Minecraft Modded Guides - Material Energy Hyper Cubed

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Minecraft Modded Guides is my own personal series on the many modpacks in the FTB, Technic and ATLauncher. They're designed to follow a linear path, assuming that the user might follow it. Of course, this is not all that true, you won't be able to do certain things in order since anything can happen. With that, we'll continue on.

The Guide Itself

While beginning any modpack, I always like to go into controls and change a lot of my binds since they're bound to conflict, this might be needed depending on what items you're planning to use, I'll mention that in the guide as we get to them. When you'll try startup a game in singleplayer, you'll notice that there's no options when creating a world, this is because the modpack specifically uses a custom map. Just simply generate a new world and you're set.

Starting Out

When you spawn in, you should be at some kind of a resting point. This is more of a 'before-we-start map'. Look into the chest at the bottom left of the diamond block and grab everything, you'll need some backup quest books just in case you ever die. There's actually quite a few easter eggs here. if you go on top of the red rose bushes and go behind the wall of Obsidian Tiles, you'll find another Sky Chest with four reward bags, Green Heart Canister and two more Enchanted Books. Then if you go back to the spawn point, the Obsidian Tile under you is actually an Item Buffer. If you're patient, you can break a block under the platform and let some water stream down to expose a platform that you can only safe get to by flowing along a waterfall and getting back up. After all of that, go back to spawn point. With the Big Button you took from the chest, place it on the diamond block and press it to start the actual map. You should be automatically teleported to a room filled with water and glass. The first thing to do here is check out your quest book. Your quest book is one of the most important items because it allows you to progress through the modpack. There are 6 categories to go through with one being more of a 'easter-egg' variety, but they are very lucrative in adventure. The first quest we can complete right off the bat is by taking the items on top of the glass container you were teleported to. It includes a Compass, Watch and Book. In the 'Lost In Space' category, we can complete 'Lost In Space' and 'Unforeseen Consequences' quests which gives us 2 Reward Bags, a Conduit Probe, a Portable Scanner, a Red Heart Canister and a Chisel tool.

Before we can continue, we want to take advantage of the heart canister. These heart canisters can actually increase the max HP of the player, so taking the red and green heart canisters, go into the 'Armor GUI' tab which looks like a Diamond Chestplate, and on the right side are three different slots. Place in heart canisters corresponding to that and you should always get one extra heart (2 HP) per canister. Now at this point, we're ready to complete the next quest. This map takes a huge advantage of the Ender IO's Travel Anchor, which works by moving your character onto it and then jumping while looking at another anchor to teleport to it. Before doing that however, there is another Sky Chest just right above, take the items from that. Moving to the travel anchor, you can complete the next quest. Your current quest should be called 'Traveling Around', and it requires the player to tour around the base visiting four locations: 'Chemical Reactors', 'Victory Monument', 'Observatory' and 'Big Reactor'. The reward is a Magnet that allows the player to pickup items further away. For the 'Chemical Reactor' one, next to the Travel Anchor is an elevator from OpenBlocks, move your player on top of it and then jump or crouch to teleport up and down. You only need to do this once and then move toward the 'Fusion Chamber' to complete the objective. A lot of your time will be spent in the Observatory, since there are machines and a variety of items for you to use up there. When you first enter it, there should be 5 Item Buffers with reward bags around the platform, just on the edge. You can dump all of your items inside one of the chests since you want your items to be readily near you.

You can now complete the 'Traveling Around' quest and continue to easily complete the 'System Core' quest which requires having the Core Logs book. The reward is a Multimeter, which is a tool in Thermal Expansion that allows you to change the settings of certain blocks. After this, complete the 'Spatial IO' quest by going to the Spatial IO room and head towards the sign said 'Spatial IO'. The quest reward for this is a reward, there's going be a trend where you'll get a reward bag of varying rarity depending on how hard the quest is. Notice in your quest book and you now have a huge variety of quests to complete. A nice easter-egg around in this room is that there are four Enderium Blocks located at each corner inside the room. These are actually item buffers with enough Enderium nuggets to make a full ingot and two reward bags. Continuing on, access the 'ME Terminal' and there should be an enchanted book and 'Inclusion Chamber' ME Spatial Drive. Take both of them and we'll then open up the 'Spatial IO Port', just below the ME Access Terminal and place the Spatial Drive inside the left slot. Press the big button on the right and then leave the spatial drive inside the Spatial IO Port. What we did is loaded an entire 58^3 area into the observatory's spatial area, which is what that giant room was for. To complete the quest, go back to the observatory and enter the new area until you hit a hole with a ladder in it, then complete the 'Inclusion Chamber' quest, which rewards a reward bag! We'll first complete the 'Red Room' quest by going into what looks like a… Red Room. There is a Sky Stone Chest inside the middle which includes a variety of Red Colored Items. We're only interested in the Planks, Torches, Redstone (dust and ore), cobblestone, Red Tulips and Redstone Alloy. We can hand in the quest now which gives us a reward bag.

We can now focus on the 'Green Room' which has trees and wood, along with some very basic tools. When you go down into the room, there is a Sky Stone chest behind that includes wooden armor. Assuming you opened the Reward bags, you should have a Heavily Modded Wooden Cleaver that deals 11 Attack Damage, so the weapons in it isn't needed. However, if you do not have a Wooden Cleaver, there is another Sky Stone chest behind the trees that includes a Paper Scythe, Lumber Axe and Cleaver that you could use. Regardless, take the Scythe and Lumber Axe and use the Axe to cut down the trees. We should have four saplings, and we can use to to turn in the quest, in which we get a Slime Hatchet, Invalid Item, Flint pickaxe and a stack of Fertilizer. The Invalid Item is useless, but we can place it inside our crafting table and turn it into another Enchanted Book. Going back to the observatory, in one of the chests holds Applied Energistics ME equipment. Take three glass cables and three ME Terminals and place a glass cable and the ME Terminal on top of the glass cable for every Dense Cable in the room. You can now start to place items inside the network.

The next quest we'll work on now is the 'Tools and Weapons' quest, where we'll craft a Part Builder, Stencil Table and a Tool Station. You can look up crafting recipes for these using a Not Enough Items, a mod that expands upon the Inventory System. You search up for the items and left click them for the crafting recipe. The rewards for this quest is a little different because we have a selection of tools we can use. I would suggest grabbing the Obsidian Pickaxe head as it can mine more things than the iron, in return, the halved durability. You can also use the flint pickaxe non-liberally since you now have 15 flint to repair it with. After we hand in the quest, we'll work on the 'Plan of Attack' quest which requires crafting a Wooden Round Shield in order to obtain an Obsidian Heater Shield and Cactus Heater Shield, which will greatly improve our chances of surviving. To use the Stencil Table, Part Tabler and Tool Station, we'll first need three Blank Patterns, and then place that into the Stencil Table. We'll pick out the Tool Rod Pattern, Large Plate Pattern and the Pan Pattern. Place them into the part builder along with a plank on the right of it and it'll produce a part from that pattern. Do this with all three of the patterns we had just made and then go into the Tool Station. Pick out the last button from the left (Shield Icon is Missing?) and place the tool parts corresponding to the GUI. We now have a Wooden Shield which we can hand in for the Obsidian Heater Shield and Cactus Heater Shield.

