do there.” I said, lying straight through my own skin. I didn't have anything to do in reality. But I can't stay. I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about this place. William's hand separated from mine. “I understand.” He got up slowly, and headed back inside. I could see him clenching his fists in anger. “Ugh, what is wrong with me? Why did I say that?” I threw myself on the ground and stared into the sky. I started to cry when I saw that one bunny cloud leave the two that it had joined earlier. I don't want to leave. After about ten minutes of thinking I completely disregarded the feeling I had earlier about this place, and got up. I decided I would tell William that I would stay, but first I'll tell him the truth about why I didn't want to stay. I walked inside and I didn't see William so I asked the maid that was cleaning the kitchen. “Excuse me miss? Have you seen William? I need to speak to him.” “Yes, he ran up to his room after he said something. He was pretty upset.” the maid said. “By any chance do you know what he said or why he was upset?” “Something about his heart being broken? Not fully sure. I was busy cleaning.” I bit my lip feeling guilty. “Okay thank you.” I ran upstairs and found his room. I knocked on the door. No response. “William? It's Bunny.” I listened closely for anything. “Go away” I heard him say. “No I need to tell you something!” “I don't want you to see me like this.”he said. “But William I-”

“Just go!” He yelled. I wasn't going to wait to tell him, he was upset and I wanted to fix it. I tried to open the door but it was locked. “Crap.” I stepped back as far as I could and rammed myself into the door. It didn't work. “Ow.” I tried again and again. It still didn't work and my arm was like halfway broken. I was about to walk back downstairs until a maid came up to me. “If you wanted to get into his room so badly why didn't you just ask?” The maid said smiling and chuckling. “Do you want the boring key? Or the ax?” I looked at her thinking she was joking but she had an actual ax. I wasn't going to refuse that offer. “The ax please.” I said smiling. She handed it to me happily. “Good luck miss.” She said walking away. “Thank you.” I looked at the door then at the ax. I took a deep breath. “Let's do this.” I threw the ax behind me then I lunged forward, it went straight through the door. Before I continued to be that violent girl inside, there was a key already in the lock of the door. “Seriously. I'm probably going to have to fix the door later.” I put the ax down and twisted the key. The door opened wide. It was dark but the open door shed some light. I saw William on the bed. He was on his knees, his head down, and his hands pulling at his hair. “William? William!” I ran over to him immediately. His teeth were clenched so much that he was bleeding, and his tears were thick shades of red. The back of his neck had scratches all over, and it wasn't like normal scratches were it just turns red, you could see each individual claw mark. I tried to shake him out of it. His body was burning up, literally. There were heat waves were coming off of his body, and that's when I saw a spark then sparks. He was going to light on fire from all the anger inside him. “William calm down! I'm going to stay with you and Rose!” He wasn't listening though. I couldn't catch his attention no matter what I tried. He collapsed into my arms. He was still burning but out cold he still looked like he was in pain. I held him close fearing what would happen. “Please be okay. Please calm down. I don't want anything bad to happen. I'm sorry, I shouldn't of have lied to you. I love this place and I would never leave. I love Rose. I love you.” I kissed his head gently and it burned like hell. I didn't notice that the heat off his body started becoming smoke and I had been inhaling it this whole time. I started to cough. Then I started to feel hot almost on fire and it wasn't because of the heat in the air, I looked down and William was on fire. His whole body on fire but he wasn't reacting. Was he already dead? I started to cry thinking that we were all going to die, until one of my tears fell off my face and onto one of Williams flames. His eyes opened up wide. He rose up and I was about to jump with glee until I realized something was wrong. His eyes weren't his normal cold green color, they were bright red and they looked hungry.

“William?” I said with fear echoing in my voice. “Lier…” He whispered. A that moment I got scared. He was already on fire so I could tell he was in rage. My eyes widened and I stepped back slowly. “You don't love me or Rose, you're just saying that so I won't be mad at you. If I let this go I know you'll just leave me and Rose one day and never come back just like our parents did.” “That's not true William and you know that!” He stepped forward and the ground shook. He looked angrier. “Lier!!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.

