Part VI-A: Moving Up in the Blinds

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Once you find a blind level that you feel comfortable with, and is in accord with your bankroll model, you should stay at that level at least until it becomes profitable enough so that your bankroll has grown to a size which would accommodate the next highest blind level. Even then you may not want to move up immediately. If you are making good money at a particular blind level, then like the old saying goes, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” At least for a while. Eventually, in order to grow as a player, you're going to want to move up.

In online limit games you will find poor play occurring all the way up to the 30/60 blind level. However, that doesn't mean that generally speaking the players at 30/60 aren't more skilled than the players at 3/6. They definitely are, and as you move up you will notice the differences. So as you move up the ladder, you should realize that even though you still see a lot poor play, the competition is going to get generally tougher, and you should proactively seek to acquire more advanced strategies to enhance your game to compensate for that. You have some real sharks at 15/30 and 30/60 limit games. Don't be afraid to drop back down if the competition seems to difficult.

Test the waters, drop back down, and further prepare. The willingness to accept your own weaknesses, or the fact that you are being consistently outplayed at a particular blind level, is the surest method to achieve the fastest growth in poker. If you're not ready for a particular blind level, or there is a particular problem with your game, don't allow yourself to interpret that fact to mean that you're just no good at poker, or anything like that. Instead just look at it for what it is, you need work in one particular area, or you need to acquire some more advanced skills, and act accordingly. The faster you can accept something, the faster you can do what you need to do to address and conquer it.

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