We can these shields for the combat system which we'll explain now. If you go into your inventory, there is an tab with Two Swords and a Shield, you have three different slots on each side with your armor GUI which you can place weapons into along with shields or another sword. Place the shield you want to use on the right side and a weapon on the left. Or you can choose to dual wield weapons as well. One thing to note is that you cannot use 'Heavy' weapons and have another shield/weapon on the other hand since technically it's a 2-Handed weapon (i.e. a Cleaver). Now that we're armed, we can do the 'Compressed Resources' quest which requires going down the ladder and dealing with mobs to mine out compressed Gravel, Sand and Dirt. If you dig into the center, there is a Sky Stone Chest which holds weapon parts and two reward bags. You can now hand in the quest after you mined in everything and you should have a Triple Compressed Cookie which amounts to 12 Stacks of cookies! You should be really well on food by now.

At this point, we'll focus on the 'Sky Stone' quest, which requires us to go onto a field of open debris. The quest requires us to obtain 10 Sky Stone, and then Obtain 10 Sky Stone Block and convert that to Sky Stone Brick. Somewhere in the open field there is a crack where we can jump down into a small room with a Sky Stone Chest in the middle filled with Ghast Wool. Take all of it and hand both of the 'Ghastly Wool' and 'Sky Stone' quest. The Ghastly Wool quest gives us a Red Heart Canister, so don't forget to make use of it! What's even more important is that we have a spatial drive called the 'Biosphere'. That's exactly what we want, so now we can access another area plentiful of crops and life. Going back to the main base, head into the Spatial IO room and access the Spatio IO port. Place the 'Inclusion Chamber' back into the left slot and press the button. You had just loaded whatever's in the Observatory's chamber back into the drive. Now, take the Biosphere Spatial Drive and place it inside the Spatial IO Port and press the button to load it into the Observatory's Chamber.

The first thing to do is to collect the crops that are already grown inside the Biosphere. Hand in the wheat to complete the quest to receive a Reward bag, and then we can focus on the lower floor of the chamber. This is where we can work on the 'Climate Control' quest and the 'Coral Wool' quest. Unfortunately, the basement of the Biosphere is littered in mobs with enchanted weapons and they're crawling everywhere. However, if you were to dig down further below the basement, you would see an entire floor filled with Gelid Cryotheum and Dense Certus Quartz. There are a good variety of Sky Stone Chests, so make sure you collect all of them as there are one Sky Stone Chest per cluster of Dense Certus Quartz. There is another Sky Stone Chests right under the center of the Biosphere that has a great sum of compressed cookies. The greatest part about this place is that you can collect as much Gelid Cryotheum as you want for the Climate Control quest without worrying about mobs as Snow Golems will attack them. The reward for this quest is just a Reward Bag, so it not might be worth the hassle. With that said. The Coral Wool required for the Coral Wool happens to be in a secluded basement under the floor with all the mobs. You can dig up into it from the Gelid Cryotheum Floor and there will be another Sky Stone Chest full of Coral Wool. You can complete the Coral Wool quest to receive an ore finder, Iron Pickaxe and a Red Heart Canister. Now you don't feel so guilty not picking the Iron Pickaxe Head back then, huh? You also have another Spatial IO Drive called 'Miner's Delight', see a trend here?

For now, unless you have access to three pieces of clay or iron ingots for a bucket, we cannot pick up the Cryotheum and hand it in. However, we now have a Spatial Drive that allows us to obtain ore. Load in the Miner's Delight Spatial Drive and now we have an entire chamber filled with ore! The main objective now is to obtain Lavender Wool. It's pretty simple, but the biggest challenge is trying to survive the massive amount of mobs down under, and the chest is not an easy trip down. Note that there's another Spatial Drive like the Miner's Delight called 'Vanilla Mining'. It's found in the far bottom right of the map so it's more of an easter egg. There's just enough tunnels down there designed so that you wouldn't have to dig out the area to find the chest. You should notice that there's a trend where the wool required to get more Spatial Drives are surrounded in a Sky Stone and Black Stained Glass Chamber. When you get the Lavender wool and head back up, hand in the quest and you'll get a Reward Bag and another Red Heart Canister, but more importantly, another Spatial Drive called the Rotunda.

Let's hunker down for a bit and focus on some existing quests we weren't able to complete before. Assuming you've done quite a bit of mining, go ahead and grind up then smelt your ore. You should already have the conduits needed to automate this. This this point you can complete the quest 'Tool Forge' which allows you to upgrade your existing Tool Forge into an Iron One which allows you to create all the available tools in Tinker's Construct. The quest gives you in return, a Cactus Scythe Head, a Bone Broad Axe Head, a Netherrack Hammer Head and a Slime Tough Binding. Another you might want to do are the 'My First Alloy', 'Charcoal Charcoal', 'Ferrous And Invar', 'Silver and Lead', 'Yellorium' and 'Grout' quests since they're so easy. The rewards given from those quests are 6 Reward Bags, an Angmallen Tool Rod, a Lead Block, a Silver Block, 20 pieces of grout and 5 Seared Brick. If you're planning on making a Mob Grinder in the feature, the 'Spikes' quest might interest you since it gives out free iron/gold/diamond spikes for just making one iron spike.

On the same page with Grout, we could start to make our first smeltery now. Craft a 'Smeltery Controller', 'Smeltery Drain', 'Seared Bricks' and a 'Seared Tank'. We can now hand in the 'Everything For a Smeltery' quest and receive a Bucket of Lava, Casting Table, Redstone Clock and a Casting Basin. The Smeltery is a modular multi-block structure that we have to adhere to the following rules. The floor of the smeltery needs at least a 3×3 area, so place 9 blocks in the ground and then we'll surround it with Seared bricks and at least one Smeltery Controller with a Seared Tank next to it and then the multi-block is complete. We can add as many Smeltery Drains and Casting Tables/Basins as we want in order to drain out the liquids. We'll eventually start to need some lava, so why don't we go ahead and load in the 'Rotunda' Spatial Drive. Upon entering, you'll immediately hear a lot of mobs. That's because the entrance is a (kind-of) safe place from the dangerous journey below, so make sure you're well armed. There are a few Sky Stone Chests before you even go down, so make sure you get all of them.

Here's a little trick. I usually like to avoid combat the best way possible, and like my Biosphere trick, I actually dug down just only one block away from the entrance and it turns out there's a little donut-shaped room just below the floor and above the lava basement. There's plenty of Charged Certus Quartz and Dense Nether Quartz here to mine, and that's eventually part of a quest called 'Quartz Challenge!!!'. Not much of a challenge, huh? The reward is great since you're going to be crafting even more Applied Energistics 2 Stuff later on, so the 3 Crystal Growth Accelerator is great along with a Charger and a Reward Bag. The Crystal Growth Accelerator is used so that when you create crystals, you won't have to wait a painful long time for them to grow. At this point, you should be placing down torches so that mobs can't spawn when you're taking care of business. To make sure mobs can't spawn in an area, Press F7 which allows you to view spawnable areas. Areas that are in Red means that mobs can indeed spawn on top of it, so place torches in a way where they do eliminate the red crosses. Going lower down to the third ring, you'll come into some Dense Bitumen Ore which we can use as a replacement for Slimeballs and for the 'Tar' quest, which rewards a handful of 4 Reward Bags! Going down, you'll have to drop down to the lava floor and there will be Two Sky Stone Chests. Grab whatever you want and then continue back up, you're done with the area. In the Third and Second Ring, there's a large cluster of Dense and Silver ore near the ladder room and there's plenty of Iron/Gold blocks so you should have a plentiful supply of that for a while.

