Mobile Marketing – A Step Forward

Mobile Marketing For Business

Finding out new and new ways to reach the target audience has always been the most important thing. One thing that is with a customer always is his mobile phone. Hence targeting that and sending advertisements on it seems to be the idea. A mobile can be targeted in a number of ways.

Starting from SMS to a more complicated process of app creation on a brand is the range of options on which a customer can get to see an advertisement. Other than simply sending an advertisement, new ways of making a customer of new product launch, new movie, a good theatre play etc is to make mobile web specific ad or making a game or application for his mobile phone which he can use rather than simply reading it. Customer can play games via applications and in those games a marketer can send banners related to a particular brand.

Reaching The Customer

Traditionally, television, radios, newspapers have been in fashion since many decades to reach the customer. These are used to reach the end user and build a branding. These are evergreen strategies and still work well from many brands, but with the increasing use of mobile phones in the world, new ways of getting customer’s attention are being found out. Customer are reached both offline and on online mode.

The growth of distribution of application is a proof of this growth. All new business owners are including mobile marketing in his integrated marketing communications plans.

Why Use Mobile Marketing?

The answer is simple. It is the most direct path to reach the customer. Generation of new leads is easy with this method. The mobile follows them everywhere and so will the brand. Customers can be reached anywhere any time.

Mobile marketing is fantastic to generate new potential clients. Moreover the total cost of implementing a mobile marketing plan is very cheap as compared to other modes of communication. The attention rate is very high. The conversion ratio is incredible, in a study it was seen that a SMS is read within four minutes of its delivery. This is far better than other means of communication. Hence the revenue is increased and returns on investment for a business if profitable and can be achieved in a short span of time.

Connect With The Customer

The best practise to have a sustained profitable business is to have loyal customers who will give repeat businesses. Hence building a long lasting relationship with the customers is essential for a lasting business.

Mobile marketing is simply providing the customer with recent facts; he is not bombarded with facts and offers. Daily, many new businesses are opening up and using mobile marketing to make their customer aware of them. Recent years have seen a massive increase in the growth of smart phones sales and usage of data services like 3G and 4G. Hence it has become feasible to include mobile marketing in your marketing communication plans. Mobile marketing is here to stay and it is fast becoming the major branding tool.

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