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Many mobile marketing people think that marketing through mobile is just restricted to developing an application for a product and launching it in the market. A good marketer will realize that just developing an application is not a full marketing strategy. It is just a part of it. Although mobile apps are interesting, engaging and easy to market, still there are a lot of other options which can give an effective marketing.

Mobile marketing professionals should dive in deep waters and also think of other tactics like use of bulk SMS, QR codes, mobile advertising, using Bluetooth at hotspots etc. The best way to create good promotion is to make your ad available for as many mobile screens as possible. This is because we never know through which medium, will the user get to see the ad.


The kind of communication used for an advertisement depends on the type of product being marketed. Depending on just one type of strategy like SMS only or mobile apps only can or cannot give you results. There will always be an uncertainty.

It is true that mobile marketing is becoming the next wave of change in the way marketing is done. But it totally depends on the type of product, its branding communication, the company’s image building etc. Also the type of audience which is to be targeted is important too. Based on the audience and the type of product, the correct medium or a combination of channels should be decided upon. Completely relying on one approach will not be advisable and an integrated mobile marketing technique is expected to give better results.

Mobile Branding

A mobile strategy should be an extension of other tactics of mobile communications. It should not be exclusive. A mobile strategy and marketing techniques should be developed keeping in mind how a company serves its customers. The overall branding of the company should not be altered with.

For many customers, mobile screens can be the first step of communication. For others, television and radio may serve the purpose in a better way. For them an ad in a magazine may be more effective. Hence the knowledge of the audience is very important. E.g. if the promotion of a soap is done through sending SMS, it will be not as effective. People would like to see the product, see the size, shape etc to actually consider it for buying. Hence in that case sending SMS will not be a good idea.

Rise Of Mobile Marketing

There is no doubt that the market for mobile advertising is rising day by day. It has become very easy for the customer to own a mobile these days and hence the marketers tend to leverage that. With increasing competition between different mobile network carriers, the prices of data services available on mobiles are becoming cheaper.

The mobiles have capabilities to receive MMS, connect to internet, download games, get advertisements etc. Hence it becomes easy for a marketer to push ads on the mobile. But he has to see to it that he uses that medium of communication that is most likely to succeed in reaching the customer.

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