Know that there are a handful of Hardened Energy Cells in the reactor room, so I hope you've been making good use of them with your machines back at the observatory. You don't even have to use the Stirling Generators, as you can bring them back to the reactor and charge them there (which is pretty tedious, so we'll focus on fixing that later on). For now, let's focus on Minechem. Minechem is a modpack that allows you to decompose items into their basic elements, and them turn them into completely different items with similar elements. You should have all the materials to create a 'Chemical Decomposer', and a 'Chemical Synthesizer'. After doing so, let's place in a few cookies to create Theobromine. We can then place the Theobromine inside into the upper left slot of the Chemical Synthesizer to create Cocoa Beans. Now that you have one Cocoa bean, you're going to need jungle saplings to grow them on. You should have some Cellulose along with those decomposed cookies, and in turn, we can convert them into Jungle Saplings. Place the Cellulose in the right slot of the Chemical Synthesizer and you should be able to make Jungle Saplings. Synthesizing items takes a lot of energy, so make sure that you have plenty of energy in your banks. It's up to you to chose how to farm the cocoa beans. Instead of making a farm, I've made a little contraption with redstone repeaters and dispensers to automate the process of cocoa beans using bonemeal. Although, the drawback is that I have to be there holding down the right mouse button so the cocoa beans would get planted.

If you haven't noticed by now, there's a section called 'Secrets', and in there you can hand in any quest you've gotten whenever you collect a trophy. The trophies are scattered around the base, rarely in the actual spatial drives so get ready to break down the entire base if you're keen on it. There are great rewards for doing some quests. For Example, the 'Ghast Trophy' quest gives you 20 Spawn Ghast eggs and the 'Snowman Trophy' gives you a blizz spawner so that you can potentially create a blizz grinder along with a Resonant Glacial Precipitator. The 'Piggy trophy' gives you about 50 Porkchops to eat from if you want to save your cookies, and the 'Enderman Trophy' gives you an entire Enderium Block for Tesseracts. Not to mention that the Ender Chest is incredibly useful, and we'll use the Ender-Flux Crystal later when we need to make advanced Extra Utilities items. In one of the Sky Stone Chests, you should have found a 'Simba' item which resembles a puppy. Handing in the 'Simba' quest gives you a stack of bones, which equates to at least 384 Bonemeal if you place them inside a Pulveriser (SAG mill would technically give more with the bonus chance of a secondary). The 'Squid Trophy' quest gives you a sum of 20 Raw Squid and 6 Spawn Squids, so you can potentially make a grinder for Ink Sacks!

Onward with the 'Lost In Space' quests, we can complete 'Lava Fabrication' without hassle. We'll definitely need a Magma Crucible later on, which melts items into their liquid counterpart. An example is for turning Glowstone into Blaze powder with Destabilized Redstone, which is the liquid counterpart for Redstone. The rewards is very trivial since all machines we make already comes with the following Augmentations: 'Augment: Integrated Modular Framework', 'Augment: Integrated Servo Mechanism' and a 'Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit'. After doing so, you can focus on the 'Alumite' quest which requires obtaining 10 Alumite Ingots. While in a normal playthrough, Alumite is needed in order to mine Cobalt, however, there are no cobalt in this map which we'll discuss later on. For now, after getting the 10 Alumite Ingots, we can hand in the quest for an Alumite Arrowhead, an Alumite Tool Rod and an Alumite Axe Head.

Now, let's focus on the Nether Spatial Drive. Upon entering, you'll immediately notice that there's an abundance of mobs. There's going to be another floor of this with Wither Skeletons, so it's going to be a great challenge, so it's recommended to take it slow. The first quest we can immediately finish here is the 'Alduorite' quest since the border of the hallway is made out of Alduorite blocks. There is a very easy way to bypass the the floor with the broken hall and With Skeletons, and you guessed it! Just break through the outer wall of the Nethersphere and bypass that until you hit the basement. Here, you'll find the recognizable Sky Stone Chest surrounded by Sky Stone and Black Stained Glass. You'll want to mine a sum of the Ceruclase Blocks for the 'Ceruclase' quest which gives you 40 Dense Ceruclase Ore, Reward Bag and a Quadruple Compressed Cookie in return. Now, you would want to get near to the 'dangerous' floor since it has Wither Water and Soul Sand. You can actually dig into the floor from the 1st floor and realise that there's a huge reservoir of it where you can easily pick it up with buckets and hand the quest in. The quest gives you 20 Bone, 4 Necrotic Bone, 20 Conveyor Belt (for mob grinders?) and a reward bag so it's a pretty easy quest for a good reward. Next up is the 'Lost Souls' quest which requires you to collect 30 Colored Soul Sand (Red Frequency), 10 Colored Soul Sand (Black Frequency) and 20 Normal Soul Sand. The first two are easy assuming you cleared out the first floor, however the normal soul sand are in the 'dangerous' floor, so getting past the mobs is a huge feat. The reward is however a Soul Vial which it's a item that allows you to 'capture' the mob inside it, and you can release it with the same health and reuse it. What is going to be even harder is attempting to complete the 'Wither Skeletons' quest, which requires 5 Wither Skeleton Skulls. The reward is 20 Reinforced Obsidian, 5 Splash Potion of Decay and a Reward bag. In a way, the quest itself is something you would want to do since the Wither Skeleton Skulls itself is important in itself.

Going back to the Observatory, we can complete the 'Inolashite' quest which requires making Inolashite Ingot in return for an Inolashite Block. This quest is pretty easy in itself, so we'll complete quests similar to it like 'Bronze And Damascus Steel' which requires making Damascus Steel out of Bronze Dust and Gold Dust. You'll receive a Damascus Steel Scythe, Damascus Steel Large Sword Blade, Damascus Steel Tough Rod and a Damascus Steel Sword Blade. The next quest to do is the 'Hepatizon Alloy' quest which requires you to make 10 Hepatizon Ingots. The quest rewards you with a Hepatizon Medium Guard, Hepatizon Pan Head and a Hepatizon Binding. Going on a different path, let's focus on Random Thing's 'Spectre Dimension' quest which requires the Spectre Key. The Spectre key allows the user to be teleported to a dimension comprised of a small, personal room that the player and only that player can ever enter into. The completion of the quest rewards you with a Reward Bag and a Ender Fragment. The 'Spectre Sword' quest is also appealing since you might need more Ectoplasm in the near future, so the Spectre Sword allows the drop of an Ectoplasm from a downed mob to be increased to 40% instead of a small 2%. You'll receive 3 Reward Bags and a Spectre Glass after this completion. Next in the 'Lamps of Darkness', which requires you to craft a Lapis Lamp, which does not hinder mob spawning as it creates a radius of light. The reward is 8 Dark Ethereal Glass and a Reward Bag.

