Must visit winter golfing destinations!

Imagine the amount of fun you would have in a great winter golf session? The planet has so many golf courses, to suffice the needs of patrons, who wish to enjoy a calm green ambience. The recreational activity is regarded as an apt way to relax your mind and unwind stress. The comfort and luxury witnessed in a golf course will certainly leave your awestruck. If you are new to the field of golfing remember that a perfect winter holiday in a golf course would have a massive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. This article gives a brief overview on top destinations, which must be visited by golfers!

Golfing in a warm ambience!

Maui in Hawaii USA is regarded as “Safe Haven” by fervent golfers. The place is home to professional golf tournaments and tours. The place flaunts an amazing climate that attracts the young and the old. Moreover, the golf courses in Maui are of world class standards. The five star resorts, warm trade winds and white ambience, will definitely change your winter golfing experience. A noteworthy golf course in Maui would be Wailea Golf resort. The resort is a 54-hole golf club. It is placed in an amazing setting, which attracts more than a million golfers every year!

A place of shelter – Honolulu, Hawaii!

Another famous destination in Hawaii would be Honolulu. The warm location is regarded as a “place of shelter”. The scenic consign falls in line with the Pacific Ocean. This makes the place a warm golfing destination even during winter. Remember that if you are in Honolulu, you must visit the Turtle Bay Palmer Golf Course.

Enjoy golf in Virgin Islands – USA

Next in line would be St. Thomas, Virgin Islands in USA. The place is known for its luxurious attributes. It has some of the world’s finest resorts. Each resort is put together with a touch of royalty and superiority. Common names in the list of St Thomas golf courses would include the Ritz Carlton Resort, Mahogany Run and Wyndham Resort near the sugar bay. World famous golfers tend to recommend all these golf courses for sensational winter golfing sessions! The Caribbean golf getaways will certainly help you revitalize your golfing skills.

Winter wonderland in Costa Rica – An enthralling holiday session!

Thirdly, Costa Rica is another amazing consign located near the pacific coast. The place has a posh outlook! It is covered by oceans and lush green rain forests. For instance, Costa Rica’s Los Suenos Marriott Ocean and Elite Golf Resort is extremely popular amongst golfers. The resort has an 18-hole championship courses. The golf courses are surrounded by spas, casinos and tennis courts. Tourists, who visit Costa Rica for golfing, tend to enjoy their vacation with other activities like deep sea fishing and skiing! This makes the place a picture perfect “Winter Wonderland”. There is no other land that is as fine and exotic as Costa Rica for golfing.

Dominican Republic’s Cap Cana for a great golf experience!

Dominican Republic’s Cap Cana is another sensational golf destination. Cap Cana is located near the east coast of Dominican Republic. The Caribbean location is well known for its scenic sight! For instance, you will certainly fall for Cap Cana’s crystal blue waters, enthralling beaches, lush valleys and splendid golf courts. The Jack Nicklaus golf course in Dominican Republic is home to world famous golfers. The golfing championship tournament that was held in Cap Cana, April 2008, was appreciated for its picture perfect nature! This is one of the basic reasons behind the name and fame of Cap Cana’s golf courses in the list of golfing destinations!

A sleepy little golfing village with unique facets! – Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

The list of golfing destinations remains incomplete without Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The place was once known as a “sleepy little fishing village”. Today, the place is a great golfing destination that is famous amongst rich golfers. The special golf courses in Cabo San Lucas are designed by Trent Jones, Nicklaus, Fazio, Norman and Dye. The warm breezy golf course would be impossible to neglect during winter! This is because even during winter, the sun greets golfers and enthusiastic sportsmen! There is a venture for golf almost everywhere in the city.

An ultimate holiday destination – Miami Florida!

An ultimate holiday destination that attracts fervent golfers would be Miami, Florida. Miami is known for its pinch of international essence. The warm inviting sun in Miami confers golfers with a rich experience. The southern beach will undeniably enrich your golf sessions. Imagine a vacation with your family, where your kids, relatives and elders enjoy a game of golf! Miami has a Doral Spa and Resort with enthralling golf courses.

California’s Palm Spring Golf courses, for a remarkable experience!

Similarly, the Palm Springs in California is filled with rugged mountains, green valleys and several golf courses. The place is apt for anyone who wishes to enjoy a great golfing session. Accordingly, the place has three big resorts! Each of these resorts are grooved with exotic features. Apart from these exquisite golf courses, the place features more than 100 golf courses. Also, San Diego in California is apt for novice golfers. The place has an excellent weather, all year around! Well experienced golfers state that their experience in San Diego, California was remarkable and sensationally amazing! Most experts, who visit San Diego golf courses, spend at least 40 days in the amazing hotspot!

Go to Las Vegas for its Enthralling Casinos and Golf courses!

Last but definitely not the least, Las Vegas in Nevada is a place that attracts numerous tourists. The sensational consign has premier golf courses. It has more than a dozen golf courses. Popular choices in Las Vegas’s huge list of golf courses would include Royal Links, The Canyons and Reflection Bay. Bear in mind that the foremost destinations are filled with tourists at all times of the year! Apart from casinos, Las Vegas is home to exotic golf courses, which will certainly revitalize your golfing skills!

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