Fatherhood For The First Time

For many of you reading this, you could have had years if not many years of fatherhood under your belt. Some of you may have 1 child, some of you may have 4 children; as for me, I have none, unless you count the one growing gracefully inside of my spouses body.

At first in my expierences, I had mixed feelings about having a child when I found out that she was pregnant. Who wouldn't. But as time had passed, you grow on to the thought, expanding your mind and imagining things to come. Thoughts like the childs first word being “daddy” while looking at you.

For those who are reading this and are on the road to becoming a father, you probably have had the same feelings that I have. The thought of hearing a human calling you “daddy”. Your own flesh and blood, your legacy. To me the thought is appalling. It gives me great feelings all over when I think of my unborn coming to life and meeting us for the first time.

It is like life is flying on by, but when you think about your little child that will soon be meeting you and depending on you for his or her life, everything stops, just for a moment, and you can enjoy that thought for however long it may be, for soon, it will become reality.

We often think about, “what will the child be interested in when he can talk and interact?” or “What will he enjoy doing when he grows old enough for hobbies”. These questions can be answered to some degree by the way you are yourself. Your character will help mold and shape the character of this child throughout his life. He or she will look up to you and follow your guidance for a happy life, whatever that may be.

When I think of my child learning from me, I think about what I like to do, and what I enjoy as a whole. My passion lies within the workings of Computers. Anything related to these pieces of technology interests me, and I absolutely love it. Software, Hardware, Writing, Blogging, writing tutorials, browsing, developing, etc. Basically everything you can think of with these machines—I love.

I vision my child as enjoying the same things that I do. I will expose him to a computer, when he is old enough to know how to use one. I will teach him everything I know and allow him to grab an understanding of these great pieces of work. I want him or her to feel like everything is at their fingertips and just a click and press away.

Many other parents would disagree with that notion. Mainly the parents who are a little older than what I am (24) simply because it is not the way “they” were brought up. They didn't live in a society where computers practically ruled the world and did everything in the world autonomously in some cases.

The world is run by computing technology, and it is the future. If I have a child, I want him or her to be a part of this growing future, and play their role in it. Now-you may be thinking- “what if he or she does not find interest in the tech world?”. Well, if my child does not find this world to be for him or her. Then that is their decision, and nobody has the right to take that away from them. I will support him or her through thick and thin no matter what their decision in life may be. I will expose the child to their options and allow them to establish their own interests and their own hobbies, without my intervening.

Children are such wonderful beings. So innocent and in all reality, so smart. Take a 1 month old baby for instance. They may not be talking, and they may not be walking, but in their own way, they are communicating immensely with you through body language and what they think are words. When you look at a small child, you can almost sense and see them communicating and learning. When you are trying to explain something to them, and they look at you in your eyes—you can see that they are understanding what you are trying to tell them, albeit vague, but they are still interpreting it and learning from it. How do you think they learn to talk in the first place?

My spouse is 16 weeks pregnant, only a short while to go before I get to experience head on what joy it is to be a father and what treasures lie ahead of me. There will be good times, and there will be bad times. But I know, I will love every moment of it.


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