Let's switch gears for a minute and focus on Minechem, go back to the 'Chemistry' quest category and lets work on Sucrose. From one of the quests, you should have some Sugar Cane seeds. Plant that wherever you'd like since you should have a lot of dirt and some water. To speed up the growing process, you can actually use the Fertilizer on the Sugar Cane to make it grow infinitely tall. Place the Sugar Cane or it's Sugar product into the Chemical Decomposter to create a Chemical Form called Sucrose. It's made out of 12 parts Carbon, 22 Parts Hydrogen and 11 Parts Oxygen. This means that you can actually create your own Sucrose vial with just those elements in order in the Chemical Synthesizer. Obtain 10 Sucrose and hand in the quest 'Sucrose' for a Potion of Swiftness, Splash Potion of Swiftness and a Reward Bag. Nothing that drinking the Sucrose will give you a Speed II boost. Different Elements that you can make will allow you to obtain different effects from it. Also notice that you've unlocked even more items in the MineChem. There are some very useful things you can create from here so let's hop on it.

The 'Xylitol' quest needs us to Synthesize 1 piece of Xylitol in return for 2 Compressed Cookies and a Reward Bag. We can make Xylitol by placing down 5 Parts Carbon, 12 Parts Hydrogen and 5 Parts Oxygen inside the Chemical Synthesizer. Xylitol upon drinking, gives the Regeneration buff but only for a few seconds. There's a much longer lasting one that we can make soon. For now, let's focus on the 'Amino Acids' quest which wants us to Synthesize a piece of Glycine. I personally used one of the pieces of wool we got from the Sky Stone Chests and placed it inside a Chemical Decomposer in order to produce a piece of Glycine, so that wasn't too bad! The reward is a pretty hefty amount of meats, which is 10 Raw Beef, 10 Raw Chicken and 10 Raw Porkchop and a Reward Bag. The 'Retinol' quest is pretty easy also which wants us to Synthesize 10 pieces of Retinol. In reality, we can just decompose Carrots to make Retinol. Completing the quest gives us a stack of Golden Carrots, a Reward Bag and 7 cookies, so not a bad deal! An even better counterpart to the Xylitol is the Aspirin. Aspirin has an increased effect duration compared to the Xylitol, and is still easy to manufacture. The quest 'Aspirin' wants us to Synthesize 5 pieces of Aspirin, in return for a Red Heart Canister and a Reward Bag. It's still a pretty easy process just like Xylitol, except we need to use 9 Parts Carbon, 8 Parts Hydrogen and 4 Parts Oxygen to Synthesize the vial.

Continuing along the path, we can focus on the 'Testosterone' quest which requires us to Synthesize a piece of Testosterone for a Reward Bag and a Splash Potion of Strength. Like Xylitol and Aspirin, we'll need to use 19 Parts Carbon, 28 Parts Hydrogen and 2 Parts Oxygen in the Chemical Synthesizer to create it. The vial gives us the effect is Strength which buffs your damage in battle! For something that's great for getting around places and mining, we can also do the 'Gaming on Caffeine' quest, which wants us to Synthesize a piece of Caffeine. The Formula is 8 Parts Carbon, 10 Parts Hydrogen, 4 Parts Nitrogen and 2 Parts Oxygen. Now that they throw in Nitrogen into the equation, it gets a little harder. Not to worry, if you at any point don't have Nitrogen, here's a neat trick. For this, we'll need to make use the 'Chem Lab' room. Above, there is a Chemical Fusion Chamber and a Chemical Fission Chamber. Now, by definition, Fusion is the combination of any two atoms. It requires an enormous amount of energy to use the Chemical Fusion Chamber, which allows us to combine the mass (protons) of two elements into a new one. So for now, we'll have to use the Chemical Fission Chamber, which splits the mass of an element to produce a new element under it. The element we want is Nitrogen, which has an AMU (Atomic Mass Unit) of 7. We want the half of something to obtain 7, which is 14. The element with an AMU of 14 happens to be Silicon, which is very obtainable from Silicon Dioxide, which is also obtainable from literally any sand substance, and we have tons of those! So decomposing Sand gives us Silicon Dioxide, which is 1 Parts Silicon and 2 Parts Oxygen, and we can plop pieces of Silicon into the Chemical Fission Chamber. Doing so, we now have Nitrogen.

That was a bit of work, I'd admit it. But I also have to admit that it's a really cool concept that rivals Ex Nihilo in terms of obtaining items in an unconventional, un-minecraft way. We should have quite a bit of Nitrogen now since the power consumed in the process isn't that much. Now, after crafting the Caffeine (yes, you didn't get that side-tracked now did you?), we can hand in the 'Caffeine' quest for a Reward Bag and 5 Pieces of Caffeine. Notice that when you drink Caffeine, you get some pretty advantages buffs. 1:30 minutes worth of Speed II, Haste and Jump Boost II allows you to easily evade mobs and potentially complete resource gathering missions during battle, so you can imagine how useful it is. Lets now focus on the quest 'EPO', which allows us to create a much more advanced version of the Xylitol and Aspirin. EPO gives you a whopping 30 seconds of Regeneration. It's pretty easy to synthesize assuming that you still have some Testosterone and Aspirin left over, because the recipe requires 3 Parts Testosterone and 3 Parts Aspirin in a Chemical Synthesizer. Completing the quest gives another Red Heart Canister and 5 more Erythropoietin Vials. The 'Epinephrine' quest requires you to create a vial that can double your max health temporarily for 1:30 minutes. Synthesizing Epinephrine requires 9 Parts Carbon, 13 Parts Hydrogen and 1 Parts Nitrate (ion). Nitrate (ion) is pretty easy of itself, as it requires 1 Parts Nitrogen and 3 Parts Oxygen. Completing the 'Epinephrine' quest gives you 5 more Epinephrine vials and a Reward Bag.

Now moving on the topic of even more expensive MineChem recipes, we'll learn on how to craft diamonds from carbon. As we already know, diamonds are basically super compact Carbon, so a lot of carbon will be needed for this recipe. To create a Carbon Nanotubes, place 4, 64 Stacks of Carbon inside the Chemical Synthesis Machine and you should have a vial of it. A single diamond requires 3 Carbon Nanotubes, so as a result, 12 Stacks of Carbon is required. One of the fastest way to obtain Carbon is to break down cellulose, as wood is easily growable. If you go over the 'Lost in Space' category, you'll have two more quests unlocked called 'Propane' and 'Cobalt'. 'Propane' is a much more readily available version of fuel as it can be made easily. We could make Propane from 3 Parts Carbon and 8 Parts Hydrogen, but Chemically Decomposing Bitumen works a lot more, as you get 16 Propane from a single piece. After that is the Cobalt Quest. Now, the quest does want us to obtain 16 pieces of Cobalt by using the fusion reactor, but if you don't have any Tesseracts to hook it up to the reactor or a power bank, then forget it as it uses a tremendous amount of power. However, if you look up how to obtain Cobalt in NEI, you would realise that it's Easier to decompose Cobalt(ii) Nitrate, which is obtainable by decomposing wool, certain colors of stone and blocks of coal. After doing so, place 16 pieces of Cobalt inside the top left slot of the Chemical Synthesis Machine to create 1 piece of cobalt. Know that the quest, 'Cobalt' requires 16 Vials of cobalt, so hand in the quest before you synthesize the Cobalt. Now that we have some Cobalt, we can complete the 'Manyullyn' Quest. Manyullyn is the best resource mining tier where it can mine everything except for unbreakables (bedrock). It's made by smelting 1 ardite and 1 cobalt to obtain 2 Manyullyn via only the Tinker's Construct Smeltery. Handing in the 'Manyullyn' quest rewards you with 2 Reward Bags and a block of Manyullyn.