The power of his yell sent me flying back where I hit my head on a corner of a nightstand. I fell onto the floor unable to move. I was coughing uncontrollably from the thick smoke in the air and I could feel my head going numb. Everything was spinning and William's flames seemed like they would never burn out. My eyes closed. When I opened my eyes again, the sun was on my face.
“Bunny! Bunny! Are you okay?” The first person I saw was Jessica with a worried look on her face. “Ugh, what..?” My vision was blurry for a second so I was confused. When I finally was able to see again I realized what was going on. “Where am I?” I asked.

“At the pool remember? We were having a contest on who could lay at the deepest end of the pool floor for the longest. You hit your head on the pool floor. Pretty bad.” Jessica said helping me sit up. My eyes widened. “No, this can't be. I can't be back. I need to fix what I did!” “What are you talking about?” “The world with the unicorns and fairies and Rose and-” I froze. “William.” I left William all upset and in rage. What would happen to the castle? The kingdom? I got up and jumped back into the pool, trying hit my head again purposely. Jessica pulled me out. “Bunny calm down! What are you doing?!” “I need to go back! I need to!” Jessica held me back. She wouldn't let me back in the pool. I needed to get back. “I need to get back even if I have to die trying!” I pushed her off and just as I was about to jump back in the pool, three or so people tackled me to the ground. I couldn't get them off no matter how hard I tried. “Get off of me!” Not long after that, some paramedics and the police showed up. They got the people off of me and when I thought I was free,everything changed. I started to feel like my whole body was going numb. I tried to crawl back to the water and a paramedic grabbed my arm and tugged me away. I couldn't move anymore. A few other paramedics came and lifted me up onto a gurney. With every little piece of strength I had I tried to fight, but before I knew it they had my arms and legs strapped down. I was squirming around like a lunatic. “I need to go back.. I need to..” I saw a paramedic with a small shot in his hand and she came closer to me. “Don't worry sweetie, we will do all we can to help you. Now just stay still.” She said as she inserted the needle in my arm. I clenched my fist in pain then after a while I couldn't feel anything. My eyes closed instantly.

When I woke up again the paramedics were opening the back and pulling me out carefully. I had no idea where I was. The sky was gloomy and dull, miserable. They released me from the restraints but still held me back so I wouldn't run away. I saw like a a square looking building, spread out, and a metal fence around the perimeter. The sign in front of the building said “Insane Asylum ”. Oh that's great. These people think I'm insane. Two men came out of the building wearing all white, they looked intimidating to the average person. They approached the paramedics slowly. I'm hopping thy could see the fire in my eyes. “What's her condition?” One of the men asked. “She dove into the pool and hit her head pretty hard. She won't stop taking about this weird place with unicorns and fairies. She keeps trying to hit her head to supposably get back to this land.” One paramedic said. The man looked at me intensely. “Do you need help little girl? Are you confused?” He said treating me like a child. So I thought for a minute, if they want to treat me like a child then they have another thing coming. “Look, I'm not insane. I'm not lying either. You people need to listen to me and stop jumping to conclusions.” I said with anger. “Oh well we haven't came to a conclusion yet, we still need to run a few tests before we determine that you are insane.” He said “But I'm not insane!”I yelled out.

