Mobile Marketing-The New Age Communication

Why Mobile Marketing?

Media planning companies have a lot of options when they sit down to put money in marketing communication mediums. These days, mobile marketing is a hot topic because everyone knows that a person will surely read his or her SMS at least once. Or a person will play games on his mobile or switch on his Bluetooth sometimes. Hence mobile marketing is on a rise since the number of handsets sold in the world in one year is increasing every year.

Mobile marketing is an effective tool of communication since it itself has so many ways through which an advertisement can be sent to a customer. Nowadays the selling of smart phones has increased many folds. A smart phone will have a capability of installing many applications for the mobile. Games, news updates, chatting applications, emails etc are some of the ways with which a promotion can be sent to a customer.

Mobile Web

There are websites which have a special webpage designed for a mobile phone. Hence a person will visit that webpage and not the one which he or she opens through a laptop. These are a good way to send ads and offers on a customer’s cell phone. These web pages are specially designed to suit a customer’s handset’s resolution.

Mobile marketing association has set guidelines and regulations regarding the formats of advertisements that will be displayed on these pages. Many content providers like Google, yahoo have been selling these online spaces for the use of advertisements. This has been going on from a long period of time. A mobile’s internal tools like reminders, games etc can be integrated with advertisements too.

Bluetooth And Infra Red

Bluetooth and Infra red mobile marketing is also an option but it is not that famous since these are range based. These can only be used when a device is in the range of the host. With the trend of hotspots, certain places like coffee shops, shopping malls etc see people with their Bluetooth and infra red services switched on.

Then the companies can send ads, special offers, product knowledge and promotional schemes through these services. Infra red has a very limited range and hence it is seldom used.

Privacy Issues

Although mobile marketing is safe and is used extensively, still if a mobile advertising is sent to a customer’s device, it can cause violation issues. Any advertisements sent without a customer’s approval can be termed as a violation of his or her privacy. It does not matter if a mobile advertisement is designed very well and it adheres to all the guidelines laid down by the authority, a non interested customer will feel annoyed by the ads.

The issues arose since a mobile device is a very personal thing and it is always carrying a person’s location, data and private content. Hence a security concern arises when a person is sent with an advertisement. Security breaching concerns are there, loss of data, virus problems, leakage of content etc issues are always there.

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