Let's get back to the Nether Sphere. When you continue down, you'll eventually come across some Nether Warts. Pick them up so that you should have at least 20, and then hand in the 'Nether Wart' quest. You should now have a Stack of Soul Sand, Stack of Nether Warts and a Reward Bag. Let's focus on the 'Blazing Pyrotheum' Quest, which wants us to brick 5 buckets down there and obtain 5 Blazing Pyrotheum Buckets. Hand in the quest and you should have 30 Pyrotheum Dust, 20 Magmatic Florb (Blazing Pyrotheum) and a Reward Bag. The Pyrotheum dust is very useful for making Enderium Ingots. The 'Soularium' quest is pretty easy as well, as it requires smelting 5 Soularium Ingots, which is just only 5 Soul Sand and 5 Gold Ingots in an Alloy Smelter. The reward from this quest is 5 more Soularium Ingots, a Soul Binder and a Reward Bag. The Soul Binder can be combined with a broken spawner in an Anvil so that it can spawn mobs depending on what that broken spawner is. After all of that, we can hand in Amber Wool for a Reward Bag and a Red Heart Canister. The quest also unlocks an entire new category called 'Lost in Time', a continuation, but far harder version of 'Lost in Space'.

The Category: 'Lost in Time' is a far more harder, and rewarding version of 'Lost in Space'. The first quest you'd want to finish in this new category is the 'Space-Time Manipulation', which requires you to craft an 'Augment: Space-Time Flux Unifier'. The Recipe is pretty simple assuming you have some Ender Pearls. The reward is another Green Heart Canister and a Spatial Drive called 'Reflection of Space'. When you load in the Spatial Drive into the Spatial IO Port, you'll notice that the Chamber looks very similar to the spawn of the map. Open the same chests and pickup the Lumien's Void Nexus from the bottom Sky Stone Chest. Hand in the 'Void Nexus' quest for a Reward Bag and an Inclusion Chamber^4 Spatial Drive. Here's the tricky part, the place is littered with Fallen Knights are heavily armored mobs, so it's strongly cautioned to stack up on healing items, tough armor and weapons. This shouldn't be a problem with all the reward bags and minerals you have now, but take extreme caution as you can easily die down there with all of your stuff. The first quest you can do now is the 'Fallen Knights' quest, which wants you to kill a total of 10 Fallen Knights for a 'God-Like Sword'. This should help you through, but if you have a better weapon then continue on.

The main objective for the rooms on the sides and the ladder down in the middle is to go through multiple rooms in order to obtain Inscribing Presses for Applied Energistics 2. Before you can do anything in the mod, you must have Circuits, which requires Inscriber Presses. There are 4 Sky Stone Chests filled with a single type of Inscriber Presses, so you'll have to battle through it. Nah, actually, let's not do that. If you scout around a bit, you could just make a little barrier so that the Fallen Knights can't do to you, some sort of safe space if you will, then you can make your way around to the Sky Stone Chest outside of the rooms. Just dig under the Sky Stone Chest and take out the presses, then you're done. The hardest to grab is the ones in the Far Right side, which has several floors. After you have 1 of each Inscriber Press: 'Inscriber Calculation Press', 'Inscriber Engineering Press', 'Inscriber Logic Press' and a 'Inscriber Silicon Press', you can hand in the 'Inscriber Presses' quest for a Reward Bag and 10 Inscribers. Now, you'll have to continue forward and venture downward to find the Leafy Wool for the 'Leafy Wool' quest. The quest rewards you with another Spatial Drive called the Biosphere^4. Around the Sky Stone Chest and it's little chamber, there are some Eximite you can mine. Around the perimeter, there are some Orichalcum. Handing in 30 Eximite Ingots allows you to complete the 'Eximite' quest, which gives you an 'Eximite Helmet', 'Eximite Chestplate', 'Eximite Boots' and a Reward Bag. This is a very good level of protection against what you have now, so you should be using it.

After that, hand in a full stack of Orichalcum Ingots for the 'Orichalcum' quest, which gives 20 Dense Orichalcum Ore, a Orichalcum Scythe Head, 6 Orichalcum Chunks and a Orichalcum Pickaxe Head. The Manyullyn Pickaxe you have is perfect as it is, so you don't have a need to upgrade at all for the rest of the game… I mean it! So, at this point, your AE system will need quite some expanding to do. Go over to the 'Secrets' Category and Complete the 'Masters of AE' quest. This is where you can get a great head start with Applied Energistics 2 items with all the free 64K Storage Components! Load up the 'Deep-Space Forgecraft' Spatial Drive and you'll be meeted with a an empty floor. Take anything you want, also note that there are a few reward bags in the AE system, so access a terminal and take em out. The Second and Third Floor are to take with caution as there are fire water spilled all over the floor. Under the Stairs of each floor are Sky Stone Chests and spawners. On The second Floor are Crafting CPUs. Crafting CPUs are part of the mod that allows you to automatically craft items on demand, so be sure to take those!

Item List for Deep-Space Forgecraft:

  • 9 of 16k ME Storage Cell
  • 11 of 1k ME Storage Cell
  • 9 of 4k ME Storage Cell
  • 18 64k Crafting Storage
  • 5 of 64k ME Storage Cell
  • BattleWrench
  • 14 of Block Gate
  • 19 of Cable Anchor
  • 64 of Cable Camouflage
  • 41 Charged Quartz Fixture
  • 8 of Crafting Card
  • 18 of Crafting Co-Processing Unit
  • 18 of Crafting Monitor
  • 61 of Dark Illuminated Panel
  • 250 of Dense Energy Cell 100%
  • 64 of Inventory Cable
  • 448 of Inventory Relay
  • 256 of Machine Inventory Manager
  • 100 of ME Controller
  • 2 of ME Covered Cable - Fluix
  • 12 of ME Crafting Terminal
  • 2 of ME Dense Cable - Black
  • 16 of Me Dense Cable - Red
  • 20 of ME Drive
  • 10 of ME Interface
  • 48 of ME Interface (Compact)
  • 4 of ME Quantum Link Chamber
  • 32 of ME Quantum Ring
  • 281 of Me Smart Cable - Black
  • 13 of ME Smart Cable - Fluix
  • 8 of Me Storage Bus
  • 1 of Memory Card
  • 10 of Molecular Assembler
  • 22 of P2p Tunnel
  • 3 of Quartz Fiber
  • 8 of Reward Bag (Basic)
  • 10 of Reward Bag (Good)
  • 3 of Reward Bag (Greater)
  • 320 of Sign Updater