“Well you do have a temper I can see that. Maybe we can fix that too.” He said. Both of the men grabbed my arms and were leading me to the inside. They checked if I was armed, obviously besides my claws, I had nothing on me. I can be very violent if I feel like I'm being attacked. They gave me some clothes to change into. I tried to think of a way to escape but the windows were barred and around every corner there was a guard. I decided to cooperate to see what would happen. Nothing changed. After I changed into a loose gray shirt and shorts, I noticed that I wasn't going to be put with all the others. They dragged me to this room. Very secluded and isolated. Cameras on each corner of the room. I obviously couldn't do anything if I was going to be watched the whole time. The only things I think I could do would be scratching lines to count how many minutes I was there or just talking to myself. I walked into the room and it wasn't padded which I thought was weird. The paramedics did say that I would try to hit my head, so I wondered why they put me in here. I just assumed that they put me to here to wait, or to see how my behavior is when I'm alone. A few hours later the same two men came back asking if I would come with them. I got up slowly and followed. We walked to another room, as small as it was it had weird looking technology. they were very alert to see what I would do. I sat down on a chair and they placed small suction cups on each corner of my head each having a wire that led to a machine. “What are you doing?” I asked. “We are just going to see if everything is in order in your brain, if so we will conclude that it was just your wildest imagination and if not then more tests will be on the way.” He said. They were being rather nice and one of them looked vaguely familiar. If I wasn't stupid I could swear he looks just like William. The test was okay at first then this is where it turned a different direction. I could hear small voices entering my head, messing with it. It hurt. I could see them turning up the dial on the machine and the voices got louder. It made me shake as if the chair was vibrating. How was this testing my brain? If anything it made me wish I was insane. I jumped off the chair and ripped the suction cups from my head. I kicked the door open and ran out.

“I need to get out of here and back to William.” I said running past every guard. What I noticed later was that none of the guards followed me, not even the two men from earlier. I took a closer look at the guards and I'm not sure if they were even human. They looked like glass dolls. I ran past the other cells and each one was empty. The doors in the building were all open. It's like they let everyone go. I ran outside as fast as I could. When I turned around to see if I was being followed, the building wasn't even there anymore. “What the hell is going on?” I said. I just kept walking on. Everywhere I went, the landscape and scenery would change to its opposite. When I passed my flowers they would die. The sky turned from blue to gray. The grass burned with each step I took. After what seemed like forever, I finally got home. I opened the door slowly.

“Hello? Anyone home?” I said as it echoed through the halls of the house. I walked into the kitchen, office, living room, dining room, and my parents room. I didn't find anyone. The last two rooms where left. My sister's and mine. I walked into my sister's room, and a chill went through my spine. The window was open. I walked over and closed it. I looked around the room and everything looked normal, toys on the floor all spread out from her playing. I walked out almost with tears in my eyes. I couldn't stop thinking about Rose. My sister had curly hair just like her. I walked into my room slowly opening the door, hearing a creak. My room was a mess. The bed was not done, clothes on the floor, canvas and paint all on the floor, my sketchbooks thrown around, and paper everywhere. I walked over to my bed, grabbed my black cat plush toy, and laid down crying. I just wanted to go back to that world and instead I got caught up in all this crap. I closed my eyes and just thought for a few minutes about William. Was it real at all? Am I just crazy? I kept thinking and eventually fell asleep. I woke up in that world again but it was different. I walked through the small village and it was vacant. The houses were broken and somewhat destroyed. I walked up the broken steps into the castle which had also seemed destroyed. I looked up and there wasn't even a roof anymore. The sky didn't have any animals anymore. I walked out to the garden, the roses were black. I slowly moved towards the rose bushes and picked out a rose, but as soon as it detached from the bush it just disintegrated.

