My Baby Sister

I’m Juniper. One day I got a special surprise. My baby sister Ivy was born.

It was very early in the morning. When I woke up, my Daddy brought me to my Mommy, and there was Baby Ivy in her arms. I reached out to touch her face. She felt so soft. Mommy said: “Be gentle,” so I stroked her very softly. I smiled really big. Mommy smiled too. Baby Ivy just looked at me.

I had to wait a while for Mommy and Daddy to let me hold Baby Ivy. Daddy helped me hold her head up because Baby Ivy was too little to hold her own head up. Now she can sit up all by herself.

Baby Ivy slept a lot at first. She still takes a nap each day. Mommy says: “Juniper, you need to play quietly while Ivy sleeps.” It’s not easy to play quietly. One time I was very noisy. Baby Ivy woke up too early. She was very grumpy until Mommy got her back to sleep.

Baby Ivy needs a lot of diaper changes. I like to help Mommy change Baby Ivy. Sometimes I get out a fresh diaper. Sometimes I throw the dirty one in the diaper pail. Mostly I make funny faces. That makes Baby Ivy giggle.

Sometimes Baby Ivy gets fussy. I sing her a little song. Then she stops crying. Mommy says: “I think Baby Ivy likes your song.”

I like to share my toys with Baby Ivy. At first, she was too little to hold them. Now she can hold a toy that I give her. When Mommy or Daddy gives Ivy a toy, I suddenly remember that I want that toy. I try to take it away. Then Daddy says: “Wait patiently. Ivy will soon lose interest and want another toy.” That doesn’t help much when I want it right now.

Sometimes Mommy has to vacuum the floor. I think the noise must be scary for Baby Ivy. I snuggle down really close to keep her safe. I tell her she doesn’t have to be afraid. Mommy says: “Thanks Juniper. That helps me finish the work.”

Baby Ivy likes knocking things down. Mommy helps me build word towers out of letter blocks. I’m getting good at finding the right letters. We build the tower. Baby Ivy knocks it down. Sometimes I want to build something that Baby Ivy can’t knock down, so I ask Mommy to keep Baby Ivy away. Then Mommy will put baby Ivy inside her sling.

I really like sitting on Mommy’s lap. Baby Ivy needs to be in Mommy’s arms a lot. It’s sometimes hard to wait my turn. Mommy gives me lots of snuggles. She lets me sit on her lap when Baby Ivy doesn’t need to be there.

I can do lots of things Baby Ivy can’t do. I can climb. I can swing. I can jump. I can even put on my own clothes. But sometimes I still want to be a baby. Mommy knows exactly what Baby Ivy wants when she cries. Why can’t she know what I want when I cry? Mommy says: “Baby Ivy only wants milk, a diaper change, some snuggles, or a nap. You want lots more things, so you need words.” Mommy also says: “It’s okay to still be a baby sometimes.”

Baby Ivy mostly gets her milk straight from Mommy. But sometimes her milk is in a bottle. I like it when I can feed Ivy her bottle. Baby Ivy is also big enough to eat solid food. Mommy cuts soft food up into little pieces. I put them on her high chair. Baby Ivy likes to eat and wear her food.

Baby Ivy is learning how to crawl. She can already move around. Mommy says: “When Ivy learns to crawl she is going to follow you everywhere.” I think it will be fun to have her follow me everywhere. Still, Mommy says: “If you don’t want Ivy to follow you that’s okay too; just let me know.”

Mommy’s the busiest while working in the kitchen. She sets Baby Ivy on the floor with some toys. That’s when I like to tell her a story. Then I run off to fix some pretend food. When I come back Baby Ivy gives me a big bright smile.

Mommy says: “Ivy will learn how to walk and talk, and you’ll be able to play all sorts of games together.” Right now Ivy is still a baby. I already love her so much. Mommy and Daddy say: “Ivy is so lucky to have you for a big sister.”


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