You now should have a plethora of ME Stuff! Lets focus on the 'Piggy Wool' quest. We have a Biosphere^4 Spatial Drive, so we can just load that in and try to find the Piggy Wool chest. It's in the same exact chest from the regular Biosphere Spatial Drive, so dig near the edge to avoid the mobs. This time, the floor is made of Molten Kalendrite, so avoid that as best as possible. When you hand in the 'Piggy Wool' quest, you now should have a Reward Bag and a Miner's Delight^4 Spatial Drive. Onto the 'Kalendrite' Quest, You need to craft 10 Kalendrite Blocks and 10 Amordrine Blocks. This might be hard as you'll probably won't have any Shiny Metal, which is needed for Amordrine as an alloy with Kalendrite. The Reward is only 3 Reward Bags. If you're feeling for a challenge, you can complete the 'Wither Witches' quest, which requires you to kill 50 Wither Witches for 5 Flask of Withering, a Sanguinite Sword, 20 Wither Skeleton Skulls and a Reward Bag. It's worth it for the skulls and the sword is pretty powerful. Load up the Miner's Delight^4 Spatial Drive and you'll come accross all of the Metallurgy 4 Ores and loads of Compressed cobble. Continue down for the Sky Stone Chest in it's chamber and obtain the 36 Ash Wool. Hand in the 'Ash Wool' quest for a Rotunda^4 Spatial Module. Around the Sky Stone Chest is Atlarus Ingots, so hand in 30 Atlarus Ingots for 15 Dense Atlarus Ore and a Reward Bag. Then next couple quest requires fusing two metals found in this chamber is 'Haderoth Alloy' and 'Black Steel Alloy'. The 'Haderoth' quest requires 10 Haderoth ingots which is made by combining Mana Infused Dust with Rubracium to create 2 Haderoth Alloy Dust. The reward is a 'Haderoth Scythe Head', 'Haderoth Sword Blade' and a 'Haderoth Large Sword Blade'.

The 'Smoky Wool' quest requires you to retrieve 1 Smoky Wool, which is hidden strategically in the basement of the 3rd Rotunda, at a Corner. There is a piece of Sky Stone sticking out so you'll have to dig into it. The reward for the 'Smoky Wool' quest is a Nether Sphere^4 Spatial Drive and a Reward Bag. At the bottom of the Rotunda are Molte Meutoite with Meutoite Blocks. Mine the blocks to get 40 Meutoite Ingots and you'll receive a pretty good reward of a stack of Chiseled Ender Quartz, 16 Ender Pearls, a stack of Fluix Pearls and a Reward Bag. 'The End Alloy' quest allows you to combine Eximite and Meutoite inside an Alloy Smelter to make 2 Desichalkos Dust. You'll need a block for this quest and you'll receive a reward bag. At this point, I would gradually build up materials to create even stronger items unless you already have armor/weapons that are super powerful from reward bags. I also heavily suggest opening reward bags until you get the 'Wings' from Extra Utilities, which allows you to fly around as if you're in creative. This will greatly increases your chance of surviving for the coming things.

You should now have the Nether Sphere^4 Spatial Drive, so load that into the the Spatial IO Port. This will get very tricky as there are Ghasts and Withers everywhere, which is exactly why the Wing's are extremely useful. It's wise to take out the spawners first before you do anything. In one of the Pyramids, there is a chest full of Ghast Tears. At the bottom of it all is a chest full of Ocean Wool. Hand in the 'Ocean Wool' quest for a Reward Bag and a Keeby's Idea Machine Spatial Drive. Now, this is the part where you'll never have to make a single Storage Component Cell, not even kidding! The Keeby's Idea Machine Chamber consist of a LOT of wolves, so try to build a way around the spawner so that you can break it because the wolves will mess with you. If you have the wings, you can simply break it while hovering above them. Dig under the platform to expose a bunch of ME Drives with 64k Storage Cell. There is a cluster of Dense ME Cable with a Sky Stone Chest in the middle of it all. That's where the Pomegranate Wool is for the 'Pomegranate Wool' quest. Hand in the quest for a Reward Bag and a Ice Palace Spatial Drive.

Item List for The Keeby's Idea Machine:

  • 80 of 16k Crafting Storage
  • 155 of 1k Crafting Storage
  • 180 of 4k Crafting Storage
  • 128 of 64k Crafting Storage
  • 1801 of 64k ME Storage Cell (Hot Damn!)
  • 53 of Crafting Co-Processing Unit
  • 9 of Crafting Monitor
  • 36 of Crafting Unit
  • 302 of Dense Energy Cell
  • 344 of Dense Energy Cell (Full)
  • 74 of Energy Cell
  • 49 of Fluix Block
  • 395 of Ineffable Glass
  • 374 ME Controller
  • 86 of ME Dense Cable - Black
  • 180 ME Drive
  • 32 of ME Glass Cable - Black
  • 113 of ME Smart Cable - Black
  • 13 of Reward Bag (Epic)
  • 3 of Reward Bag (Legendary)
  • 125 of Sign Updater

Plug in the Ice Palace Spatial Drive and you're brang into a room full of Ice and Snow. Somewhere in the Packed Ice is the Sky Stone chest full of Ice Wool for the 'Ice Wool' quest. I'll give you an idea on where it is, right side of the map and you don't have to go down. Although there are Sky Stone Chests strategically placed around the map so you might want to check out the bottom of the map for them. After doing that, hand in the 'Ice Wool' quest for a 'Reds' Spatial Drive. The Reds Spatial Drive is more Exhausting than hard because it requires mining out stone in an scattered array of Silverfish stone. Upon entry, the entire place is red. When you go down and bank right, there are a flight of stairs with blocked off with stone. If you were to go on top of the structure, there is a giant block of Stone with Silverfish Stone and a ton of Wither Witch. Unfortunately, that's going to limit what you can do since the spawner is in Obsidian. The Sky Stone Chest is actually right in the middle, so you can go back down to the area at the intersection and dig straight up. Once you gotten into the Sky Stone chest for 36 Reds Wool, you can hand in the 'Reds' quest. The reward is a Portal to the Deep Dark and a Reward Bag.

Here's when the map gets really exciting, you now can goto the Deep Dark and then to the overworld. The Deep Dark is a dimension in a huge cave system, where ore occurs twice as much. Unfortunately, if you stay in the dark too long, you'll take damage so bring plenty of torches if you actually plan on staying. Place one Portal to the Deep Dark down and then right click it. You may have to relog after you load into the dimension and you don't see anything. After you're in, right click the same portal you came out of to teleport to the overworld. Upon entering the overworld, you'll come across two different portals. Another portal to the deep dark includes a room with a hefty amount of sextuple compressed cobble. The other portal is back to the end, where you'll be brought to a platform to go back to base. We're going to be completing the 'Marble Mountain' quest, which requires you to go to a certain location. Also, note that on the tips of the square platform are 4 Enderium Blocks, mine those for 36 Enderium Ingots. At this point, it's needed to have Wings as you're going to be falling to long drops. The reward is a Reward Bag. Now, at this point, keep falling down until you hit where the quest, 'Magic Cave of Iskandar' wants you to be. This is a giant cave of Dense Ore of all types. When you complete the quest, you're given two hammer you can use in this cave. At the end of the cave is another Sky Stone Chest full of Iskandar Wool. You can then hand in the 'Iskandar Wool' quest which rewards you with a Reward Bag and an Invalid Item.