“You're alive?” I heard a voice say. I quickly jumped around, startled. It was William. “William?” I said slightly scared. He was a mess. His shirt was ripped up, hair all over the place, and his face was stained with red tears.“ What happened?” “I thought I killed you. When you hit your head on the nightstand, I thought you died. You didn't move. You didn't have a pulse. I felt like a monster. I lost control and burned the entire kingdom. It's people and honor.” He said looking down at his hands. “I'm a cold, sick monster.” “Wait what about Rose?” “She-” he started to cry. I knew what happened. “I swore that I would protect her, but as you can see I have failed.” He walked over to the rose bush and separated them into two. I didn't know what he was doing until he turned around holding Rose in his arms. Her skin was pale enough to see her blue veins. Her eyes were open but they were all white. She had burn marks around her neck, arms and legs. “Oh my god..” I started to tear up. William fell to his knees holding Rose close. He stated rocking back and forth sobbing uncontrollably singing to her softly. “The fear in her eyes when the house was burning is something I can never forget.” “William this is all my fault. If I hadn't lied to you this would have never happened.” He looked at me. “I can't blame you. I can understand why you lied, I just wish I controlled myself sooner than later.” He said setting Rose back into the pile of dead roses. “I'm so sorry Rose.” He stood up and turned to me. “I know how I can make it up to her.” He said his voice cracking. “How?” I said confused. What could he do to make up for all the damage he has done? He walked closer until he was about a foot away from me. He pulled out a small dagger from his pocket and handed it to me.

“A life for a life.” He said. I looked at him like he was crazy. “How could you ask me to kill you!? Are you insane?” I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close so we were eye to eye. “Do you think it would be that easy for me to do that to you? When I hit my head I went back to my world and went insane because I thought I would never see you again. I risked everything to get back to you and you ask me to kill you? Well I won't, I just can't go through with that. I'm sorry William.” I tossed the dagger aside. “Have you come to your senses?” He stared at me, as if he was shocked. “Why can't you go through with it. I'm going to die anyways sooner or later.” “I'd rather have you die sooner or later but not by your own or my hand.” I let go of his collar slowly. “Do you think Rose would be happy if I did that to you? Don't you think she would want you to live and fix everything?” “I can't fix everything! I'm just one guy!” He yelled pulling at his hair frustrated.“I can't change what I've done!” I put a hand on his shoulder. “It doesn't matter what you've done, it's in the past. Who says you'll have to go through this alone?” He looked at me confused slightly. “I'll be here to help you and I think I have a way to do it. Do you trust me?” “Can I?”

“Of course.” I got up and walked over to the grass. “Remember what Rose showed me? How to grow flowers. Well maybe that could work to fix everything.” He stood up and smiled. “Your right. Do you think it will work?” “We can only hope.” He walked over and grabbed my hand. “Ready?” “Yes. Cross your fingers.” We both slowly moved our hands over the dead grass hoping for the best. What seemed like sparkles started to fall from the palm of our hands in large amounts and it spread out along the dead grass, but it didn't look like it was doing anything. We both put our hands down slowly and looked at each other. “It didn't work.” He said with a frown. I hugged him tightly trying to comfort him and keep him calm. “I'm sorry William. I really thought it was going to work. It's my fault for getting our hopes up.” Before I said anything else, I felt the ground shake.

“Did you feel that?” He said. “Yeah.” The ground started to shake again and it didn't stop that's when we noticed that the dead grass and plants started to live again. The flowers popped up healthy and alive and the colors were very vibrant. The grass was as green as the trees in a jungle. Everything was changing the magic spread throughout the kingdom. The castle was completely renewed. The building was put back together completely, you couldn't even find a single crack inside the entire building. The sun shined and illuminated the entire land. We ran over to the small village and all the people were back, their homes new and fixed. Everyone was dancing with joy as the sky turned a bright blue and even the animals in the sky were roaming free. “It worked. It really worked!” William said as he hugged me with joy. Then he stopped and looked at me. “Rose. Oh my god Rose!” We ran back to the castle and back to he garden as fast as we could and when we got there, she still wasn't there. “Where is she?” He said. “I don't know. All the other people that were dead lived again so why didn't Rose?” “I'll never get her back. Never. I screwed up and I can never fix it.” I could see him trying to hold back his anger. Then out of no where, William was tackled to the ground. “William are you okay?!” “Yes, I'm alright.” When he looked up to see who tackled him, he couldn't believe it. It was Rose. “Rose? Is that really you?” “Of course William! Who else would it be? You silly butler.” She said poking his face and smiling. William sat up slowly and hugged her like there was no tomorrow. “Rose! Oh Rose, I love you so much!” “I love you too William!” He looked over at me with a smile. I gave him two thumbs up and a smile back. I left the garden so they could have their time alone and walked upstairs to an empty room. I just laid down on the ground wondering what would happen next. “I don't want to leave. Why can't I just stay here? Why can't this be my reality?” “What are you talking about?” I heard a voice say as I turned my head.

