Early last year I tried the blood type diet. It seemed to make sense to me and was more of a guide than a diet and it seemed to help. At the very least it had me eating less wheat and other harmful grains and white bread and less dairy. I did lose interest after a while when I noticed that a lot of what I was supposed to stay away from had no adverse effect when I decided to try eating it. So I am no longer on any particular diet but I do have a few tips that have been helping me get much more proportional, energetic and stronger.

Try to get your groceries at Trader Joe's. Their private line has no genetically modified organisms. Organic is nice but the FDA standards to get labelled organic are very stringent and you can usually get away with non organic as long as you know the food does not have genetically modified organisms. Latest research is that frankenfood is much worse than we even suspected. How could it be otherwise?

Other things to stay away from are high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate (which comes under endless names), soft drinks and sugar substitutes like aspartame. I recommend that you get a Nutribullet so you can make great tasting smoothies and drink your vegetables. And don't listen to any vegans or other radical diet advocates. Just be sensible, try to limit processed foods and always leave a bit behind at the table. These are the things that I try to do along with doing 1-2 miles jogging or on an elliptical daily and it is making a big difference for me.

Will write more here later.

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