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Some people take muscle building very seriously, and there are many ways in which muscles can be increased in size, with varying degrees of success with differing levels of risk to individuals. Muscle building, often referred to as bodybuilding, is now arguably a bigger business than ever before, with the internet infinitely increasing the amount of products available, helping to aid the bulking up of muscles, and educating the bodybuilding enthusiasts. Go online and it will only take a few moments to see advertisements for supplements or tablets full of body building chemicals, etc., or for some form of exercise equipment that tones muscle with little or no physical effort at all. Of course, people that want to bulk and have enough money could just go out and buy their own gym, and perhaps hire a personal trainer as well. All these advertisements are intended to take people's money, and if you look at them, be aware at all times that if something appears to be too good to be true, then it probably is.

It is recommended to buy small quantities of high protein products to avoid wasting too much money, then buy more if they work for you, as buying multiple packs usually provides you with better value for your money. If you know other people that have already tried tablets or any of the exercise equipment, ask their opinion of what products worked for them, and those that did not. Once you have bought something, always ensure that you read the instructions carefully to prevent overdoses of substances, or to use an exercise apparatus without injuring yourself (always warm up and cool down too). Be careful about embarking on a muscle building program if you are already on medication, have high blood pressure, or if you have a heart condition. That is because lifting weights, particularly the heavier weights can place extra strain on your heart.

Unnecessary injuries can delay your plans for muscle building, and possibly do you serious harm. If using weights, do not lift anything that is too heavy as torn muscles could take a long time to heal properly. Only increase the weights you lift once you are confident that you will lift them safely. It is also good if you know your limits and stop when it is time for a rest, or time to stop completely. Tired limbs and muscles are more likely to get injured, the bigger your muscles are, the worse the injuries can be, which will cause a delay to your progress. Extra care should be taken if you have been prone to injuries, especially sports injuries in the past, in order to avoid aggravating previous problems, causing them to flare up again.

These days, it is really common for people to want instant results, whether they are buying something, or aiming to achieve their objectives in life, without having to wait for any length of time. Not only do people want everything done as quickly as possible, they invariably want things done to perfection (even if their concept of perfection is constantly changing, take how many people have a whole series of plastic surgery operations, for instance). Advertising and marketing companies regard these people as being very easy to take advantage of when they set out to sell goods and services, and as a way to make the highest number of sales as possible. Sales mean profits, which is exactly the thing that businesses want to achieve. Some companies constantly chop and change the items that they are selling, making the most out of selling the latest trends, and then moving on to the next trend. The internet is, if used properly by companies a seller's dream, but potentially a buyer's nightmare. With all the adverts, it is no surprise that ways to change your body through muscle building, dieting, or plastic surgery, not to mention a whole host of other gimmicks seem to be increasing in popularity all the time. Advertisers prey on people's perceptions of their bodies' shortcomings in order to increase sales for the products that they are advertising. There are quick fixes aplenty, some better than others, and often only experience will tell you what will help build muscle, and what will only empty your wallet instead.

Yet some people buy these items on a whim (perhaps a New Year resolution, or because somebody they know is already doing it), and then turn their attention to something else. If you are one of those people, then spend as little as possible on diet supplements and exercise equipment, etc., so you have enough money for the next whim when it comes along. On the other hand, for those serious about bulking up their bodies, then none of these things should be a waste of money, providing they have not overpaid for any of it. People should perhaps always be wary of the claims made in adverts, hence the sensible approach of trying small quantities of supplements, and maybe trying out exercise gear at the gym, or at a friend's house if they have it before ordering it for yourself. That is a sensible way of saving money until you are convinced enough that you are about to spend it wisely.

In the good old days (or perhaps that should be the bad old days), successful muscle building over the long-term involved high protein diets, as well as many long and hard hours of lifting weights. In order to have the physical build of an Olympic champion weight lifter, or a likely winner of the Mr. Universe, you had to eat, and also exercise like they did, only without the budget they had to do it with. Anyone putting in that much effort, might as well have gone to the Olympic games, or have entered all of the major bodybuilding contests themselves. In other words, to do a serious amount of muscle building for the majority of people, requires a great deal of dedication, effort, and perspiration. Perhaps it is not surprising that people who did not want to bother with muscle building doubted the sanity of those individuals that did. However, not everyone that started body building wanted to spend almost as much time eating a fairly dull, high protein diet as they did lifting weights at the gym. That is where the growth in sports technology and diet supplements have come in handy for people. These supplements can vary quite markedly in terms of quality, price, and effectiveness, depending on the quality and quantity of their ingredients. The better products will list their ingredients and the percentage of the key active ingredients in them.

Anabolic Steroids and Bodybuilding

For people that aimed to carry out muscle building without putting in the efforts that the more dedicated bodybuilders have, there are anabolic steroids. Although they are illegal for sports use in most countries, they are a potent means of building muscle bulk in next to no time at all. Steroids not only build up muscles, they can help body builders recover from injuries far sooner than any rivals that did not use them. There can be side effects of using them, and because they give advantages to users, they have been banned from bodybuilding contests. After all, anabolic steroids not only build up muscle, and aid recuperation from injuries, they can make people move faster, and have greater endurance levels. If ever offered the chance to buy, and then to use them, do not do so, as will be doing more harm than good.

Steroid use is often frowned upon, and the majority of sports have regular doping tests to deter their use, and to catch users, leading to competitive bans. Besides, prolonged use can be highly dangerous to those people usinng them, for instance, it can make people more aggressive, and thus prone to violence. There are masking agents to hide steroid use, and without a doubt these get more complex as the anti-doping tests improve. It is difficult to tell exactly how many weight lifters and body builders cheat by taking steroids to speed up muscle bulking, and therefore, usually do well in competitions. However, most bodybuilders are honest and do not cheat. Yet it is the damage that long-term use could do to the human body that is far worse than being banned from competitions. Steroids should only ever be used in exceptional circumstances that do not include getting big biceps, or triceps, and only with the advice of a doctor, or specialist. Even then, that would be for a short period of time.

There are ways to improve muscle building that are not illegal, and would not be considered as cheating by bodybuilding standards. Muscle builders not interested in entering weight lifting or bodybuilding contests will probably not be too interested in the exact contents of the many powders, and supplements that are available to build up bulk sooner than a high protein diet, and without excessive time spent in the gym. For example, there are powders such as whey that are high in protein, yet will not cause any potentially dangerous ill effects like that of anabolic steroids or testosterone supplements. These powders, alongside snack bars, and shakes can now be bought at most stores, shopping malls, as well as many online retailers. Ironically enough, at most stores and supplement retailers, high protein supplements are generally placed next to weight loss products.

So there are a few ways to build up muscle bulk, some better than others, some cheaper than others, and some better than the rest of them. In the past, apart from anabolic steroids and testosterone supplements, there seemed to be no short cuts to muscle building. Basically, you had to follow a strict, largely mundane high protein diet that would be expensive to maintain over a long-term period, and sure to be really dull. Fortunately, for present day people wanting to build up muscle, there are high protein products ranging from powders to protein bars, and flavored milk drinks that do not fill your car like the huge amounts of food and milk that people once had to buy.

Nowadays, there are simple muscle toners, and reasonably priced home gyms that people can use instead of going to a gym if their finances or time are too tight. Whether or not using exercise equipment at home, or in a gym, care needs to be taken to avoid injuries, or to prevent yourself from lifting weights that are too heavy, or placing too much strain on your body. Most people find it best to gradually increase their bulk instead of aiming to do so in a hurry, and possibly increase the risk of injuries, or burning out, neither of which are good options.


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