“William? Aren't you supposed to be with Rose?” “She was hungry so I gave her some cookies and let her just watch tv. She needs some time to just relax alone.” He said as he walked over to me. “I saw you walk inside and you looked like you had something on your mind. Now I know what it is.” He sat on the ground next to me. “Yeah. I have been thinking about this a lot, I don't want to leave but I don't think I can control it anymore. What I think is that every time I sleep I switch between worlds. It's weird. But what I'm afraid of is one day not coming back here.” I sat up slowly, running my fingers through my hair. “I think it's times told you something.” He said as he grabbed my hand. “What do you mean?” “This other world you have been talking about…” “What about it?” “It doesn't exist. Like not as a real thing.” “Of course it does! I was born in that world and I grew up their!” I said looking at him like he was crazy. “No it doesn't and I can prove it.” He stood up. “Follow me” I stood up and followed him to another room across the hall. When he opened the door there were boxes everywhere.

“What is this?” “Each box is full of memories, each different from the last.” He pulled out a box that was small in size but I'm sure it held a lot. “These are some of your memories.” He opened it and waves of what seemed like records came rushing out. “Look closely.” He said. I leaned in and looked around and I saw a little girl that looked familiar. Then I realized it. “Is that-?” “Yes. That's you when you were around eight years old, and me when I was eleven. Rose was just born.” “Who are those people?” I said pointing to a couple in the background. “Those are my parents. To answer a question you might be thinking, they aren't your parents. This memory was from a day when you came over to play.” “I would come to play?” “My parents watched over you as a favor for your real parents. Like babysitting.” “Where are my real parents?” “I don't know. Sorry. One day they dropped you up and never came back to pick you up.” “I see. Is there anything else you need to tell me?” I said wiping a tear from my face. “Yes. Remember how I said my parents disappeared?” “Yeah what about it?” “Well watch this.” He pulled out another box. “These are my memories.” When he opened it he pulled out a strip of memories. I looked closely and just saw static.

“I can't see anything.” “Exactly. I can't remember what happened to them.” The strip of memories just disappeared out of no where like it never existed. A tear rolled down his face and he just wiped it away. I figured he didn't want me to see. “Changing the subject. So this other world you've been talking about isn't real. Your real life is here. This is your reality.” “So everything in that other world was fake? The friends? The mental asylum? The people?” “Yes. It's all just a dream when you sleep.” He said as he stood up. “Do you remember now?” I thought for a moment and everything came rushing back to me. “Yes I do remember. I remember everything.” I stood up looking around amazed, remembering that the room we were in used to be a play room when were kids. “So that means I get to stay here with you and Rose? I said with a smile. “Yes. Are you happy to hear that?”

“I'm super happy!” I said hugging him. “I get to stay in this world that I once thought was a dream. Now this is what some people would call a dream come true.” We walked downstairs to the living room where Rose was watching tv. “Rose I have some good news.” William said as he sat next to her. “What is it William?” “Bunny will be staying with us from now on.” “Really?” “Yes.” “Yay! Bunny is staying!” Rose said as she smiled with joy and hugged me tightly. “Ah you have quite a grip for a little girl.” I said catching my breath. “You have no idea.” William said chuckling. “So does this mean Bunny is like my sister?” Rose asked. “I guess so.” William and I said simultaneously. So everything completely went from bad to good so quickly. Just like a dream everything changed in a pinch. I still find it hard to believe that where I am now is reality, but I'm happy that now whenever I go to sleep I don't confuse the dreams with reality.

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