Next up is to go back to the deep dark, which means traveling back to the portal. Don't fret if you have no idea where that is, Coordinates are somewhere around X: 1000, Z: 1000. Travel into the Deep Dark and then the 'Deep Dark Wool' quest wants you to go to a certain location. This time, there is a TON of Octuple compressed cobblestone. In the middle of it all is a Sky Stone chest full of Deep Dark Wool. Now, return back to the overworld and you'll have to go to the Nether for this one. Check out the 'Nether Portal' quest and it wants to go to the certain coordinates. There is a giant Obsidian Wall over at the ocean, and in the middle is a giant Nether Portal, enter into the portal. You may have to relog after you're in. The reward for the 'Nether Portal' quest is a Flint and Steel, a stack of Obsidian and 5 Splash Potion of Fire Resistance. This will get very tiring because you'll have to go through endless spawners of Withers to get to the last piece of the wool you'll ever have to collect (yay!). Inside the Sky Stone Chest is Heph Wool, which allows you to complete the quest 'Heph Wool' for Five Reward Bags.

At this point, we'll take a break and take a look at the Community Spatial Areas. Assuming you have some very strong armor and weapons at this point, this should be a walk in the park. There are two quest that will reward greatly, and at the same thing, very fun to play. Fright Night and the Tormented. See them as a mini adventure map with tons of Sky Stone Chests hidden in areas with tough mobs everywhere. In my opinion, the most rewarding chamber is the 'Fright Night' spatial drive because of the fact that you can get stacks upon stacks of Shiny Metal Blocks, no joke, infinite enderium! Hand in a Sextuple Compressed Cookie in the quest 'Fright Night' for a FrightNight Spatial Drive.

Item List for Fright Night:

  • 32 of Adamantine Block
  • Adamantine Boots
  • Adamantine Chestplate
  • Adamantine Helmet
  • Adamantine Leggings
  • Alloy Smelter
  • 3 of Alloyer
  • 10 of Apple
  • Autonomous Activator
  • 15 of Basic Capacitor
  • 32 of Basic Capacitor Bank (Full)
  • 10 of Basic Item Filter
  • Beacon
  • 32 of Blaze Powder
  • 630 of Block of Gold
  • 32 of Block of Redstone
  • 5 of Brewing Stand
  • 14 of Cake
  • 5 Cauldron
  • 64 Compressed Cookie
  • 28 Cooked Chicken
  • 64 Cooked Porkchop
  • 14 Cooked Salmon
  • Crafter
  • 3 Crusher
  • 64 of Dark Oak Sapling
  • 63 of Dark Oak Wood Planks
  • 89 of Dark Steel Block
  • 32 of Dense Bitumen Ore
  • 16 of Dense Gold Ore
  • 32 of Dense Magnesium Ore
  • 32 of Dense Potash Ore
  • 32 of Dense Sulfur Ore
  • 8 of Dense Yellorite Ore
  • 94 of Diamond
  • Double-Layer Capacitor
  • 56 of Electrical Steel
  • 28 of Ender Energy Conduit
  • 16 of Ender Pearl
  • 64 of Energetic Alloy
  • 16 of Energetic Alloy Block
  • Farming Station
  • 32 of Fermented Spider Eye
  • 3 of Fluid Transposer (Resonant)
  • 3 of Forge
  • 10 of Furnace Generator
  • 10 of Furnace Generator (x8)
  • 10 of Furnace Generator (x64)
  • Galadhrim Bow (Power V, Punch II, Bow Drawnback I)
  • 10 of Ghast Tear
  • 64 of Glass Bottle
  • 32 of Glistering Melon
  • 32 of Glowstone Dust
  • 32 of Gold Block
  • 16 of Gold Oreberry Bush
  • 20 of Golden Apple
  • Golden Bag of Holding
  • 2 of Golden Carrot
  • Golden Shield
  • 64 of Invar Ingot
  • 64 of Item Conduit
  • 316 of Lapis Lazuli
  • Liquid Blueslime Drum (Full)
  • 28 of Lumium Block
  • 3 of Machine Block
  • 16 of Machine Frame (Basic)
  • 25 of Machine Frame (Hardened)
  • 10 of Machine Frame (Reinforced)
  • 10 of Machine Frame (Resonant)
  • 32 of Magma Cream
  • 55 of Mama Infused Block
  • 16 of Minecart
  • 16 of Minecart with Chest
  • 16 of Minecart with Furnace
  • 16 of Minecart with Hopper
  • 16 of Minecart with TNT
  • Miner's Journal
  • 94 of Moss Stone
  • 9 of Mossy Cobblestone
  • 64 of Mycelium
  • 32 of Nether Star
  • 32 of Nether Wart
  • 64 of Podzol
  • 77 of Powered Rail
  • 28 of Pulsating Iron Block
  • 133 of Rail
  • 64 of Reactor Casing
  • 6 of Reactor Control Rod
  • 148 of Redstone
  • 64 of Redstone Alloy
  • 32 of Redstone Alloy Block
  • 2 of Redstone Energy Cell (Half Full)
  • 9 of Redstone Furnace (Resonant)
  • Reinforced Cache
  • 2 of Reinforced Satchel
  • Resonant Charge Pad
  • Resonant Energy Cell (50M RF Full)
  • Resonant Health Pad
  • 3 of Resonant Satchel
  • Resonant Strongbox
  • 18 of Rose Bush
  • 548 of Shiny Block
  • Slice'N'Splice
  • 64 of Slimy Grass
  • 84 of Soularium Block
  • 64 of Spawn Pearcel Cow
  • 64 of Spawn Slime
  • 64 of Spawn Wither Cat
  • 32 of Speed Upgrade
  • 60 of Steak
  • 18 of Sticky Piston
  • Stirling Generator
  • Strongbox
  • 32 of Sugar
  • 32 of Tartarite Block
  • 64 of Torch
  • Turbine Controller
  • 64 of Turbine Glass
  • 64 of Turbine Housing
  • Turbine Power Port
  • Vacuum Chest
  • 63 of Vibrant Alloy
  • 16 of Vibrant Alloy Block
  • Wireless Charger
  • 65 of Woolen Clay
  • 32 of Yellorium Dust
  • 64 of Yellorium Fuel Rod
  • 96 of Yellorium Ingot
  • 2 of Yellow Heart Canister
  • Zombie Generator
  • Adamantine Broadsword

Next up is The Tormented. It's in a similar fashion to the Fright Night in terms of adventure, rewards and scattered Sky Stone Chests. Hand in the quest 'The Tormented' which requires a Sextuple Compressed Cookie. You get a Spatial Drive, 'The Tormented'. Load that in and Good Luck, then Have Fun.

Item List for The Tormented:

  • 10 of 64k Crafting Storage
  • 64 ME Storage Cell
  • 4 of Adamantine Block
  • Adamantine Boots
  • Adamantine Chestplate
  • Adamantine Helmet
  • Adamantine Leggings
  • Adamantine Sword
  • 64 of Alumite Ingot
  • 4 of Angmallen Block
  • Angmallen Boots
  • Angmallen Chestplate
  • Angmallen Helmet
  • Angmallen Leggings
  • Angmallen Sword
  • Aqueous Accumulator (Basic)
  • 10 of Augment: Overclocked Modular Gearbox
  • 10 of Augment: Secondary Reception Coil
  • 10 of Augment: Space-Time Flux Unifier
  • Auto Enchantment Table
  • 64 of Ball of Moss
  • 6 of Basic Capacitor
  • 16 of Basic Capacitor Bank (full)
  • 5 of Beacon
  • BeefTronic Diagnostics Tool
  • 15 of Blizz Head
  • 63 of Blizz Powder
  • 63 of Blizz Rod
  • 10 of Block of Aluminum
  • 10 of Block of Aluminum Brass
  • 38 of Block of Diamond
  • 32 of Block of Redstone
  • 64 of Bone
  • 6 of Book
  • Bow (Unbreaking III, Bow Drawnback I, Power II)
  • 10 of Bronze Gear
  • 95 of Carpet (Light Blue Carpet Block)
  • 64 of Carpet (Green Carpet Block)
  • 64 of Carpet (Red Carpet Block)
  • 2 of Casting Basin
  • 64 of Cloud in A Bottle
  • 64 of Compressed Cookie
  • 15 of Cooked Porkchop
  • 2 of Cookie Jar
  • 10 of Copper Gear
  • Dark Boots (Empowered IV, Jump III, Flippers)
  • Dark Helmet (Empowered IV, Sound Locator, Night Vision, Solar II)
  • Dark Leggings (Empowered IV, Speed III)
  • Dark Chestplate (Empowered IV, Glider)
  • 10 of Dense Adamantine Ore
  • 134 of Dense Aluminum Ore
  • 10 of Dense Ardite Ore
  • 10 of Dense Astral Silver Ore
  • 10 of Dense Cobalt Ore
  • 64 of Dense Gold Ore
  • 64 of Dense Iron Ore
  • 10 of Dense Sanguinite Ore
  • 10 of Dense Shiny Ore
  • 64 of Desichalkos Block
  • Diamond Boots
  • Diamond Chestplate
  • Diamond Leggings
  • 15 of Diamond Spike
  • Diamond Sword
  • 36 of Double Compressed Cookie
  • 12 of Elevator
  • 68 of Emerald Block
  • Enchanted Book (Health Bonus I)
  • 64 of End Stone
  • 32 of Ender Core
  • 16 of Ender Pearl
  • 16 of Ender Lily
  • 32 of Enderium Block
  • 15 of Enderman Head
  • 42 of Energetic Alloy Block
  • 64 of Eximite Block
  • 15 of Eye of Ender
  • Fancy Lamp
  • Fancy Lantern
  • 64 of Ghast Tear
  • 10 of Glue Block
  • 35 of Golden Apple
  • Golden Egg
  • 2 of Golden Lasso
  • 2 of Green Heart Canister
  • Guardians Bow (Power V, Unbreaking III, Punch II)
  • Induction Smelter (Resonant)
  • 63 of Ineffable Glass
  • 10 of Invar Gear
  • 3 of Item Conduit Speed Upgrade
  • Knapsack
  • 32 of Lapis Caelestis Albus (White)
  • 15 of Lapis Caelestis Caesicius (Light Blue)
  • 64 of Lapis Caelestis Callainus (Cyan)
  • Lapis Caelestis Cinereus (Gray)
  • 64 of Lapis Caelestis Flavus (Yellow)
  • 64 of Lapis Caelestis Purpura (Purple)
  • 32 of Lapis Caelestis Viridis (Green)
  • 15 of Lapis Lazuli Block
  • Light Blue Typewriter
  • 64 of Light Blue Wool
  • 63 of Magma Cream
  • 97 of Mana Infused Block
  • 64 of Meutoite Block
  • 4 of Milk
  • 2 of Miniature Green Heart
  • 18 Mithril Block
  • 6 of Orichalcum Block
  • Orichalcum Boots
  • Orichalcum Chestplate
  • Orichalcum Helmet
  • Orichalcum Leggings
  • Orichalcum Sword
  • Potion of Fire Resistance (3:00)
  • 10 of Potion of Fire Resistance (8:00)
  • 3 of Potion of Strength (Strength II, 1:30)
  • 3 of Potion of Strength (Strength, 1:30)
  • 59 of Pulsating Iron Block
  • 64 of Pyrotheum Dust
  • 18 of Quicksilver Block
  • 6 of Red Heart Canister
  • 21 of Redstone Alloy
  • Redstone Charge Pad
  • 10 of Redstone Conductance Coil
  • 6 of Redstone Energy Cell (Half Full)
  • Redstone Health Pad
  • 10 of Redstone Reception Coil
  • 10 of Redstone Transmission Coil
  • 4 of Reinforced Strongbox
  • 64 of Rich Slag
  • 6 of Sanguinite Block
  • Sanguinite Boots
  • Sanguinite Chestplate
  • Sanguinite Helmet
  • Sanguinite Leggings
  • Sanguinite Sword
  • Sawmill (Resonant)
  • 20 of SDX
  • 20 of SDX (Blue)
  • 3 of Seared Faucet
  • 3 of Seared Tank (full)
  • Sextuple Compressed Cookie
  • 4 of Shadow Iron Block
  • Shadow Iron Boots
  • Shadow Iron Chestplate
  • Shadow Iron Helmet
  • Shadow Iron Leggings
  • Shadow Iron Sword
  • 75 of Shiny Block
  • 40 of Signalum Block
  • 64 of Skeleton Skull
  • Sleeping Bag
  • 3 of Smeltery Controller
  • 3 of Smeltery Drain
  • 64 of Spawn Chicken
  • 64 of Spawn Cow
  • 15 of Pearcel Cow
  • 79 of Spawn Pig
  • 6 of Spawn Skeleton
  • 4 of Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (6:00)
  • 6 of Splash Potion of Regeneration (0:16)
  • 14 of Splash Potion of Regeneration (1:30)
  • 11 of Splash Potion of Strength (Strength II, 1:07)
  • 4 of Splash Potion of Strength (Strength, 6:00)
  • 4 of Splash Potion of Swiftness (Speed II, 1:07)
  • Staff of Traveling
  • 27 of Steak
  • 4 of Tartarite Block
  • Tartarite Boots
  • Tartarite Chestplate
  • Tartarite Helmet
  • Tartarite Leggings
  • Tartarite Sword
  • 10 of Tin Gear
  • 8 of Triple Compressed Cookie
  • 10 Uranium Ore
  • XP Drain
  • 64 of Yellorium
  • 4 of Yellow Heart Canister
  • 2 of Z-Logic Controller
  • Bone Broadsword
  • Bone Hatchet
  • Bone Pickaxe


That wraps up the guide. The rest of the quests are up to you to figure out and play through. What I covered so far are the necessities and requirements to make it through the story. Hope you had a wonderful time playing the adventure pack like I did! Watch for more of my Minecraft Modded Guides in the near future!

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